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5 Replies to “Tommy Robinson shows us all how to handle hostile and dishonest journalists”

  1. If I was one of the “nice” people who assume that Tommy is a neo-Nazi I would still be wondering why this “journalist” was acting like such a yellow-bellied minion and why he wouldn’t just engage Tommy when asked. He’s trying to ruin Robinson’s life and endanger his family but he can’t actually think of one reason for why he hates him so much other than that it’s his job and that neo-Nazis could possibly attend one of his rallies. If I was one of the nice people it might just cross my nice little mind that the man was silent because he was in the wrong and knew it and was only there because he was getting paid by God-knows-whom to attack Tommy Robinson…

  2. What a worthless POS. Damn, I hate the MSM, but the trouble is, they are the mouthpiece, the obvious face of a huge societal problem – but there is plenty of rot behind them (universities, government, etc,)

  3. The Left define hypocrisy and yet seem totally unable to understand why it so applies to them. This is the indelible effect of indoctrination as they see any disagreement as proof of an enemy which immediately withdraws their recognition of that person as a fellow human with the expected rights. Once you do so then it is easy to treat someone or a group as less than human.
    TBH I do the same with muslims unless I see an act which I find contrary to islam (rare but still possible but then I am shocked to the core) and this is also beginning to affect my views of leftists whom I now tend to see as decerebrate marxists incapable of rational conversation as fellow humans. Thus the gulf between us is widening with the passing of time and this can only mean certain conflict as both of these (IMO enemy) groups clearly see NO middle ground despite the chronic verbal diarrhoea from the politicians about such.

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