Iran at least is more honest than Corbyn’s Labour party in terms of Jew hatred: Links 1, Aug. 17, 2018

1. We can say it officially now. Islam is worse than Ebola.

At least 1,500 people may have been exposed to deadly Ebola virus in the Congo, says WHO, as it warns situation could deteriorate as aid workers are unable to reach ‘no-go’ areas

The World Health Organization said on Friday that at least 1,500 people had potentially been exposed to the deadly Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s North Kivu region, where fear of local militia is preventing aid workers from reaching some areas.


But it expected more people to become infected and could not be sure that it had identified all chains by which the virus is spreading in the eastern part of the country beset by militia violence.


The region is haunted in particular by the Allied Defence Forces, a Ugandan Islamist rebel group blamed for hundreds of civilian deaths over the past four years.

2. Iran’s kids camps:

3. One has to concede one thing for Iran. They are considerably more honest than Jeremy Corbyn and the UK Labour Party:

Corbyn at Finsbury Mosque

4. Facebook Bans Jewish-Australian Military Veteran Avi Yemini for ‘Hate Speech’

Avi Yemini, a Jewish-Australian IDF veteran, conservative political blogger and political candidate, has been banned from Facebook allegedly for publishing “hate speech.”

A popular Jewish-Australian IDF veteran, political blogger, and Australian state government candidate recently found his Facebook page banned, just 48 hours before the blacklisting of Infowars host Alex Jones. Yemini’s Facebook page boasted a follower count of approximately 175,000 but was suspended for “hate speech” according to a notification Yemini received from Facebook. Yemeni has been on the receiving end of death threats on Facebook himself based on his reporting.

5. About those two American cyclists who went biking through a Muslim part of greater Russia.

6. Top 10 from The Rebel.

7. Christine Hallquist, first transgender nominee, will face Phil Scott in Vermont governor election

Thank you all, M., MissPiggy, Ava Lon, Richard, EB., Kathy, Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, and many many people who sent in materials over the past few days.

There is much going on. And the release of Michael Hansen’s new film is getting closer, and its really, really good. Both the Canadian and US versions, from the bits I have seen.

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    1 – I wonder how many other plagues are running around that region that aren’t being treated because of the fighting. Remember WWII was the first war where more people died from fighting then from infections.

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