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4 Replies to “We really need to understand that the action against Alex Jones is serious”

  1. Digital oligarchs.

    “The technology industry is already consolidated. Most Internet ad revenue belongs to a couple of companies – Google and Facebook – and retail essentially belongs to Amazon (which also owns an increasing percentage of the cloud computing market). Access to the Internet is in the hands of five companies (Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner, Verizon and CenturyLink), and the lion’s share of the world’s computer chips are made by Intel and Samsung. How by anyone’s definition is this not digital oligarchy?”

  2. Wanting a Digital Bill of Right….


    America has a Bill of Rights protecting citizens first.

    Europe uses the Human Rights Act to enforce the Narrative and those not in The Party as second class citizens.

    Russia and China imprison citizens with thought crimes and trap them within the third dimension.

    Islamic States lock citizens into the fourth dimension.

    The Bill of Rights already exists: export it!

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