Manchester mosque inspired arena bomber by calling for armed jihad

From this BBC article:

I would like to congratulate the BBC for this story. While it is still clinging to the narrative that this is not the real islam etc. ad-nuseum, it is amazingly factual and meaningful compared to any UK or major Western MSM production. The spin at the end was deflecting and one or two mandatory salutes to islam in the middle, but overall, this was amazing by the standards of a mostly fully deceiving far left wing extremist media in the West.


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  1. Germany: Afghan runs with a knife through the city of Dresden shouting Arab slogans —
    This morning the police received two emergency calls, according to which a man with a knife was on the way on the Prager Street and loudly shouted out Arabic calls. The man first appeared in a language school on Wiener square and then walked around Prager Street. Police officers, including Dresden police intervention forces, were able to arrest him on the spot. He was a 23-year-old man from Afghanistan. He had an approximately 25 cm long kitchen knife with him. This one was impounded by the police. Nobody was hurt. Police have started an investigation into the man’s background and motivation.
    Read more:

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