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19 Replies to “Israel takes down Hamas assets in Gaza”

  1. Sick people. They’re screeching Allahu Akhbar (Allah is Great) even when they’re being bombed. Hilarious. Allah means nothing anymore.

    I noticed there are no flames. Only the black smoke which indicates they hit the target. Nothing much around is destroyed. I’m thinking Kinetic.

      • There are 4 hits: the first two are virtually on top of each other. The next two are more spaced and both come from about 1155 on the page clock face or slightly to the left of centre. I so love it when those who give the orders but who sit far from the front lines, cop it.

    • The human swarmers know they are not the targets, which is why they are out w/their smartphones, taking pictures for the global anti-Israel propaganda machine to use to falsely depict (never-ending, eternal) palestinian victimhood / Israel inhumanity. Nonsense, of course. No nation has shown greater patience and greater in avoiding civilian casualties than Israel. Unfortunately, eventually the pali b.s. will have be ended by getting up close and personal w/the perpetrators and their minions.

  2. These retards scream “Allah U Akhbar” as they pinch off their daily loaf. But they’re squatting, not sitting, so they are thanking Allah for allowing the birth of the Brown Trout before their knees cramp up.

  3. What a flawed religion Islam is. Written by a narcissistic warlord it’s a veritable guidebook to failure, bloodshed, and misery. The underlying principles are literally incorrect and always lead them in the wrong direction. They don’t need to be playing this constant game with the Israelis. Between the Palestinians and the surrounding Arab states, they could fix everything up just fine and dandy in a couple of days if they had an ounce of good faith between them…

  4. Good job IDF. A great start on what needs to be done.

    I must say, it’s quite impressive to see what Western technology can do when the will to deploy is there.

    Rinse, repeat.

  5. electronic-intifada – Israel destroys Gaza cultural center

    Israel bombed and destroyed a building housing a cultural center in Gaza City before reportedly agreeing to a ceasefire with Hamas late Thursday.

    The obliteration of the building in the heart of the densely populated Gaza Strip followed a night of terror for Palestinians in the territory.

    […]The Israeli military said that the targeting of the Said al-Mishal Cultural Center in Gaza City’s Beach refugee camp was in response to the rocket fired at Beersheba. It published a video apparently showing the bombing of the building.

    Israel claimed that the building housed Hamas’ internal security services, describing it as “the operational arm of the political leadership of the Hamas terror group.”

    UK BusinessInsider – The Latest: Israeli airstrike targets Gaza cultural center – Business Insider

    Palestinian officials say Israeli warplanes have attacked a cultural center in Gaza City.


    Times of Israel – After Gaza rocket hits Beersheba, IDF levels an alleged Hamas HQ

    As high-level security cabinet convenes to discuss violence in south, Israeli jets flatten five-story building near Gaza City the army says was used by Hamas internal security

    The Israeli Air Force on Thursday evening flattened a five-story building in the northern Gaza Strip that served as a headquarters for the Hamas terrorist group’s internal security service, the army said.

    The Israel Defense Forces said the strike on the building in the northern Gaza Strip, which also served as a cultural center in the coastal enclave, was in response to “rocket fire by the Hamas terror group against the city of Beersheba earlier in the day.”

    Hamas denied that it was behind the attack on Beersheba, saying it was the work of a more radical salafist group, according to Hadashot news.


    • Bibi’s getting it from right and left. Politicians are bopping around the south, making speeches, talking tough:

      We have a strong army and weak politicians who not know how to deter a terrorist organization and do not know how to conduct negotiations.

      The government prefers the state of Hamastan here to the residents of the south. It reinforces the extremists, weakens the moderates, and it will cut the south off of life from round to round.

      I think that the cabinet does almost nothing. When it comes to talking everyone is excellent but there is much to do in terms of actions.
      The former head of the National Security Council puts it well:

      “Even if there is a kind of ceasefire, Hamas will continue to operate below the threshold of response, to send kites and balloons, on the assumption that we will respond only with a small response, and even if it sends eighty rockets to the Gaza vicinity like yesterday, Israel will not launch an operation. This is called the loss of deterrence.…

      “We need to decide whether to embark on a war in Gaza and decide whether the goal is to punish or topple Hamas.…Anything less than regime change is a victory for Hamas…

      “Why do we recoil? Because of the price to Israel. We fear losses. The main problem is Israeli public opinion. Israel is not going to begin a war that would result in casualties unless Israeli public opinion understands that there is no choice but to go to war.

      “Public opinion [to]day is not like that. In the Gaza vicinity they say they hope the quiet will return, they do not support an operation in Gaza….

      “The IDF needs to present more aggressive plans that include the destruction of Hamas, whether by eliminating the leadership, no matter whether it is a political leadership or military leadership. or by making it leave the Gaza Strip, just as we removed the PLO from Lebanon.

      “And if we are determined to harm the leadership of Hamas, it means destroying governmental targets and houses belonging to leading families in Hamas.…”
      He’s talking about a big ground invasion. And – from my VERY limited conversations – the people living in the south aren’t ready. And they’re the ones taking a beating.

    • Isn’t the term ‘ Cultural Centre’ muslim speak for command and control centre; whether it’s in Gaza, Toronto, Dearborn or London, it’s where muslims plot their destruction of our civilisation.

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