100 rockets from Gaza

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  1. RAZE GAZA to the ground, that ground on which HAMAS now only grows terrorism, death, evil and ugliness, that ground where once, before the Jews gave it to the Arabs in “exchange” for the false promise of “peace” there were flowers, fruits, life and beauty.

    My heart goes out to you yucki and to yours ! ((((((((((Israel))))))))))

    • The more the left destroys civilization the more barbaric the attacks on the free people, once all of the restraints are removed the free people will resort to barbarism in their responses. Remember we have more resources to use in our barbaric responses.

    • Thanks, Rita!
      This kite-arson has been allowed to go on since _March_. The fields are destroyed. The animals, dead.

      Now the red-alerts are shattering everybody’s nerves. The people are having a terrible time. We should’ve evacuated some of the kids, together with the most fragile of any age, months ago.

      We’re ready to host as many as in 2014. The observant, Russian-speaking families here are just waiting for the call to the airport. We’ll see what happens over the next week.

      Bibi and the yuppies talk to each other, busy congradulating themselves as statesmen and businessmen. The “Startup Nation”. Fine.
      No. VOMIT.

      To the brink of war: How Hamas and Israel got here
      Hamas says it wants Israel to end the 10-year blockade of Gaza and to ease up restrictions on goods flowing to the strip.

  2. Happy to notice that they got their asses propperly whipped in Gaza . Way to go IDF !
    Stand ready for some sniveling palestinian whining about the inhumane treatment of
    civilians . Yeah right , heard that song before . Doesn’t get better with time…

    • But they didn’t!
      Bombing empty observation posts, a tunnel or two known for a long time, piddling ammunition dumps.
      Noise, that’s all.
      Bibi blowing smoke.

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