On leftist corporations conspiring against Alex Jones (to rig the midterms probably)

I would like to add a thing to this.

Jefferson wrote a great deal about the media. He believed that media has to be allowed to say what it wants, even if it lied. Because its far more dangerous for government to decide what is, and is not a lie.

I think we can all see exactly what he meant now.

And yes, remember this?

And this is just really funny

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  1. By making it clear that they are working together to ban a man that is known to have helped get Trump elected is not going to help the big internet giants maintain their positions. All this is going to do is piss off a lot of the “Little People” that the newly self proclaimed tech elites, they are forgetting that this nation was founded by the little people and it has been kept safe by the little people. The tech giants need to reconsider their positions before the lynch mobs storm the castles with pitchforks, torches and hang ropes.

  2. I’ve got all kinds of problems with Alex Jones but I’ve never seen him do anything particularly illegal or hateful. The Holy Hadiths of Bhukari say, “If you see a Jew, kill him”, which is definitely illegal to say, but I’ve never heard Alex say anything like that. I heard Maxine Waters tell her followers to harass conservatives to the point that their lives might be in danger, but I never heard crazy old Alex give that advice the other way round. I saw Hillary Clinton do stuff with classified documents that would get an able-bodied seaman about 68 years in Fort Leavenworth, but I never saw Alex do that either. I have heard him shout angrily in an irritating gravely voice though…

    This is war. And you know what? I’ll bet Hillary’s people did kill Bourdain to keep him from badmouthing her. I don’t think there is anything they wouldn’t do. Communist forces really are trying to gain power in the United States and the world and we’ve just seen and lost a huge battle. What if we come to Vladtepesblog tomorrow and get a notice saying: “Due to regional diametric variatic turbulence the site you are trying to reach is temporarily unavailable”. That’s what they really want to do, isn’t it? They’d like to have the whole world as locked-down as the CBC and CNN. This is actually scary…

    And I think they’re doing some kind of ghosting thing on my comments on YouTube. Have you seen the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki? She is the very picture of the left-wing politically correct feminist man-hating bitch. She would gladly ban everything right of Rob Reiner if she thought she could get away with it…

    This war could start anywhere from Melbourne to Cape Town to London to Portland Oregon. One day we are going to turn on our computers and it’s going to be, “Fighting has broken out in Seattle or Malmo or London. 12-dead, dozens wounded…”. And that will be the shot heard ’round the world and the games will have begun. Once somebody has set up a barricade and a front line and a combat zone they will come from miles around and they will be armed to the fucking teeth…

    • Kinda tasteless joke, considering the Saudis and 9/11, and all that. Let bygones be gone…

      Except they’re in cahoots with al-Qaeda in Yemen. Never stopped funding the monsters, now serving as mercs, retreating to the North with remnants of ISIS.
      Who still want to destroy us infidels.

      Even flaunting the Bin Laden legacy. Osama’s youngest son just married the daughter of Moh Atta (sp?). Touching.

      The Guardian did a soppy interview with Osama’s mama with some of her other offspring. All the pix have soft-focus portraits of Osama. Not as a baby or innocent teen, but as the heroic leader we recognize as terrorist mass-murderer.

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