On Trudeau’s sanctimonious display in Quebec

And here is our own subtitled video of part of the event. Where Trudeau goes to town, lecturing this Quebec pensioner, is not titled in this version, but it is all over the net and at this site in previous posts.

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  1. Left-wing extremists desecrate Jewish cemetery to protest against an event of the Islam-critical AfD party in Darmstadt, Germany —
    The police in Darmstadt are investigating the responsible perpetrators of property damage in the historical Orangerie and at the Jewish cemetery and are looking for witnesses who can give evidence. A window of the Orangerie Room was thrown in on the night of Tuesday (August 20th-21st). The strangers from the politically left wing did not enter the building, but spread a foul-smelling liquid, presumably butyric acid, through the resulting hole. In addition, several fresh chalk engravings were found in the area of the entrance gate and in the garden. According to police findings, these damages as well as the paint smears on the wall of the Jewish cemetery in Martin street and an unrolled banner on a bridge on the Federal Road 26, which were discovered on Monday (August 20th), refer to an upcoming event of the Islam-critical party AfD in the Orangery on Wednesday (August 22nd).
    Read more:

  2. Canada has followed Britain down the Totalitarian rabbit hole, It is depressing to see nations that use to be examples of freedom turn into Left Wing Hell Holes. The US is headed to the same rabbit hole but we aren’t as far down the slippery slope as you have traveled. There is still hope that we can peacefully pull back to freedom, hope but that hope is disappearing as rai9dly as our rights are.

  3. Ontario minister says Trudeau’s heckler response is fearmongering

    Ontario’s minister responsible for immigration, Lisa MacLeod, says Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is “debasing the debate” around irregular border crossers by accusing a heckler in Quebec of racism after he was questioned about “illegal immigrants.”

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