Facebook is blocking Prager U!

Why does anyone still use that megalomaniac’s platform?

Does anyone believe Facebook’s reply? Does this sort of thing ever happen to leftist sites?

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  1. I wonder how long it will take the technocrats to turn on the powerful leftists?

    We know they will we just don’t know when.

    Having said that the left and the technocrats have raised the civil war to a new level, so far they are using censorship to try and stop the patriots from winning in the November election. However they have once again moved too soon. They have given us time (hopefully enough) to get the word out about their actions, the election are going to be close but with luck there are enough people to spread the word and keep the House and Senate in Republican hands. This will force the left and the technocrats to make more blatant moves and turn more people against them, they have already turned a large percentage of the Blacks against them which will make winning more difficult for the Dems.

    Be sure to spread the word using the left and the technocrats, we want the antifa types and their followers to decide that the Silicon Valley Billionaires to distrust and possibly attack each other. The left likes to play divide and conquer, lets try the same tactic on them.

    • “I wonder how long it will take the technocrats to turn on the powerful leftists?”

      Only the powerful Useful Idiots of Hollywood. The true ground-hugging Communists will submit and kill on instruction and be spared.

      The Iron Fists of Marxism, Muhammadism and Mother-Identities, (the Absolute Fatherless) will reign down upon these virtue signallers. An ant never strays.

  2. Some technocrats must also be powerful leftists, which explains their political decisions. Other rich technocrats are towing the leftist line for their own bottom line, which explains the actions of those types.

    With respect to PC, whose wickedly mind-altering lyrical arguments have educated me, every commie I’ve ever met was greedy first and a commie second–once you scratch their surface.

    These assholes will find God when they lose real money.

    • I agree with both to an extent, Johnnyu more then PC in most things. Where there is Marxism of any variety there is massive corruption.

  3. Especially this proud boast from an entity originally set up to combat anti-Jewish hate online but has become a threat to free speech – especially re Islam and has now been recognized for the latter by the UN: “The Online Hate Prevention Institute is incredibly pleased to see our work having this sort of impact and use both in Australia and in these United Nations forums. We hope it contributes to the global efforts against the growing problem of anti-Muslim hate. We also hope it encourages both further work in this space, and funding to support such work. It is unfortunate that having collected the data, we were unable to release a more detailed final report due to the lack of funding. The work of the Online Hate Prevention Institute is almost entirely funded by donations from the public. How much we can do is therefore limited by the level of support we receive. Anyone wishing to donate to support our work and increase the impact we are having can do so here.” http://ohpi.org.au/ohpi-cited-in-the-united-nations/

    • Depressing.
      That’s true in the U.S. too. Just about all of them have turned into appeasers of the global left. They all stink.

      When I was campaigning against the Nuke Deal (the JCPOA), the team leaders had me present the case to Evangelical church groups. Not to waste my time with mainstream Jew-ish organizations. Orthodox know the score, of course, but they have no political power in this country.

      I’ve volunteered with the Jewish Agency since I was an egg in my mother’s body. But now that Mr. Sharansky has retired, and has turned it over to Buji Herzog, I can’t continue. For now, anyway.

      Making the right noises to be invited to parties at Martha’s Vineyard. Or to temporize with genteel plutocrats at Davos. Ron Lauder’s turned left. May as well join forces with Soros.

      Ronald Lauder’s Left Turn

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