Jordan Peterson in Montreal

This has been a long time a coming. The actual event was months and months ago but for some reason, hasn’t appeared online till 2 days ago.

This talk really has some excellent and powerful moments. Jordan starts at just after 22 minutes in.



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5 Replies to “Jordan Peterson in Montreal”

  1. Gosh, I love this guy – what a profound force for good in the world (and no wonder the dark side – because he makes a good argument that it really is the dark, evil side – wants to silence him so badly).

    On another note, I’m pretty sure that Maxime Bernier was in the audience; the Conservatives made a bad mistake choosing Scheer over him, IMHO.

  2. PaulW, I have to agree with you. Unless Scheer pulls himself out of a hat with a great big “Taa-Daa!” he will remain obscure and irrelevant. I think a good test for leadership is how effective one is in opposition against the very weak one in power. If you can’t capitalize on a PoMo ding-bat like Trudeau, you’re in the wrong job.

    Bernier always struck me as a clear thinker.

  3. Did someone mess with the volume on the video? The only segment that has any audio is ends at the 5 minute mark when the Montreal Press Club spokeswoman steps up to the mike.
    No audio after that point until 57:36 when the credits roll.

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