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DePaul professor to Tucker: Left has won culture war</strong>

‘Inside the Issues’: DePaul professor Jason Hill on why it seems the left and others, via Big Tech, seem to be increasingly censoring those whose view they oppose.

<strong>Dr. Hill is a pioneer in the field of strong cosmopolitanism </strong>known widely as post-human or species cosmopolitanism. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 He has lectured and taught extensively on the subject in the United States, Europe and Asia.

His poetry has also been published in sundry literary journals.

His scholarly articles have been published in anthologies and journals in Germany, the Czech Republic and The Netherlands.

He is deeply committed to Moral Foundationalism, Moral Universalism and the absolutism of reason.

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  1. They havn’t won yet, but they are close, the destruction of Western Civilization is their goal and that has (for the most part) been achieved, the left is now discovering that in their destruciton of Western Civ they are removing the legal protections that allow them to thrive. Portions of our culture (some good and some bad) are going to survive the civil wars, to an extent what survives depends on individuals who have large libraries of books, movies, TV shows and music. The more copies of all of the above that are spread around the western nations the better chance they will survive. The more of our culture we can preserve the easier it will be to rebuild civilization and re-establish the rule of law.

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