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15 Replies to “Out take from Monty Python and the Holy Grail”

  1. This is, no doubt, your average muslim family in the west who while non violent, so far, are seething that any infidel dare to disagree with their world view. Can anyone see them NOT giving financial support to jihad? Extrapolate this and see the problem the west have with such invaders already: a completely organized, omnipresent fifth column. Watch the socialists’ faces drop when the sharia party opens up and takes 30-50%of their votes. But by then it will be too late for the left as the damage will be done/

  2. Oh my gosh, who was that Danish guy. He was so funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. It is such a nice change to see people who say stuff you to diversity.

  3. It is all fun for us keyboard warriors but… try to imagine living in a society where you would actually be approached by this madness. It is happening in Europe.
    What is this woman’s contribution to society? Is she a brain surgeon out on her lunch break?
    Why are people like her even living in the West if she hates it so much?

  4. I really like Paludan. He is crazy and patriotic. He’s craziness comes from he’s patriotic feeling. And fear. I just like the guy. I hope the number of crazy/patriotic danes will grow in the future. Or else…

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