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7 Replies to “More on the Jihadi compound in New Mexico”

    • Sadly, sometimes they have choices to make. Invade the compound and abandon their investigation of bigger issues or close their eyes on the severely disabled child to capture bigger prey.

      They had to be certain they could get this guy on serious charges other than child neglect. And they did. Life is not easy but this little boy is the sacrificial lamb that saved thousands of young lives.

    • CNN – Suspect’s dad: My son can be a little extreme

      The father of one of the men arrested following the discovery of 11 malnourished children at a New Mexico compound speaks out.

  1. That child’s death is a manifestation of the lefts infatuation with islam. This would not be happening if the right people had been running things over the past few decades.
    The islamisers have gained too much power in decision making and too much control of the narrative. That connection to the White House speaks volumes about the obama administration.
    (not having a go at law enforcement, but those who control and influence it)

  2. “Siraj Ibn Wahhaj attributed his son’s disabilities to demonic beings and believed that only an Islamic exorcism would expel the demons, a fact reported by the Clarion Intelligence Network’s sources before it was confirmed publicly in a search warrant.”

    And then tacqiyya from muslim sources:

    “The boy’s medication was left behind, putting him in peril. Sources say the rejection of medical treatment points to the fact that the ideology held by Wahhaj and his co-conspirators stems not from traditional Islamism but to a cultish fringe.”

    All muslims believe in jinns. They follow the followers of muhammad everywhere.

  3. The Latest: Compound incident called anti-Muslim propaganda

    A representative of a New York mosque says the raid of a ramshackle compound in New Mexico is being used as propaganda against Muslims.

    Ali Abdul-Karim Judan, a spokesman for the mosque, said in a video posted Thursday on Facebook that the incident was a domestic situation that has nothing to do with extremism.

    The grandfather of a severely disabled boy, who authorities say was kidnapped by his father and taken to the compound, has said remains found there are those of his grandson.

    The man is an imam at the New York mosque.

    Judan also cast doubt on a contention by prosecutors that children found at the site were being trained to use assault rifles in preparation for school shootings.

    He said authorities should not have made that claim without stronger evidence.

    The mosque has attracted radicals over the years, including a man who later helped bomb the World Trade Center in 1993.


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