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14 Replies to “Allah hu ackbar shouting migrants threaten to stab EVERYONE at club”

    • People are just used to being civilized and they’re in denial about the uncivilized nature of the enemy we face. I sure as hell wouldn’t know how to kill anybody either and yes, the idea freaks me out; I don’t want all this to be true, but it is…

      • The hard part is making up your mind that you can kill, in 1966 I had to decide if I could shoot a man (human) before I went into the Army, I decided I could and haven’t seen anything since to change my mind. Given what is going on in the world everyone needs to set down and decide this right now, waiting until the need arises is too late at that point you will have seconds (at best) to make that decision and waiting those seconds can be fatal.

        As I and others keep pointing out we are returning the the historical norm of war and violence with few if any safe spaces.

  1. Germans are cowards, protect Your self , before they kill You all , Merkel pets in action, Germany is a list state , now this “ refugees “ going on spring killing, I’m afraid this is jus a beginning, if they don’t protect them self ..

  2. Knives and iron bars? That can’t possibly stand. Knives and rods are deadly weapons and they were threatening to use them in a planned attack if the report is indeed true. Maybe somebody heard one of these guys talking about it and knows where they hang out and puts it on the internet. I wonder how these chaps with the knives and rods would feel about a mob of angry Kaffirs turning up at their door? They’ve thrown down the gauntlet. It would appear to be go-time in Germany…

    • Do you have a reason to doubt the report? You can hear the arabs shouting in the video (which sounds like a radio news program).
      There are also precedents, I know of one German club that got stormed by migrants around the time of Cologne NYE. A very violent incident that went on all night, bouncers couldn’t handle it. At one point migrants tried to kick down the ladies toilets’ doors. That was in a club in Hamburg.

      • There is an 18 minute interview on a German radio station with the OWNER of the club. We were considering doing it but it would be a 24 hour translation job. We may yet if things slow down enough. The report we did publish is SHORT of the mark of the horror of the situation.

  3. Of course they want to stab everyone, they are Muslim following a crazy asswipe who never existed anywhere, until 200 to 300 years later?

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