Australian Senator’s ‘controversial’ speech

As readers to this site are well aware, language is the primary tool of the postmodernists. And by language and tool, I mean manipulation of, and weapon.

It has worked staggeringly well for them. There are words that can only be referred to now by an initial. And only used in full by select groups, irrespective of context.

Now, the newest Australian Senator, who gave his maiden speech recently and was posted to Vlad yesterday, is under heavy fire because he used the phrase, “final solution” to the immigration problem.

As those two words, or their German equivalent, was uttered by Hitler nearly a century ago, to refer to the attempted extinction of the Jewish population of the world, any other use of this phrase must therefore, link the speaker to Hitler.

It is worth bearing in mind at this point the staggering level of dual standards the media, which is now mostly alt. left, and the left overall has for those it wishes to conquer, and for itself. One easy example would be the attacks on Donald Trump for saying something crude decades before he went into politics, and they way they treat the Clinton crime family. Where Bill Clinton was lewd and even likely a rapist while president or certainly while in politics, and his wife, the twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, defended the rapist, her husband, and in another case, mocked the system for allowing her to succeed.

Please listen to the interview below of Australian politician, Bob Katter about the maiden speech by Fraser Anning posted yesterday at VladTepesBlog.

And for those concerned about Anning’s ideas for Oz-immigration, if Israel can exist as  A Jewish nation, then everywhere else can exist as a whatever-it-is nation. And by the way, this is why the left hates Israel so much. It is the greatest threat to their globalist arguments. Israel’s existence will and should come to mean Hungarian, English, and however diverse humanity chooses to identify itself, also can exist. Actual diversity instead of the fake diversity the left is selling, which really means one world of Marxist-Islamic totalitarian control and the death of all cultures. After all, you cannot remake man without first destroying what he already is. Eggs, omelette. 

Which does raise the question:

Why is it that the left, with its insistence that all people can identify themselves and get the treatment and privileges of their identification, in total opposition to biological reality, such as men who claim to be women, using women’s facilities and entering women’s sporting events as women, yet we cannot identify ourselves as our own culture and nationality without taking fire for it. Interesting, no?

The speech drawing all the fire is below:

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  1. What these morons fail to realize is that we are entering a time of cultural war, one which has a resolute, organized enemy determined to win at any cost who have no intention of taking prisoners. This conflict will be (it already is) a Total War one and in the end only that group with the resolution and courage to wage it to win, will win. Islam is locked up and unchangeable. To beat it you must crush them absolutely and force them to apostatize. Like Nazism, there is no room for defeated muslims in such a world. You either leave or die and if you recidive you will die. The Final Solution for all of its historical lack of virtue will be a reality in the future and the ONLY open question is WHO will be the group targeted. Currently IMHO it will be infidels once leftist but now muslims pushing us into the chambers while the real muslims laugh at how easy it all was thanks to the Left. The irony of the rubbish thrown at this man is that MUSLIMS worldwide applauded the original Final Solution and have made it quite clear that their aim is already a world wide removal of infidels and a sharia planet and that their view of a Final Solution is well in hand.

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