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  1. 6 days before suspending Weinstein probe, Andrew Cuomo received $25K from Weinstein’s atty
    Sirota & Cassano, Capital & Main

    [Ed. – Pure as the driven snow]

    BuzzFeed on Tuesday reported that Cuomo reversed himself in June, sending a letter to New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood asking her to suspend the investigation for six months. The suspension effectively shields Boies from scrutiny of any potential relationship between his 2015 donation to Vance and Vance’s decision not to prosecute Weinstein.

    Cuomo’s June order came six days after Boies, Schiller & Flexner gave $25,000 to Cuomo’s reelection campaign, according to New York campaign finance records. In all, Boies and his law firm have given Cuomo’s gubernatorial campaigns more than $245,000 since 2009.

    “Neither Mr. Boies, nor anyone from his firm, ever discussed Harvey Weinstein or Mr. Vance with Mr. Cuomo, or anyone from his office, at any time,” a spokesperson for Boies Schiller & Flexner said in an emailed statement. “Mr. Boies is a longtime supporter of Mr. Cuomo and his contribution in June was consistent with his contributions to Mr. Cuomo over years past.”

  2. Conservatives at Facebook form free speech consortium to combat company’s liberal echo chamber
    By Daily Caller News Foundation August 29, 2018

    More than one hundred conservative Facebook employees have joined an internal employee message board to protest what they call the company’s “intolerant” liberal culture.

    The group, “FB’ers for Political Diversity,” was created last week, The New York Times reported Tuesday, and aims to promote ideological diversity within the company. Facebook’s workforce of more than 25,000 is viewed as largely liberal.

    “We are a political monoculture that’s intolerant of different views,” wrote senior Facebook engineer and group cofounder Brian Amerige in a post, The Times added. “We claim to welcome all perspectives, but are quick to attack — often in mobs — anyone who presents a view that appears to be in opposition to left-leaning ideology.”

    Amerige’s post continues to criticize Facebook’s emphasis on racial and gender diversity and how it, along with the company’s overt liberal bias, threatens the “viability as a company.”

  3. al jazeera – Geert Wilders cancels Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest</strong

    November event that sparked protests in Pakistan was scrapped over security concerns, says far-right Dutch politician.
    WaPo – Associated Press – Dutch lawmaker cancels Muhammad cartoon contest

    THE HAGUE, Netherlands — The Latest on a cartoon contest in the Netherlands that has offended Muslims (all times local):

    8:40 p.m.

    Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders says he has canceled a planned Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest following death threats and concerns other people could be put at risk.

    In a written statement issued Thursday night, Wilders said “to avoid the risk of victims of Islamic violence, I have decided not to let the cartoon contest go ahead.”

    Wilders, who has for years lived under round-the-clock protection because of death threats sparked by his fierce anti-Islam rhetoric, said he does not want others endangered by the contest he planned for November.

    The contest was to have been held at the tightly guarded offices of his Party for Freedom in the Dutch parliament building.

    It was the subject of protests in Pakistan on Wednesday.


    5:20 p.m.

    A Dutch judge is extending by two weeks the detention of a 26-year-old man who allegedly threatened to attack the organizer of a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest.

    Prosecutors said in a statement Thursday that an investigating judge ordered the suspect held while he is investigated on charges of making a terrorist threat, making preparations for a terrorist murder and incitement.

    The man, reportedly a Pakistani citizen, was arrested Tuesday in The Hague on suspicion of terror offenses after he allegedly posted the threat, in Urdu, on Facebook a day earlier. Prosecutors say he was not armed.

    The upcoming contest is being organized by anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders. It has sparked protests in Pakistan. Physical depictions of the prophet are forbidden in Islam and deeply offensive to Muslims.

    the guardian – Far-right Dutch MP cancels Muhammed cartoon competition

    Geert Wilders drops plans for controversial contest in November following death threats

    Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders has cancelled a planned contest inviting people to submit a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad following death threats and large-scale protests in Pakistan.

    “To avoid the risk of victims of Islamic violence, I have decided not to let the cartoon contest go ahead,” the far-right opposition politician said in a written statement on Thursday night.
    Dutch report on caught attempted Assassin of Geert Wilders

    • Watch the full video. He is right we won’t go quietly into the night.

      Any evidence that is used against President Trump had better be real and not faked. Right now there is no real evidence and if real evidence existed it would have been found by now. The left in their arrogance are making the major mistake of believing their own propaganda, if they continued on their course of destroying the US and the rule of law they will discover how much the right in the US hates them. We have been trying to regain control of our nation and our lives peacefully through the ballot box, if you want to discover hell is prove to us you won’t ever accept any vote that lets us regain control.

  4. Italy, Ethnic eateries up 40% in 5 yrs (ansamed, Aug 30, 2018)

    “Ethnic eateries have risen 40% in the last five years, the chamber of commerce of Milan, Monza Brianza and Lodi said Thursday.

    There are 40,000 eateries and 9,000 takeaway outlets, it said.

    Milan is the top Italian city for foreign caterers, it said.”

  5. Germany cuts funding to largest Turkish-Islamic organization DITIB (DW, Aug 30, 2018)

    “The German federal government had provided funds to DITIB for counter-extremism and refugee aid programs. The Turkish-Islamic group has been under fire over a number of scandals.

    The German government will no longer be funding projects run with the country’s largest Islamic umbrella group, the Interior Ministry in Berlin said on Thursday.

    Since the start of the year, the federal government has not approved any funding for the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB), which has been marred by a series of controversies. Funding has also been halted for projects in 2019.

    Most of the German government funding for DITIB has involved support for counter-extremism programs and aiding refugees. About €6 million ($6.9 million) has been provided to the group since 2012. The Family Ministry has also stopped approving projects with DITIB at the end of last year.

    The Cologne-based Islamic umbrella group runs more than 900 mosques tied to the Turkish government’s Directorate of Religion, or Diyanet, which provides imams to DITIB mosques.

    In the wake of the failed 2016 coup attempt in Turkey, the DITIB has been accused of acting as the long arm of the Turkish state.

    Some imams are alleged to have acted on the orders of Turkish diplomatic posts to spy on followers of the Gulen movement, which Ankara blames for the failed coup bid.

    In another scandal, DITIB imams reportedly called on worshippers to pray for a Turkish military victory against Syrian Kurds in Afrin.

    DITIB again came under fire in April for holding a military reenactment involving Turkish flags and fake guns handed to children “martyrs.”

    Last year, DITIB controversially refused to take part in an anti-terrorism march in Cologne.

    “Those who spread nationalism, hatred of Christians, Jews or people of no religious affiliation and spy here at the behest of the Turkish government cannot be a partner in the fight against religious extremism in Germany,” Christoph de Vries, a spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) on internal affairs, told Bild newspaper on Thursday…”

  6. American Hero H.K. Edgerton Schools The Left On Confederate History

    American patriot H.K. Edgerton stood beside the destroyed remnants of the “Silent Sam” Confederate statue in Chapel Hill, North Carolina Wednesday with a Confederate flag to protest the destruction of Southern American history.

    Edgerton, the former Asheville, N.C. chapter president of the NAACP, delivered an eloquent defense of the statue, which was torn down in an Antifa riot in which the University of North Carolina was clearly complicit. Edgerton explained how the Confederate military was integrated and spoke of the numerous black heroes who fought and gave their lives at war — black heroes who used to be honored by Silent Sam, but are honored no longer due to Antifa’s criminal actions.

    Watch this brave man’s history lesson, which UNC students could learn something from:

  7. Women increasingly drawn to right-wing populist parties, study shows (DW, Aug 30, 2018)

    “Right-wing populists are often depicted as angry white men. A new study, however, has found that women are increasingly supporting right-wing populist parties, and they are often more radical than their male peers.

    Aggressive far-right protesters took to the streets of Chemnitz this week demanding authorities take a tougher stance on migrants in Germany. Most of those in attendance were male, but a few women could occasionally be spotted in the crowd.

    Indeed, most people tend to picture the prototypical supporter of Germany’s far-right PEGIDA movement and right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party as angry white men. But that’s not entirely accurate, according to a new study by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES), which is affiliated with Germany’s center-left Social Democratic Party. The report, which examines right-wing populist voters in Germany, France, Greece, Poland, Sweden and Hungary, found that women are increasingly drawn to right-wing populist parties.

    What makes these parties appealing to women?

    Right-wing populist parties tend to propagate an anachronistic image of femininity. However, that did not stop some 17 percent of women in eastern Germany from casting their ballot in favor of the AfD during the country’s 2017 parliamentary election; eight percent of women in western Germany did likewise. And in Poland, more women than men voted for the ruling right-wing Law and Justice (PiS) party in the country’s 2015 election.

    So, what is it that makes these parties so appealing to women? Elisa Gutsche, who edited the FES study, argued that many right-wing populist parties examined in the report seek to garner female votes by promising to strengthen the welfare system. “Parties say they will raise child benefit payments and make related allowances to promote families,” she said.

    Poland’s PiS, for instance, has launched the Family 500+ initiative, which guarantees families with two children a monthly payment of approximately €120 ($140) per child until they reach the age of 18.

    Germany’s AfD, in turn, champions a “welcome culture for children” — in contrast to the country’s much lauded “welcome culture” towards foreign refugees. Indeed, a sizable number of female voters have opted to support the party due to anxiety over what the future might hold and fears that Germany’s pension system may collapse. Social issues, therefore, often motivate many women to back right-wing populists…”

  8. Leftists Announce Boycott Against ‘In-N-Out Burger’ For Donating To GOP

    In-N-Out, the famous California burger chain that out-of-towners frequent when visiting the Golden State, is about to get the Chick-fil-A treatment.

    According to LAMag, the burger chain known for printing John 3:16 on their cups “gave $25,000 to the California Republican Party this week.” The donation was confirmed by a public filing on the Secretary of State’s website, initially spotted by Washington, D.C.-based journalist Gabe Schneider:

  9. REPORT: Voter Fraud Rampant in Sanctuary Cities

    ‘One thing is clear, aliens are getting on the rolls, aliens are voting, and in sanctuary jurisdictions they aren’t being prosecuted for doing so…’

    (Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) Continuing a series of reports on rampant fraud in voter registration and participation, the Public Interest Legal Foundation this week reported that more than 3,100 non-citizens registered to vote in just 13 “sanctuary cities” in the past decade.

    This comes on the heels of a report last week that 19 illegal aliens were charged with voting in North Carolina in the 2016 presidential election.

    The new PILF study, titled “Safe Spaces,” sums the situation up like this: “One thing is clear, aliens are getting on the rolls, aliens are voting, and in sanctuary jurisdictions they aren’t being prosecuted for doing so.”

    Not only that, but PILF said some sanctuary jurisdictions, such as Los Angeles and Alameda Counties in California, have ignored multiple requests for voting data, in violation of

  10. Sheriff Told Officers to Stay Out While Protesters Tore Down Confederate Statue

    ‘Let’s give them lots of space…’

    (Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Newly released emails and text messages show that Chapel Hill police officers were told to stand back and allow the Silent Sam Confederate statue to be torn down by protestors on Aug. 20.

    A public records request exposed hundreds of pages of communication between town authorities, all related to the protest.

    Police were criticized for not intervening, but the messages revealed that Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue told officers not to confront the protestors.

    “Let’s give them lots of space,” Blue said in a text obtained by the Durham (NC) Herald-Sun.

    In a different text, Blue learned that some Chapel

  11. DAILY MAIL – RUSSIA – ‘Pray to Allah! This plane will blow up!’: Terror as man punches a stewardess in the face and says there is a bomb on board, forcing jet to make an emergency landing in Moscow

    The bearded man fought with other passengers before punching a stewardess
    He claimed bomb was on board and yelled ‘pray to Allah, this plane will blow up’
    Other passengers guarded him while the plane carried out emergency landing
    Davlatkadam Davlatkadamov from ex-Soviet republic Tajikistan was attested

    • Russia: Police grill man who punched air hostess, forced emergency landing

      A man who punched an air stewardess and forced a plane to make an emergency landing after screaming “pray to Allah, this plane will blow up” was quizzed by police in video released by The Investigative Committee of Russia on Wednesday.

      The man from Tajikistan fought with his other passengers and punched the stewardess in the face on Moscow-Dushanbe flight on Wednesday.

  12. Deutsche Welle – Dresden: Hate and racism at a right-wing festival

    ( Eng subs )

    “One solution would be apartheid.” DW reporter Jaafar Abdul Karim visits an event organized by the right-wing identitarian movement in Dresden and gets threatened, abused and racially insulted.

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