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    • Spain: Rescue vessel with 37 migrants aboard docks in Barbate

      The vessel ‘Salvamar Gadir’ of the Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Society picked up 37 migrants from the Mediterranean Sea, including 10 women and 2 children, and docked in Barbate on Thursday.

    • Spain-France border town sees marked increase in migrants

      IRÚN (SPAIN) (AFP) – With migrant arrivals to Spain’s southern shores on the rise, more of them are heading north to the border town of Irun, some sleeping rough as they wait to cross into neighbouring France, locals and officials say.

      Residents and associations in the northern Basque city joined forces last month in an informal network to bring food and clothes for the migrants after they were alarmed at the increase, said Bibi Liras, an activist.

      She said that as a border town, Irun has always seen a drip-drip of migrants waiting to cross into France.

      But there has been a marked increase since last month, she said Thursday, the same day as 87 migrants rescued off Libya arrived in the southern port of San Roque on board an NGO charity ship.

      “It started to be unusual when we saw they were starting to sleep in the train station or in places where cars were parked,” she told AFP.

      Liras said Irun now sees an average of around 40 migrants a day, from just four to five previously.

      The Red Cross says it manages a shelter in Irun that takes in 24 people, as well as three other such establishments in the rest of the Basque Country.

      Altogether, they have room for 177 people, a spokesman said, and they are allowed to stay three nights, sometimes four.

      He added the Red Cross attended to nearly 1,600 people in the region over the past two months.

      – Marked rise but manageable –

      Those in Irun who don’t find a place in a shelter, or don’t want to stay there, are taken care of by the network of volunteers who cook them meals and give them clothes, said Liras.

      A dance institute also lends its showers to those who need it.

      But they have nowhere to stay, and many sleep rough at the railway station.

      A source with the Basque government, who refused to be named, said the number of migrants coming to the northern region had “risen a lot in the past two weeks.”

      But he cautions the numbers are still manageable.

      “We’re not talking about hundreds.”

      Many of the migrants are heading to France or Belgium where they have family or friends, he said.

      They come from sub-Saharan Africa, from countries like Ghana or Guinea.

      But crossing into France is tough.

      Authorities there have an agreement with Spain that they can quickly return any migrants they catch on the border, or who have been in France less than four hours, the Basque government said this week in a statement.

      This has been criticised by associations that argue they should be allowed to move freely within the European Union.

      Those who have been in France longer than four hours are entitled, by law, to a lawyer and the process to return them to Spain will take longer, said the government source.
      IRUN train station :

    • A ship carrying 87 migrants rescued from Libyan waters is to dock in Spain today

      Isn’t it time to call these vessels what they really are … PLAGUE SHIPS?!?

      Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, untreatable syphilis, congenital retardation, high-rate consanguineous-related birth defects, murder, incest, rape, sexual child abuse, FGM, whateverthehellelseyouwanttoname…

      Basta ya!

  1. Italy: Hundreds march in Foggia after death of 16 migrant farm workers

    Hundreds of people marched through the southern Italian city of Foggia on Wednesday, to protest against the exploitation of agricultural workers after fatal accidents claimed the lives of 16 migrants over the last four days.

    Migrants held a banner reading “No more people dying on their jobs in the countryside. Apply law 199/2016,” referring to a law against illegal work and exploitation of agricultural workers.

    “It’s enough, we want a safe job. A job like everyone, legality. We need to work. We want to live as everyone does, to have a contract and to be integrated,” migrant worker Simba said.

    The demonstration was organised by the Cgil, Cisl and Uil trade unions, with the participation of several associations including the anti-Mafia organisation Libera.

    On Monday, 12 migrant agricultural workers were killed in a car accident near the town of Lesin, 47 km (29mi) from Foggia. Four migrant workers had previously died on Saturday, when a truck hit a van in Foggia.

    SOT, Samba, Agricultural worker (Italian): “It’s enough, we want a safe job. A job like everyone, legality. We need to work. We want to live as everyone does, to have a contract and to be integrated.”

    SOT, Daniele Iacovelli, FLAI CGIL Foggia Unionist (Italian): “This great event has been a great success in a very short time. It means that what has happened over these past days, the 16 deaths that we have had in this area, finally are shaking consciences.”

    SOT, Michele Placido, Actor (Italian): “I blame the territory, sorry. Because these things do not happen in other Italian territories. Because the illegal recruitment of agricultural workers happens to a certain degree everywhere, but here we have slavery. That is the problem. Now let’s see if Salvini [Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini] and if in any way, I trust, Conte [Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte], will do good things.”

    SOT, Roberto Speranza, Deputee of Liberi e Uguali (‘Free and Equal’) party (Italian): “I believe that the law on labour exploitation was a good law, a first step forward. Now we need to understand what worked and what was not sufficient, [we need to] build an answer that is even more firm.”

    SOT, Nbai, Worker (Italian): “Italy is a people founded on work. We only want workers’ rights.”

  2. CBC – Canadian Muslims cancel hajj plans due to Canada-Saudi tensions

    Canadian Muslims have been cancelling their plans to undertake the hajj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, due to current Canada-Saudi Arabia tensions.

  3. GAZA – Hamas sites reduced to rubble by Israeli airstrikes

    Following a brief four hours of ceasefire, Israeli airstrikes resumed attacks which left Hamas military sites, security facilities and production centres in the middle of the Gaza Strip in rubble on Thursday.

    A National Security Forces site in the Al-sodania area, north of the Gaza Strip, and a concrete factory in the Al-zahra area, in southern Gaza, were left burnt and blackened, while enormous holes in the ground marked where shelling had made impact.

    Despite the scale of the damage, however, no fatalities were reported.

    Israeli forces claimed the concrete factory produced material for building military tunnels.

    Shelling has been ongoing since Wednesday as the Israeli side claimed it struck “Hamas terror sites” in Gaza “in response” to attacks launched at Israel from the Strip.

  4. Italy uncovers massive load of hash in ship’s fuel tanks</strong<

    ROME (Reuters) – Italian police said on Thursday they found 20 tonnes of hash worth as much as 200 million euros in the fuel tanks of a Panama-flagged ship that was stopped in international waters and escorted to Sicily.

    The entire 11-person crew, all from Montenegro, was arrested for international drugs trafficking, Italy’s finance police said in a statement.

    The research and survey vessel Remus left the Canary Islands bound for Egypt and Turkey, but police surveillance showed it had turned off its position transmitter near the coast of North Africa, raising investigators’ suspicions.

    With the permission of Panamanian authorities, Italian finance police seized the vessel in international waters on July 31 and escorted it to Palermo. There the fuel tanks were drained and the hash was discovered wrapped in sealed brown bags.

    “The Mediterranean Sea again is confirmed to be one of the world’s largest arteries for illegal trafficking,” the police statement said. “The results of the operation are the fruit of attentive intelligence gathering and analysis of the ship’s routes.”

    The North African hashish — compressed cannabis resin — was probably destined for the European market, police said. Morocco is the world’s largest producer of hashish, which is usually smuggled into Europe through Spain, according the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

    Italian police find hashish worth up to 200 million euros in fuel tanks

    Eleven Montenegrins who hid more than 20 tonnes of hashish worth up to 200 million euros ($232 million) in a rescue ship’s diesel tanks have been arrested, Italian police said Thursday.

    The Guardia di Finanza (GDF) finance police said they arrested the suspects early Thursday in Palermo after escorting the Panamanian rescue boat to the Sicilian capital.

    They raided the boat at sea after observing suspicious activity near the north African coast, the GDF said in a statement.

    The drugs were found hidden in two of the boat’s diesel tanks after the police emptied all 400,000 litres (100,000 gallons) of the fuel held in the ship’s 18 tanks, purportedly meant for migrant ships in distress.

    The diesel was also confiscated.

    Colonel Francesco Mazzotta from the Palermo branch of the GDF told AFP that the drugs were most likely destined for the European market.

    He could not say whether the diesel was also being smuggled for sale on the
    black market.

    “The boat is one that is used to offer help to other ships in difficulty, that’s why they have so much fuel storage capacity and why the crew used the tanks to hide the drugs,” Mazzotta said.

    “Had they been subject to checks at sea it would have been impossible to find the drugs because it is too dangerous to empty the tanks when the boat is not docked.”

    Mazzotta could not say whether the suspects had links to the Sicilian Mafia or other Italian organised crime groups.

    The GDF descended on the vessel overnight on July 31 five days after it set sail from the Canary Islands port of Las Palmas.

    They had noted that the on-board transmitter that allows the boat’s movements to be tracked was switched off repeatedly over the course of its voyage.

    Once on board, the GDF said, the captain and 10 crew members could not state the purpose of their trip or say where they were going, despite having declared Tuzla, Turkey, as their destination via the Egyptian city of Alexandria when they set off.

    In Palermo, where the GDF was able to safely empty and inspect the diesel tanks, they discovered 650 jute bags containing hashish of 13 different qualities estimated to be worth between 150 million and 200 million euros.

    Mazzotta said the haul was one of the “biggest yet” for the Palermo GDF as part of the international anti-drug trafficking initiative “Libeccio International”, which has seized 139 tonnes of narcotics worth more than 1.4 billion euros in the past four years.

    Europol, the anti-drug trafficking Maritime Analysis and Operations Centre in Lisbon, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency and Montenegran police cooperated in the bust.

    • Italy uncovers massive load of hash in ship’s fuel tanks

      There’s just gotta be a “hashtag” joke in here somewhere…

  5. UK: 100 Muslim women seek Johnson’s ouster from Tories (AA, August 9, 2018)

    “100 Muslim women who wear the niqab or burqa have written to Brandon Lewis, chairman of the Conservative Party, demanding that Boris Johnson be kicked out of the party.

    The letter, revealed by Sky News, says that an apology by the former foreign secretary would be insufficient and that more should be done to prevent others in the party from following suit.

    “We speak as free women who are able to speak for ourselves and make our own choices,” the signers said.

    “Our decision to wear the niqab or burqa is not an easy one, especially given the hate that many of us experience on a regular basis. Nevertheless we do so because we believe it is a means to get closer to God,” it added.

    The women also stressed that “contrary to what you may have been told by sections of the media and columnists who profess to know what is best for us,” Muslim women are not forced to wear the niqab or burqa, nor are they oppressed.

    The letter also said that Johnson’s choice of Islamophobic words was deliberate and “was made to inflame tensions in a way that makes it easier for bigots to justify hate crime against us,” adding further support to Tory peer Lord Sheik’s request that Johnson lose the party whip, meaning he would no longer represent the party.

    The women said that although their rights as “equal citizens” may be debated in society, the vile language used by Johnson has lasting consequences and is never acceptable.

    The letter mentioned the women’s willingness to speak to members of parliament to share their experiences of what it is like for a Muslim woman to wear the niqab or burqa and debunk the lies that have been spread about them.

    Johnson came under fire after writing a newspaper op-ed comparing Muslim women who wear the niqab to bank robbers and letterboxes.

    He now faces an investigation by an independent panel that his comments breached the Tory party’s code of conduct.

    Senior figures such as Chairman Lewis and Prime Minister Theresa May have called on Johnson to apologize, and Muslim advocacy groups such as the Muslim Council of Britain have called for more action to be taken against Islamophobia in the Conservative Party.”

    • BREITBART- Tory High Command Launches Investigation into BoJo Burqa Comments as Police Confirms ‘No Crime’

      Brexiteer Boris Johnson MP is facing an investigation by the Conservative Party over comments he made about the Islamic burqa, but Britain’s most senior police officer has confirmed he did not commit a ‘hate crime’.

      Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) has said that they have received several complaints after the former foreign secretary compared the appearance of women in burqas to “bank robbers” or “letterboxes”, according to Sky News’s political correspondent Lewis Goodall, and the party is beginning down the path of investigating if Johnson has breached rules into discrimination or has brought the party into disrepute.

      In the first instance, Johnson — a leading figure of in the campaign to Leave the European Union — will be scrutinised by a party investigator. If the investigator believes there is a case to answer, he will be referred to a panel to assess the complaint.

      However, the panel would be appointed by Chairman of the Conservative Party Brandon Lewis who was one of the first people to demand Johnson to apologise, raising questions of how such an investigation could be fair.

      If the panel decides that he breached the party’s code of conduct when he publicly objected to the “oppressive” garment — the face coverings were recently criticised by a prominent female Muslim doctor as “an invasion of Salafist affinities and a risk to national security and societal integrity” — he could face disciplinary actions including being suspended from the party — which would make him ineligible to lead the party and replace the faltering Theresa May as Prime Minister.

      A source close to Johnson told Sky News’s Lewis Goodall that “the world has gone mad, or specifically the people at Matthew Parker Street [the home of CCHQ] have gone mad. They and No 10 would be very, very wise to calm this down very, very quickly.”

      The repercussions could exasperate the party’s growing civil war, where the debate over Johnson’s comments has developed into a proxy war between Brexiteers and Remainers in the parliamentary party.

      Meanwhile, London’s Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has weighed in on the comments, saying that so far no complaints against the MP for ‘hate crime’ have been reported.

      Speaking to the BBC’s Asian Network, Dick said that “some people have clearly found it offensive” but added that specialist hate crime officers have deemed that the former two-time Mayor of London “did not commit a criminal offence”.

    • Why Boris Johnson’s Muslim Comments Are So Dangerous: James O’Brien

      James O’Brien believes Boris Johnson’s comments on the burka are dangerous because they mean he is doing the work of the Islamic terrorists.

      The LBC presenter said that terrorists want Westerners to turn against Muslims in order to stir up divisions.

      And he said the former Foreign Secretary’s newspaper column, in which he said women in burkas look like bank robbers and letter boxes, does the same thing.

      Speaking on his LBC show, he said: “I think the portrayal of Islam as a threat, the portrayal of Islam as a murderous cult is not being done by Muslims. They get closed out of the game. Half of the biggest names in the business in this country are in prison now.

      “Their work is now being done by your rabble-rousers and your politicians.

      “And that’s why Boris Johnson’s intervention on Monday seems so dangerous, because the people telling us that Muslims and non-Muslims should all fight each other and the people telling us that all Muslims believe they have to hurt us, which is palpable nonsense straight out of the Al Qaeda playbook, but now you’re getting it on sub-EDL websites.

      “People who are white, ostensibly Christian and Western are doing a lot more to promote fundamentalist murderous, political Islam than any Muslim I’ve ever met.”

      Boris Johnson’s Column Will Open The Door For Islamophobia In Britain: James O’Brien

    • Debate: Boris’ burka blunder

      “Hardly any Muslim women dress like this it’s a product of Saudi Arabia” says Jon Gaunt who accuses human rights campaigner Heena Khaled of being racist as they debate Boris Johnson’s burka blunder on RT UK.

    • Over 300 Muslim scholars call for investigation into Islamophobia in Tory party (memo, Aug 9, 2018)

      “Over 300 Muslim scholars and community heads have signed a petition calling for an investigation into Islamophobia within the Conservative Party, following comments made by the former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

      The MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, who is one of the bookies’ favourites to become the next Tory leader, caused outrage this week after likening Muslim women wearing veils to “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”.

      While senior Conservatives including Prime Minister Theresa May called on Johnson to apologise for his remarks – which he has refused to do so far – the party is widely viewed as having failed miserably in addressing anti-Muslim bigotry in its ranks.

      The petition by “members of Muslim community, Muslim Scholars, Chair of Masajid and organisations” called for “disciplinary action against Boris Johnson and investigation of Islamophobia within the Conservative Party”.

      Highlighting the “poison” of Islamophobia within the Tory Party the petition cited comments made by former Conservative co-Chair baroness Warsi who said less than a month ago that racism towards Muslims is widespread and was being ignored by the Conservative Party. The offensive comments made by, Johnson, they stress “has publicly proved her allegations to be correct”.

      The petition, which is the largest since the row over Islamophobia within the Tory party grabbed attention, claims that “there are MPs who are supporting this xenophobic and discriminatory language”.

      They call on the Conservative Party to take disciplinary action against Boris Johnson’s conduct. The petition also backed the Muslim Council of Britain’s (MCB) appeal in May 2018 which called on the Tories to “investigate Islamophobic attitudes of Conservative party members, candidates and MPs”.

      MCB is said to have highlighted nine cases in a two month period which they insist requires immediate response. The petition points out that Mr Johnson is not the first high profile Conservative to make Islamophobic remarks, others include the London Mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith”.

      The Muslim groups state that “Islamophobia has become mainstream in the United Kingdom and is on the increase.” It warns that “if the Conservative party fails to take action it will signal that Islamophobia is acceptable in the Conservative party”.

      The petition by the Muslim groups coincides with growing concern raised by a British Rabbi and Jewish community leaders over the growing solidarity between sections of the Jewish community and the far right as well as Islamophobia within the Conservative Party.”

  6. Boko Haram militants kill 17 Nigerian soldiers in attack on Borno state base (thedefensepost, Aug 9, 2018)

    “At least 17 Nigerian soldiers were killed in a Boko Haram attack on a military base in the country’s northeast, military sources told AFP Thursday, the third assault on three different bases in less than a month.

    On the evening of Wednesday, August 8, heavily armed militants in trucks stormed a military base in Garunda village in Borno State, the epicenter of the Islamist insurgency that has been raging for nine years.

    The attack is the latest of a series of bloody Boko Haram assaults on military bases in Nigeria, underscoring the continued threat the Islamists pose to the region and again putting the spotlight on the Nigerian government’s claim that Boko Haram is “decimated.”

    “Our troops came under attack from Boko Haram terrorists in Garunda last night,” a military officer told AFP.

    “Unfortunately we lost 17 troops, 14 others were injured while an unspecified number is still unaccounted for,” said the military source, who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak on the incident.

    The source added that the militants looted weapons and vehicles before fleeing…”

    • Is Julian Assange – “Our Guy”

      On August 7, 2018, John Solomon of the Hill published an article detailing Bruce Ohr’s ongoing interaction with Steele. The Solomon article referenced documents that had been seen, but initially contained no documents.

      At the same time Chuck Ross began to report that Ohr was more heavily involved than previously thought:

  7. Emails show 2016 links among Steele, Ohr, Simpson — with Russian oligarch in background

    Emails in 2016 between former British spy Christopher Steele and Justice Department official Bruce Ohr suggest Steele was deeply concerned about the legal status of a Putin-linked Russian oligarch, and at times seemed to be advocating on the oligarch’s behalf, in the same time period Steele worked on collecting the Russia-related allegations against Donald Trump that came to be known as the Trump dossier. The emails show Steele and Ohr were in frequent contact, that they intermingled talk about Steele’s research and the oligarch’s affairs, and that Glenn Simpson, head of the dirt-digging group Fusion GPS that hired Steele to compile the dossier, was also part of the ongoing conversation.

    The emails, given to Congress by the Justice Department, began on Jan . 12, 2016, when Steele sent Ohr a New Year’s greeting. Steele brought up the case of Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska (referred to in various emails as both OD and OVD), who was at the time seeking a visa to attend an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in the United States. Years earlier, the U.S. revoked Deripaska’s visa, reportedly on the basis of suspected involvement with Russian organized crime. Deripaska was close to Paul Manafort, the short-term Trump campaign chairman now on trial for financial crimes, and this year was sanctioned in the wake of Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

  8. Secret recording reveals why some House Republicans haven’t tried to impeach Rosenstein yet

    A recording of a fundraising event with Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) reveals why Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein hasn’t yet been impeached despite so many Republicans calling for the action — and what they’re waiting for.
    Here’s what the recording said

    Nunes told the crowd at the fundraiser that he personally had called for Rosenstein’s impeachment, but that it had to be delayed in order to keep the Senate on track with the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

    “So if we actually vote to impeach, OK, what that does is that triggers the Senate then has to take it up,” Nunes explained to a questioner on the recording.

    “Well, and you have to decide what you want right now because the Senate only has so much time,” he added.

  9. Female Democrat Senator From Hawaii Asks Male Judges About Their Sex Lives

    I challenge you to find a more useless politician than this lady.
    Her questions in themselves are sexual harassment. Try asking this kind of questions to any person in any other setting and see how fast your butt ends up in court.
    This is the very same senator who was totally clueless about how illegal aliens were breaking the law.

  10. Here we go again. Tommy has to go back to court on September 4th. Those vicious Islamaphiles haven’t had enough. There’s a new petition.

    • Like this “second time” will be the last.

      Everyone knows that they’re trying to kill this poor bloke.

      That such political imprisonment is happening in the West goes beyond evil.

  11. SKY News – Katie Hopkins argues against women freezing their eggs

    Katie Hopkins argues that ‘Eggs are for chickens and not people’ during a debate over the ethics of women freezing their eggs.

    A report by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists found that women who freeze their eggs run the risk of spending a lot of money for a treatment with a small chance of success.

    But the storage limits for how long eggs can be kept frozen is currently 10 years in the UK.

    just past 4 min 49 « “…. society has evolved and biology hasn’t simply kept up with us”… »

  12. Christian Persecution Around the World
    And the silence from Pope Francis and other international elites.
    August 9, 2018
    Jack Kerwick

    Pope Francis, the Holy See of the church to which I’ve belonged my entire life and that I continue to regularly attend, has spent relatively little time during his tenure devoting much energy to underscoring the Church’s traditional, however Politically Incorrect, positions on such hotbed issues as abortion, same-sex marriage, and, say, Jesus’s unique standing in God’s economy of salvation.

    And even though it is the baptismal promise of every Roman Catholic to renounce Satan and all of his works, to unequivocally repudiate evil wherever it rears its hideous head, Francis scarcely speaks to the abominations of the world.

    He can, however, be counted upon to renounce capitalism, climate change, and the members of Western lands who lack enthusiasm for welcoming into their home countries untold numbers of Third World aliens who are not only demanding citizenship and material support, but who have created a number of other social problems (like criminality). The Pope repeatedly informs us that this skepticism reflects a deficiency of Christian charity.

    Francis has shed many tears and engaged in much handwringing over the legions of Muslims that have flooded Europe in recent years demanding support while claiming to be refugees. However, for the millions of his fellow Christians who have been made to endure unimaginable suffering (not infrequently administered to them by Muslims) Francis has said relatively little.

  13. VoA- Canada Asks for Help in Saudi Dispute

    OTTAWA — Canada is quietly working back channels to prod allies including Germany and Sweden to help resolve its row with Saudi Arabia, a government source confirmed Thursday.

    The senior official, who asked not to be identified due to the sensitivity of the diplomacy, said Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland spoke with her counterparts in the two European nations.

    Germany and Sweden previously were targets of Saudi backlashes for calling out the kingdom for human rights abuses.

    Freeland sought to learn how they resolved those disputes, and asked for their support, the official said. Ottawa also planned to reach out to regional heavyweight the United Arab Emirates and Britain, which has strong historical ties to Saudi Arabia.

    Tensions have been high between Canada and Saudi Arabia since Monday when Riyadh expelled Canada’s ambassador, recalled its own envoy and froze all new trade and investments.

    The kingdom was angry at Ottawa for openly denouncing a crackdown on rights activists in Saudi Arabia.

    On Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stood firm, saying: “Canada will always speak strongly and clearly in private and in public on questions of human rights … at home and abroad, wherever we see the need.”

    “Canadians expect that, and indeed people around the world expect that leadership from Canada,” he said.

    Trudeau noted that Freeland had “a long conversation” on Tuesday with her counterpart Adel al-Jubeir to try to resolve the dispute.

    “Diplomatic talks continue,” he said.

    Canada has been disappointed that Western powers including the United States — a key ally of Saudi Arabia — did not publicly support Ottawa.

    “Both sides need to diplomatically resolve this together. We can’t do it for them. They need to resolve it together,” US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told a briefing on Wednesday.

    In March 2015, Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador from Stockholm over criticism by the Swedish foreign minister of Riyadh’s human rights record.

    Earlier this year, Bloomberg News reported that Saudi Arabia was scaling back its dealings with some German companies amid a diplomatic spat with Berlin.

    The move came after Germany’s foreign minister last November remarked that Lebanon was a “pawn” of Saudi Arabia after the surprise resignation of its Prime Minister Saad Hariri while in Riyadh.

  14. The “Refugee Lie” from an African Perspective
    (auto translate to English available at Youtube, but the translation is really bad because they have strong accents – sorry)

  15. New Heights of Turkish Hypocrisy

    by Uzay Bulut
    August 9, 2018 at 4:00 am
    During a parliamentary meeting of his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) on July 24, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Israel the “most Zionist, fascist, and racist state in the world.” Referring to the recent passage by Israel’s Knesset of the “Basic Law: Israel as the Nation State of the Jewish People,” Erdogan attacked the Israeli government’s view as “no different from Hitler’s obsession with the Aryan race.”

    In fact, there is nothing “fascist” or “racist” in Israel’s new law. On the contrary, as David Hazony noted in the Forward:

    • There is only one possible explanation for this, one or more high ranking people in hte British Government want Tommy Dead.

  16. Spain Acts on Moroccan Intelligence, Arrests ISIS Suspect (moroccoworldnews, Aug 9, 2018)

    “A joint Spanish-Moroccan security collaboration resulted in the arrest of a Moroccan national in Spain with alleged ties to ISIS.

    The Spanish national police arrested a 21-year-old Moroccan individual on Tuesday, July 7, at a gas station in Vitoria, in northern Spain, El Pais reported.

    The suspect was accused of recruiting and indoctrinating people to join a terrorist organization.

    According to El Correo, the Moroccan national used audio-visual material to incite an individual to commit attacks in Spain.

    The Spanish outlet quoted police resources as saying, “In fact, it was Morocco which put the Spanish security forces on alert.” Following the North African country’s warning, the suspect “was subject to discreet surveillance.”

    The Interior Ministry later reported in a statement that the man was known for belonging “to radical circles of jihadist ideology in Algeciras,” where he usually resided…”

  17. Morocco Accused of ‘Using Migrants as Political Leverage’ (moroccoworldnews, Aug 9, 2018)

    “Has irregular immigration become political bait used by Morocco to secure deals and gain concessions from partners?

    The EU and Morocco have given the impression in recent weeks that they have finally bridged their differences regarding Morocco’s role in the organization’s migration policy and the appropriate amount of financial means to curb the flow of undocumented migrants to Europe.

    Following a series of negotiations and reportedly hot discussions in late July, the EU announced a €55 million fund to assist Morocco and Tunisia in stemming the migration flow. In Brussels, however, suspicion about “Moroccan politicking” has far from faded as many European politicians and experts have qualms about Rabat’s intentions.

    In some circles, the suspicion has even shifted to certainty: “Morocco may have relaxed migration controls into Europe as leverage in key negotiations with Brussels,” Euronews reported on August 7.

    The outlet claimed that, in the heat of the EU migration crisis in recent months, EU governments and partner countries—mainly from North Africa—were apparently engaged in a no-holds-barred contest where every shot was meant to make a point.

    Quoting multiple European politicians and academics as well as a Moroccan professor, Euronews claimed that Morocco “may have” used the migration card to showcase its importance in protecting Europe’s external borders.

    Morocco allegedly resorted to relaxing controls at its contiguous borders with the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla to force the EU’s hand on both the EU-Morocco migration deal and the recently sealed EU-Morocco fisheries agreement, experts told the outlet.

    Gonzalo Fazul, an investigator at porCausa, the foundation which is believed to have spurred the suspicion of Morocco, said that the information is highly credible because there were many Moroccans among the migrants who recently crossed to Europe.

    He suggested that Moroccan security forces traditionally act “depending on the circumstances,” a hint that in the past few weeks Moroccan border patrols allowed people to cross instead of preventing the large flows that Spain recently witnessed.

    “It is more difficult to say with absolute certainty, but several observers I trust suggest that Morocco, as it has done in the past, is using [migration] as part of the negotiation on very sensitive issues such as the fisheries agreement, or in the negotiation of the aid that the EU will give the country to manage these [migration] flows.”

    ‘No evidence’

    But while rumors of Morocco’s laxity make the rounds in a number of European circles, the EU Commission is apparently adamant about the partnership with its North African ally. An EU Commission spokeswoman said that there is currently no evidence to back the claim that Morocco is using migrants as leverage.

    Others claimed that while it is possible that Rabat “blackmailed” the EU in recent months, the situation is more complex than simple Moroccan “politicking.”

    They argued that the recent increase in numbers crossing to Europe may be due to the country’s own rampant unemployment issues or the overwhelming number of sub-Saharan migrants fleeing other parts of North Africa— predominantly Libya and Algeria—to try their chance in a supposedly more welcoming Morocco.

    Francesca Fabbri, a Morocco expert at the European Policy Centre, said that while “Morocco has relaxed border controls for political leverage in the past,” recent developments do not suggest such a move from Rabat.

    She said that Morocco is presently keen to improve relations with its partners in Europe and Africa, and “it is against Moroccan interest to have the message spread that it is easy to pass from there to Europe.”

    What is Morocco’s position?

    Although Moroccan authorities have not responded to the “politicking “and “blackmail” rumors, similar developments in late July stimulated a firm answer from Rabat, with the Moroccan government strongly denying an increase in the number of migrants who have crossed from Morocco.

    Mustapha El Khalfi, the Moroccan government’s spokesperson, said last week that while Morocco is “doing its best and alone” to secure Europe’s external borders, some in the EU still doubt the kingdom’s commitment to the alliance and downplay the effort and resources the country has invested in recent years to keep its part of the bargain.

    Insisting that the number of thwarted migration attempts “has doubled this year,” El Khalfi called on Brussels to acknowledge Morocco’s commitment by cutting a deal that ensures that the financial compensation from the EU “matches the kingdom’s efforts.””

  18. Islamabad stands by Riyadh in Saudi Arabia-Canada diplomatic row (tribune, Aug 9,. 2018)

    “Pakistan has expressed its solidarity with Saudi Arabia in the ongoing diplomatic row between the kingdom and Canada.

    During the weekly briefing on Thursday, Foreign Office spokesperson Mohammad Faisal told reporters that Islamabad was following with “immense concern” the crisis between the two countries.

    He added that Pakistan has shown its solidarity with Riyadh in this regard…”

  19. Pakistan to pursue economic ties with Iran despite US sanctions (tribune, Aug 9, 2018)

    “Pakistan on Thursday said it reserves the right to ‘pursue legitimate economic and commercial interests’ with Iran in the wake of re-imposition of sanctions on Tehran by US President Donald Trump, who warned that the countries doing business with the Islamic states might also face the music.

    “We are examining the implications of the US’ re-imposed sanctions on Iran,” Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal told reporters at his weekly news briefing.

    “However, Pakistan, being a sovereign state, reserves the right to pursue legitimate economic and commercial interests while respecting the international legal regime,” Faisal added.

    The Trump administration recently re-imposed sanctions on Iran with warning to other countries that Washington would slap similar restrictions on the states intending to do business with Tehran.

    Relations between Pakistan and Iran have shown signs of improvement in recent months with both the countries have convergence of opinion on many regional issues including Afghanistan…”

  20. Pakistan, Russia ink historic military cooperation pact (tribune, Aug 9, 2018)

    “Pakistan and Russia on Tuesday reached a historic agreement allowing officers from the country’s armed forces to train in Russia, reported Voice of America.

    According to the US-based publication, the Russians are keen to step in and fill the gap which the United States has created after halting security-related aid to Pakistan.

    The deal was concluded at the end of the inaugural meeting of Russia-Pakistan Joint Military Consultative Committee in Rawalpindi, reported VOA, citing a statement from the defence ministry.

    The talks between the two countries were headed by Defence Secretary Zamirul Hassan Shah and visiting Russian Deputy Defense Minister Col Gen Alexander Fomin.

    “The two sides also held in-depth discussions on avenues of future cooperation. In the end, both countries signed the Contract on Admission of Service Members of Pakistan in the RF [Russian Federation’s] Training Institutes,” said the ministry statement.

    Pakistan and Russia have stepped up cooperation in the defence sector since 2014 when the two nations signed an agreement for boosting bilateral ties.

    In line with the 2014 pact, Moscow sold Islamabad four Mi-35 combat helicopters, and the two countries also held counter-terror military drills, as well as an anti-drugs operation in the Arabian Sea. Reports suggested that a Pakistani warship had also participated in the Russian Navy Day parade…”

  21. itv news –Racist who called for ‘Burn a Mosque Day’ jailed

    A racist who called on followers for a “Burn a Mosque Day” has been jailed.

    Jonathan Jennings, 34, used a social media site to spread racial hatred to his followers where he called for Muslims to be “sterilised” and be “hunted down”.

    Soon after the bombings in Manchester, Jennings changed his profile name to “Muslim Slayer”.

    He admitted posting messages telling his followers that it would be “a good idea” if there was a “Burn a Mosque Day”.

    Jennings said Muslims should be placed on top of bonfires and that Hitler “had been born 100 years too early”.

    On another occasion he applauded a racist attacker who kicked a pregnant woman in the stomach, causing her to lose her baby. Jennings described the attacker as a “national hero”.

    When Jennings was told he was to be interviewed by police, he threw a brick at the Police Station in Ammanford.

    Thomas Scapens, prosecuting, said: “In his police interview he said it was his moral right to post these comments”

    Jennings even launched an attack on Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, posting on social media platform Gab that he’d be “first in line to #JoCox him”, referencing the murder of the MP in 2016.

    David Singh, defending explained that Jennings had been suffering from Aspergers from a young age.

    He added: “The references that have been submitted paint a very different side to Jennings and show a great level of support from where you now reside.”

    Judge Geraint Walter described the case as “very troubling indeed.”

    He said: “You need to understand that in this country we pride ourselves on our ability to speak freely.

    “But that right comes with a level of responsibility.

    “Your comments come into serious conflict with our right to live in peace and without fear.”

    Jennings, from Brynaman, Carmarthenshire, pleaded guilty to 10 charges including threats against Muslims, Jews and members of the Labour Party.

    He was sentenced to 16 months in jail.

    We are committed to tackling all forms of extremism which has the potential to threaten public safety and security. Such was the strength of evidence of Jennings’ activities that he entered guilty pleas to all of the offences.

    There have been a number of successful prosecutions over recent years and this is testament to the work of police teams up and down the country.

    Nobody is better placed to detect something that is out of place in their communities than the people living in them. To effectively combat the terrorism threat the police, businesses, government and the general public need to work together.


    Last updated Thu 9 Aug 2018


  22. Turkish pro-government columnist warns US about ‘new 9/11’ (turkishminute, Aug 9, 2018)

    ““If the internal stress in the US goes on like this, the possibility of another 9/11 is not all that remote,” Turkish columnist Abdurrahman Dilipak said in an article published in the pro-government Yeni Akit newspaper on Thursday.

    Asserting that Turkey will no longer tolerate being “stalled” or “threatened,” he claimed that increasing the tension with Turkey would lead to “other troubles” in the US and the EU.

    In his article Dilipak argued that a solution between Turkey and the US was not going to be easy, referring to a recent deterioration in relations due to the lengthy detention and trial of American pastor Andrew Brunson.

    He claimed that the US position on Brunson as well as the US approach to other bilateral and regional issues has brought Turkey to a crossroads. Dilipak also suggested that it has come to a point where Turkey might irreversibly reconsider its alliances with NATO, the EU and the US and reassess its relations with BRICS countries as well as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

    “If the collaborators on the inside ever come out of the woodwork relying on the US, they should know they will pay a price along with the US and that the public will take its revenge primarily on them,” Dilipak said.

    In the past few weeks, Turkish-US relations have been especially strained due to the long detention and trial of Brunson on charges of affiliation with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) as well as the Gülen movement, which is accused by the Turkish government of orchestrating a failed coup in 2016, an allegation strongly denied by the movement.”

  23. BREITBART Exclusive–Eric Eggers: ‘Democrat Political Machine Built’ on ‘Reliance of Illegal Votes’

    In his new book Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election, Government Accountability Institute (GAI) research director Eric Eggers details the Democrat Party’s reliance on illegal voting and their efforts to keep those vulnerabilities intact.
    Here, Breitbart News sits down with Eggers to discuss voter fraud, how it goes ignored by the media and politicians, and the Democrats’ push for giving noncitizens the right to vote.

    The reason I’ve been interested in covering immigration is that there has never been enough data and information readily available to the public on the issue. Did you find this same problem when tackling the issue of election fraud for your book?

    You know everybody else that says voter fraud is not a real problem, they’re not looking at actual data. And so that’s why the study that we did at GAI that goes in the book I think was so crucial because it was the first of its kind analysis of the double votes and looking at actual votes, not just voter rolls, but actual votes. So we found 2,100 double votes in Florida, 8,400 votes all told. Anytime someone actually goes through the effort of looking at the voter rolls, they find voter fraud.

    There were 1,800 ballots cast by noncitizens in the state of Virginia over the course of just a few years. And of course, the Democrats’ reaction to this, led by Terry McAuliffe, is actually not to say, ‘Hey that’s a problem, we should go try to figure out what’s going on and fix it.’ They just quietly remove the noncitizens from the voter rolls and try to act like nothing happened.

    When you were writing the book, did you find this attitude to ignore voter fraud is prevalent?

    There are constituencies that have built their careers and reputations on the idea that voter fraud doesn’t exist. And so I think that’s why you see lawyers, who have worked on the ground to try to expose it, they find receptiveness on the part of Republicans, not Democrats.

    I mean, let’s be honest, the Democrat political machine is built in part on the reliance of illegal votes cast by demographics that vote reliably for Democrats. I actually give Democratic [New Hampshire] Secretary of State Bill Gardner a lot of credit, because he’s one of the few people who as a Democrat has witnessed voter fraud first hand. And he says,’Listen, this is a problem.’ But as I point out, not only did Bill Gardner say that he witnessed voter fraud, but as secretary of state he couldn’t do anything to stop it because of the weaknesses of the voter fraud laws in his state.

    Part of the problem is that some of the stuff that we call voter fraud is actually legal.

    Tell me about some of the alarming statistics that are included in this book.

    The Supreme Court cited that nearly three million people are registered to vote in more than one state or were in 2012. And we have every reason to believe that number has only increased. And 24 million [voter] registrations nationwide are either inaccurate or completely wrong. That’s one out of eight voter registrations. So those are stats that show how widespread the problem is and like this is the natural result of having entrenched interests that actively fight every turn to prevent any effort to increase accuracy or security for American elections.

    You have an entire chapter of the book dedicated to globalist billionaire George Soros and you call him the “man behind the ballot booth.” Tell me about his influence in keeping American elections insecure.

    Soros doesn’t only fund entities that create an atmosphere where voter fraud can occur, but he also funds politicians, so of course the politicians that take his money aren’t going to do anything to counter the policies that help facilitate voter fraud.

    Basically, Soros funds groups that do two things: They fight to keep the vulnerabilities of American elections in place and he funds groups that go out and roust up any voter by any means necessary, regardless of the legality of their [immigration] status in the country.

    That’s why he’s funded groups like the ACLU … and La Raza and ACORN, both of whom have had to change their names because of how common voter fraud has been associated with their employees.

    The apparatus to move all the pieces around to try to commit voter fraud, they share a common link and that link is George Soros.

    Something I’ve written extensively about is how the impact of voter fraud can grow with the increasing foreign-born population living in the United States. You talk about this in the first chapter of the book. In your research, did you find that a massive foreign-born population in the country only makes rooting out voter fraud that much more difficult?

    This is a complicated issue. I want to be very clear, Americans should be in favor of all Americans being able to cast their ballots. And however you got here … if you become an American citizen, then absolutely, voting is one of the benefits of being an American citizen. You should have the right to vote. And I think what part of the crime is, is that these vulnerabilities … actually imperil the noncitizens from potentially being able to realize American citizenship and all of the privileges that come with it.

    The system is so vulnerable that when these immigrants — who aren’t citizens — when they go to get a driver’s license and they check the box to say they want to register to vote, that act right there is enough to keep them from ever becoming an American citizen. That’s just one example of the very real threat that vulnerabilities that create voter fraud, that’s the threat that it poses to noncitizens.

    Clearly, the Democratic party has targeted ethnic groups, emerging populations — Hispanic, Latino populations — like that’s who they are targeting. There’s a reason why the states that Trump won in the Midwest broke that way because I think you saw a lot of white, blue-collar voters that sort of abandoned by the modern Democratic Party. And here comes Trump and it was perfect timing.

    But the Democrats are clearly playing the long game. Demography is destiny. That’s who they realize is going to be their majority voting blocs in the future and that’s who they are targeting.

    [Democratic National Convention] Chairman Tom Perez has a long history of extending and advocating for giving voting rights to noncitizens. He worked for another Soros-funded group called Casa de Maryland before he joined the Obama Justice Department. Casa de Maryland has consistently advocated for giving noncitizens the right to vote. Perez’s hometown, Takoma Park, Maryland has actually been giving citizens the right to vote since 1992.

    The concept of noncitizens voting is often described as being problematic, but it’s not explained for Americans to understand why it is so problematic for the nation. Can you explain, as you do in the book, about the issues with giving noncitizens the right to vote?

    I think the simple answer to this is if you’re going to let noncitizens vote, why have a country that’s defined by parameters? Why have a border? Why have the concept of citizenship? What does it mean to be a citizen? We, at GAI, spend a lot of our time uncovering this foreign influence in American elections, and I think why that’s so important … there’s a reason we have laws against foreign contributions in American elections. It’s this idea of American influence over American destiny. American sovereignty over American destiny.

    You want people that have a stake here. You want people that are Americans making decisions in favor of American elections. You wouldn’t think that’s so controversial, but for the first time now, you’ve got a majority of Democrats who are saying that they actually think it’s okay for noncitizens to vote. I think that’s just really scary and I think it’s important for Americans to realize this emerging strain of political philosophy.

    Why are we seeing this push for giving noncitizens the right to vote, nationally, now?

    As we’ve seen, the number of immigrants has only increased over the past several decades. It’s a slow and gradual sort of acclamation to ‘Hey, okay the immigrants are here’ and as a society, we seem to be growing more in favor of we want more things. There’s a reason we’re starting to see more avowed socialists winning more.

    At the end of the day, I don’t think the push for noncitizens voting is inconsistent with where the Democratic Party is going at large. I mean, why would we want to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement? It’s because it’s seen as being unfair and unfavorable to immigrant populations. I think we seem to be less concerned with legality and more concerned with humanity in many situations.

    Would you describe this push for noncitizens voting as being driven by the booming, record high foreign-born population?

    I think it’s that coupled with the clear courting of the Democratic Party establishment of its future voting blocs. I think the two forces tend to go hand in hand.

    • Voter fraud can sway elections: Eric Eggers

      Government Accountability Institute research director Eric Eggers discusses the threat of voter fraud and how it can impact elections.

  24. University Proves Pro-Gun Theory

    08/09/2018 American Action News AAN Staff

    Liberals predictably lose their minds over the idea of allowing law-abiding adults to carry firearms on college campuses.

    Proponents of such policies point to compelling anecdotes and hard data to argue that it would make schools safer. After all, what would’ve happened at Virginia Tech if an armed student had met the gunman before first responders arrived?

    Texas Tech Police Believe Campus Carry Has Made School Safer

    If you want to get an anti-gunner spun up, just ask them about campus carry. They completely lose their minds over the idea of law-abiding adults being able to carry on a college campus. They just can’t even.

    However, proponents of campus carry argue that it makes schools safer. After all, what would have happened at Virginia Tech if an armed student had met the killer during his first stop?

    But for most of us, it’s pretty academic. We’re not really on college campuses, so it’s just a discussion topic.

    Police on college campuses, however, are there. They’re on campuses each and every day, so they see the reality.

    On at least one campus, the police believe campus carry is a good thing and has made their school safer.

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