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6 Replies to “Interview with German club owner that was attacked by 15 to 20 migrants with weapons”

  1. Freisler reloaded: East German court sentences man who ignited a firecracker to 10 years in prison for doing this in front of a mosque —
    The Dresden’mosque bomber’ has been sentenced to almost 10 years for attempted murder. He is attested special hatred.

    We remember:

    A firecracker blows up at the door of a mosque.

    No dead.

    No casualties.

    No special damage.

    An incomprehensible medial vortex.

    An incomprehensible stigmatisation of East Germany, especially Saxony.

    And just hate towards East German people.

    One wonders from whom to whom.

    In any case, German judges now condemn feelings as an offence.

    It seems so.

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