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10 Replies to “Eric Clanton (bike lock prof) walks free. Antifa is going to kill one of us now”

  1. Thank you, Xanthippa.

    Everyone, please take the time to watch all three video clips.

    We now are in an era of state sanctioned terrorism.

    I fear for this nation’s future like never before.

    • The kid in the first video is all but calling for open rebellion, who can blame him for that? This is Nazi Germany in the 1930s with the SA and SS running around beating and killing everyone that publicly opposed Fascism, now antifa is doing the same thing on the West Coast of the United States.

  2. Is anyone going to demonstrate to this collectivist that actions have consequences? After all it must be common knowledge where he works and probably lives.

  3. The young patriot hit by the bike lock could have been killed. He is our sons and daughters. I don’t want to use the phrase because it is, perhaps, over used, but if by this verdict the legal system is weaponized against those believing in freedom, and rule of law, then this is a dark turn, indeed.

  4. I think it was yesterday when the Wictor thread about the Trench Club was posted, that us another example of antifa using a lethal weapon.

    Yes they are going to kill at least one and probably a lot more of us.

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