As Islamic horror, and sexualization of children becomes the new normal: Links 1, Aug. 6, 2018

1. A Black comedian does fairly typical pre-communist era comedy about the New York Times’ new editor. Lets see where this goes.

2. Armed stand off between police and “radical muslims” in New Mexico over kidnapped children.

3. Public School drag show. Communist and PoMo indoctrination at multiple levels

4. Rohingyas: The New Emigration Jihad in India. 

Numbers of Rohingyas are increasing in India day by day. The BJP led NDA Govt. in the center is giving statements several times to deport all these illegal Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar via Bangladesh, but not a single Rohingya has been deported so far. 


In parliament, Kiren Rijiju, a Minister of State level in the Home Ministry stated to deport only 40,000 Rohingyas from India, But,  the actual numbers of illegal Rohingyas has crossed the mark of 1 lakh, as the reliable sources refer.

5. Exposé – Abdul El-Sayed – Marxist Jihad in Michigan – MUST WATCH!

6. Police circulate images of Brighton homophobic assault suspects

Thank you Gates of Vienna, Xanthippa. M., Wrath of Khan, EB., MissPiggy and all who took the time and effort to send in materials and there are a LOT of great and important links in the Reader’s Links post over the past couple of days. Please do take a deeper dive there.


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8 Replies to “As Islamic horror, and sexualization of children becomes the new normal: Links 1, Aug. 6, 2018”

  1. 5 – He will probably win the election by the votes of useful idiots who want to be able to brag that they voted for the first Moslem to run for Governor.

  2. 5- At 19:00: “…We are connecting the dots…”

    So are we.
    To hate Israel is to hate the United States. If you don’t believe it just talk to a socialist. It sounds like an odd, disconnected juxtaposition until it beats you over the head by the most mild-mannered commie.

    Underestimating these Soros paid and made animals is the biggest danger. The left never misses a chance to say Orban’s education was paid for by Soros, and look how he has repaid Soros’s generosity. Well now we have this Michigan Maniac to help us define the pattern irrefutably. There is not an ounce of generosity in Soros when proxy political power is the ulterior motive, which it always is. Orban took what was offered (don’t forget Hungarians were bankrupted by communism), got an education, then turned the tables. Orban knew exactly what Soros was. These others?

    At the end the host refers to the “bizarre” relationship between the Reds and Greens. Nothing bizarre about it.

  3. 3- Child grooming for commie politics and deviant sexuality. It is everywhere, including Ontario in a big way. Children raised with traditional values are identified, ostracized (by other already-indoctrinated kids), and their parents seen as problematic and deficient. And this is only one subject. Express opposing views to the orthodoxy of socialist multiculturalism or economics (as to expound that “profit” is not a dirty word), and your goose is cooked.

  4. “Rohingyas” are a MB invention; the “Palestinians” were a Soviet invention.
    “Palestinians” are becoming old hat. Way over-exposed in the Arab world, though still a draw for gullible kafirs. (And remain a serviceable pretext for bashing the zionist enemy in any guise.)

    It’s a terrible weapon being forged. The more recognition given to this lot of generic Bengali squatters as a distinct ethnic identity, the worse the outcome for them and everybody else.

    They cook up a narrative, then etch it in real blood on the world stage.
    Cut it short NOW, before Ms Mogherini’s Rohingya “cycle of violence” shtick gets too slick.

  5. “…draw for gullible kafirs…”

    “…then etch it in blood…”

    Well put. Nothing works quite like the false underdog narrative. What useful human fodder has been made of these “…generic Bengali squatters”. So useful in fact that this Soviet-styled creation has been rinsed and repeated under a European “desperate refugee” tard invasion replete with cell phones and paid holidays back home to the “war-torn” shithole from whence they came.Only difference is the new version is sprinkled 44 million times throughout Europe instead of one place.

  6. 2 – Remarkable that I’ve seen this compound all over the news, but this is the first time I see the radical islam connection mentioned.

    • First time I saw the headline I knew without a doubt they had to be muslim Jihadists. It had “Red Flag” muslim written all over it. The MSM will never tell the truth because they’re in bed with the muzzies & the traitor commies in our government.

      Besides this site you can also find the truth being put out there on the Weasel Zippers site among other alternate media sites where truth & accurate reporting are still the norm.

      I came across this story on WZ last night. In the comments section it was interesting to see that the hag muslim wives are also possibly sisters of their husband.

      Here’s the comment I told you about:
      So the women above are the Mothers of the children and the sisters of this creepy Muslim?

      And here’s the article link if you’re interested in checking it out:

      CNN Deliberately Omitted ‘Muslim Extremists’ From Its Story On New Mexico Compound

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