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11 Replies to “Leftist and islamic tactics in Israel”

    • Not if the cameras are running and your ROE are defined by how much your leaders(red tabs) are scared of upsetting the MSM(viz the UK soldiers on charges as that ad with the muslim nauseated them). In Nazi Germany, fascist Japan or ANY communist state there would be no camera and then no girls. The smug bitches know this as do all muslims and the left. I just hope I live long enough to see us use their ROE (ie, carte blanche) against them and with prejudice.

      • That’s coming, the left has destroyed Civilization and as the civil wars start more and more of the laws of war will fall by the wayside. Eventually we will return to barbaric reaction to their barbaric action, and then we will move to very barbaric action to force them to react. Remember you win wars by making the enemy react to you not by you reacting to them. When you are reacting you are fighting the way they want you to fight, when they are reacting they are fighting the way you want them to fight.

    • Arabs living in Israel?? Identify and remove.

      Coming soon to a theater near you!!!

      Europe, Canada, Australia, America … take your pick. It’s gonna happen.

      Islam has so thoroughly worn out its welcome throughout the Civilized World™ to where whatever forthcoming retribution will be Particularly Nasty©.

      The ancient maxim: “Live by the sword, die by the sword”, has lost all meaning in this nuclear age. Too bad, so sad, that primitive savages like Muslims have such little appreciation for this tectonic shift in the historic status quo.

      Evening Edition: “Live by the sword, die by the millions.”

      Like so many other unlettered barbarians, they’ll learn this The Hard Way®.

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