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6 Replies to “Migrant’s call to arms”

  1. He is a little confused. The so called NAZIs came out to demonstrate against the murder of a Cuban descended German against Muslim immigrants.

  2. I wonder if they are going to go to the Mosque and draw weapons to carry to the demonstration of will that happen in a couple of months?

  3. A top politician of the Merkel party attacks Chancellor Merkel: “The protesting citizens of Chemnitz do not belong to the political right!”
    Former CDU politician Wolfgang Bosbach criticized Angela Merkel’s refugee policy in a veritable fit of anger – and warned against placing the citizens of Chemnitz “in the politically right corner”. He is furious against politics and the media: “Stop ignoring or even tabooing the immense problems resulting from refugee policy since September 2015!In a guest article on the internet portal t-online Bosbach also settles the Chancellor’s mantra: “As likeable as every Rhinelander, including myself, is, cheerful optimism -‘We can do it!’ will only come true if we also create the conditions for creating what we need to do”.This also includes the “bitter realization that the security situation in our country has changed”. Bosbach: “But woe to those who openly say it. You are reflexively placed in the politically right corner, because there can’t be what mustn’t be.” The long-standing chairman of the Bundestag’s Internal Affairs Committee writes himself in a rage:
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  4. The tip of the turd has made initial contact with the fan blades leading edges. Angela Mengele has to make a big poop or vacate the pot. Who will she poop on?

    • Honecker’s revenge ain’t got no time to poop ; she’s busy blowing hot air up the asses of a few west-african leaders/presidents/whatever , in an attempt to halt the stream of “migrants” from that part of the world . No word so far about how many billions of euros it’s gonna cost the german and other european taxpayers this time …
      Out’a’sight seems to be her motto when it gets too hot back home . That’s when she becomes really dangerous , laying low , kind’a under the radar , someone else attracting attention . She just powers on with her masterplan ( which at the time being seems to point towards a GDR2.0 ) She’s one nasty , slippery piece of work .

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