The big story yesterday, which was so large and important that it was not directly dealt with here, because it needed more time than was available, is the stabbings of people by migrants from the middle East who are almost certainly muslim, and the resultant protests by very ordinary and average Germans, which the media has been playing as far right Nazi like, islamophobic extremists. All of course, without admitting the killers are muslim.

Here are some videos dealing with the subject, some from yesterday and some today, and not in any particular order so check the date it was uploaded if you want a timeline.

The main purpose of this post is to draw your attention to the events. Not to present a thorough analysis of them, even though it richly deserves such an analysis.

DW, a government propaganda organ much like BBC or CBC, makes it into a full on Nazi protest against poor victims who’s only crime was murdering a few random germans.

This video, dated today, has Merkel saying one man was killed. Actually several were stabbed and a second man succumbed to his wounds yesterday making it two who are dead. The sense is that Merkel and the media is downplaying what actually happened.


In the Reader’s Links comments for both today and yesterday there are many more videos and news links on this event. Please do check. Page search for the city name, Chemnitz, will speed that up.

More videos are in translation and more videos will be added to this post soon.

Please leave additional news links and videos on this issue under this post in the comments for those following this story if convenient.

Thank you all for your help on this, M., MissPiggy and all who have been tracking this horrific murders, and perhaps more horrific attempts by government to maintain the policies that made them inevitable.

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  1. Good work Vlad, MissPiggy and all – If this one does not become THE turning point, then I will really despair for Germany and Europe because the people in the East – who have a living memory living under Communism have still more fight in them than the mollycoddled children of the Wirtschaftswunder in the West.

    I fully agree with Martin Sellner’s conclusion at this video:

    Re the first video in this thread: I don’t know why, but RT (who used to be fairly good) seem to have turned and seem to be increasingly running with the pack of hyenas from the MSM. The useful idiot who speaks from Minute 2:35 says that he is ASHAMED for this city (Chemnitz) that it allows such “right wing radicals to spread hatred”….

    • Well, I guess they had to have at least one teddy bear thrower being interviewed. But even this guy says it should be evaluated whether they (refugees) should stay or go.

      Please don’t despair, hold onto the hope that good will defeat evil. We all need to start believing it.

      • Posted by Online Magazine:
        “Anyone who has believed that German resistance will sleep forever, and will not wake up, should be on the alert, because the resistance will awaken! The history of the Germans is a good mentor.”

    • Check out the Red Elephants youtube channel, I don’t like posting much by them because they skate real close to the line of being white supremacists. Their newest video is about the massive turnout in Chemnitz.

    • The real murderer of Molly Tibbets was HER FAMILY. Clearly, they did not teach her how to maintain enough Situational Awareness, nor sufficient common sense not to make solo excursions on foot in remote locations.

      I dislike stereotyping, but it’s a solid bet that Tibbets was attired in cute little running shorts and just that amount of exposed skin would have been enough to have her killer “blacking out”. It’s like having a fish jump into your boat, what are supposed to do? Even clad in a full track suit, just her isolation made for a “golden opportunity” in her killer’s mind.

      Again, this is in no way supposed to lend any sort of support for whatever “blame the victim” mentality. Quite the opposite, in fact. I write this in order that people will start to recognize how Western Liberals are gleefully throwing their babies into the super-heated furnace of Baal Political Correctness.

      I’m confident that Dante would have reserved a special ring within the innermost circles of hell for both the Politically Correct, along with those who tie their own children to the railroad tracks of willkommenskultur as the roaring sharia locomotive is within sight.

      Molly Tibbets wasn’t just a “victim”. She was an intentional sacrifice made in order that her family could wear The Red Badge of Virtue Signaling (with apologies to Stephen Crane). Her parents belong in the dock alongside her killer.

      • Really NR, I must take objection. If her parents grew up anything like I did they wouldn’t have thought twice about their child going out for a run.
        Yes, things have changed for the worse but… I can tell you that my girlfriend and I spent days in the woods and fields where no one knew where we were and nothing bad happened. Our Mothers even used to pack us a lunch!
        So please do not condemn the parents. They were raised in a different age. And I am sure ALL OF US would like to return there.

        • Dear Babs, your outrage and mine are cast from the same die. I would spend my after-school hours hiking alone along the still-pristine ridge behind our home (whose doors were unlocked most of the time).

          You’d better believe that moving into the San Fransisco Bay Area for high school (7-12) was a real eye-opener. Especially, when taking into consideration how my vapid mother found a perfect echo chamber for her Liberal hypocrisy and virtue signalling.

          The lessons to be learned from this stage of life took decades to sort out and are still being sorted out.

          Please trust me, we’re on the same side. Any woman, of any age, however attired, deserves to walk (or run) about without the least hesitation regarding time or setting. Full Stop.

          When we have a (most likely concealed carry) society that enables the reclamation of just this one—largely conceded sometime long ago—inalienable right for women, so many other re-establishments of Constitutional rights will justifiably ride on its train.

          This can be done, it merely will require hurting the feelings of a lot of predatory types (as in: not just Muslims). You’ve already seen this with the child-sex and bestiality advocates. That these loons aren’t shouted down the moment they start flapping their jaws in public is symptomatic of everything that’s wrong with the modern West.

    • Here, just after their bretheren massacred 2 Germans, we have these Merkel Guests calling real Germans “Nazis” and telling them to get out.

      This is the political jujitsu (hat tip: Takuan Seiyo) that also has been been mentioned by Matt Bracken. Succumbing to such “white belt” judo tactics is worse than pathetic. Just discreetly distribute leaflets that accurately document well-established similarities between Islamic ideology and Nazism, then sit back and watch the fur fly.

      If anything, place a prominent moon and star symbol on the front and back of the leaflets so that Muslims will feel compelled to pick them up in order to stop them from being trodden upon. Two can play this game… insert evil grin >here<.

  2. the telegraph – Riot police deployed in German city of Chemnitz amid protests

    «….. Anti-immigration groups have been accused of creating “civil war like ” condition ….»

    • The slogans in order:

      Deutschland den Deutschen
      Ausländer raus.
      Germany the Germans
      Foreigners: Out

      Merkel muss weg
      Merkel must go


      @ Minute 2:06 Applause and some laughter for one slogan which I did not understand. “Hooligans?”

      Festung Europa
      Macht die Grenzen dicht
      Fortress Europe
      Close the borders

  3. Tick tock tick tock… And first, they prevaricate then they obfuscate then they dissemble then they’re mendacious. Anything to buy a little more time as the left-voting Muslims keep flooding over the borders and having eight children per woman and the point of critical mass grows closer and closer. Sure, let’s talk some more – tick. Let’s have a big long meeting – tock. I know, why don’t we have a two-year-long lawsuit? – tick tock.

    And when the demographic ratio reaches about 16% the nightly news will be all car-burnings, riots, and suicide bombers as the presenters tell us it’s Tommy Robinson who’s to blame for pointing out the obvious. And then our women will decide that they would rather have peace at any cost and safety for their babies than to fight back like nasty patriarchal war-mongering right-wing men and they will start converting to Islam en masse as our mainstream media sides with the enemy to the last day. We are losing this war and almost nobody seems to get that. Tick tock tick tock…

    And the leftists/Muslims chant:

    “From the Thames to the Sea
    Muslim London will be free”
    From the suburbs to the Seine
    Paris will be free again”…
    From Vienna to Berlin
    Filthy Germans live in sin”…

    (I could go on but won’t…) 🙂

    • “Tick tock” indeed, chris jones. Very well written. Keep it up and—as no good deed goes unpunished—I might begin expecting this quality of writing from you all of the time.

      So, beware. The quality of your work product has been noticed and will be held against you!!! Please be advised that this is age-old Silicon Valley managerial wisdom painstakingly garnered from decades of toiling in “The Pit”.

      • …camel urine, straight up.


        Will that be aged or non-vintage?

        Dromedary or Bactrian?

        Which Mediterranean Varietal?

        Chilled or cellar temperature?

        Aperitif or postprandial?

        With a platter of dates, figs and Ackawi, Baladi or Charkassiye cheese?

        Very well … let’s start with your order.

        Will that be chello, basmati or locally grown rice?
        (Chello requires 20 minutes…)

        Pitas, Chapatis, Naan, Dosa?

        Sujuk, kebab, shish or offal?

        An appetizer of foul mudamas? Falafel? … [Fades into background of laughter, conversation, and tinkling sounds]

        • That is how it should be, instead of the more predictable:

          Which Mediterranean Varietal?


          DEAD SILENCE…]

  4. <strong<TIME – What To Know About Violent Anti-Migrant Protests In The German City Of Chemnitz

    «….alleged killing of a local man …»

    « …. protesters making the Nazi salute … »

  5. “Donald Trump is a Nazi
    Vote for him and you’re a patsy”

    Do you think I could get a job with George Soros or Antifa?

  6. ‘Streeters’ on the demos in Chemnitz

    This is a RUPTLY interview with a few people on the demos that took place in the wake of multiple stabbings and deaths of people by illegal migrants in a German town famous for a giant bust of Karl Marx’s head

  7. From 1953 to 1990 the city of Chemnitz was named Karl-Marx-Stad, in honor of being the birthplace of the father of modern Communism. Let the irony of that sink in for a minute or two. As it stands, according to my recollection, there is an unobstructed sight line between the gigantic sculpture of Marx’s head and a McDonald’s. The irony, as usual when Islamic terrorism is involved, is thick enough to spread on toast.

    Between 2008 and 2009, during two different business trips, I spent several several weeks in Chemnitz and nary a Muslim (nor “immigrant”) was to be seen. In fact, upon returning to the USA, I commented to several acquaintances how refreshing it was to be served coffee by someone without multiple facial piercings or conspicuous tattoos.

    As I’ve mentioned before, it’s like some terrorist warlord got hold of my European travel itinerary. While Berlin is a no-brainer, even a tiny little hilltop town like Bautzen has shown up on Germany’s demographic displacement map, with concomitant anti-immigrant riots.

    You’d think that Europeans would take a single glance at the MME (Muslim Middle East) and then look back at their home, in order to realize just how much they have to lose

    I have stood at many of the locations depicted in the article’s video clips. It haunts the everliving fü¢k out of me to think that these once-pristine German cities rapidly are being converted into “Parisian pissholes”. Worse yet, part of my finally survived the Nazi occupation of Denmark. Many of them (were they still alive) would have gone ballistic to see these protestors being labeled as Nazis. They knew what real Nazism was, with more than one relative having paid the ultimate price.

    As Miss Piggy so aptly quoted, “The history of the Germans is a good mentor.” Sadly, as we all know, those who refuse to learn from history …

  8. Lots of blood of Herr Merkel hands , how many more will die , before this patriots clean up this country from this horrific mess that evil women created, protect Your women , daughters and small children, this parasites kill, rape everything what is moving!!, , …

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