False flag in Venezuela. Maduro takes an Erdogan page for crackdown on opposition?

The Daily Mail:

Was Venezuela ‘drone attack’ faked? Firefighters claim explosion in ‘assassination bid’ was actually a GAS TANK blowing up and TV cameras failed to capture footage of the ‘drones’ – but President Maduro rounds up political opponents

Questions have been raised about whether the ‘drone attack’ against the president of Venezuela was faked after he began blaming his political opponents for attempting to assassinate him but TV cameras failed to captured any footage of the missiles and firefighters said the incident was actually a gas tank explosion.  


Nicolas Maduro had been addressing a military parade in Caracas on live TV on Saturday, when he suddenly halted and looked to the sky after hearing an explosion.  

Maduro and his wife Cilia Flores were swamped with aides carrying bulletproof shields and both escaped uninjured. 

The visibly shaken head of state said a ‘flying device’ exploded before his eyes and quickly blamed his ‘ultra-right’ opponents, but no drones were seen on television footage, which cut out. No footage of drones emerged on social media either.

Then, three fire officials at the scene  disputed the government’s version of events, claiming the attack was actually a gas tank explosion inside the Residencias Don Eduardo apartment building.

We shall likely soon see if he pulls an Erdogan and starts arresting thousands of people who oppose his socialist driven spiral dive into being a failed state.

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26 Replies to “False flag in Venezuela. Maduro takes an Erdogan page for crackdown on opposition?”

  1. I knew of the explosion and the claims of the firefighters but hadn’t thought about it enough to think about a false flag of possibly an opportunistic reaction to the explosion.

  2. I hate to keep repeating this but not enough people are. I think we are being led down the garden path by anti-Western forces who wish to see the entire Western World in chaos and the only people I can think of with both the means and the motive and the intelligence to do that are the Chinese or they and the Russians together. I have no proof, but I know they are threatened by the possibility of their people being seduced by the West and abandoning Communism in favor of democracy so they have a definite motive to make us look as bad as possible, just as they and the Russians did in the Cold War. This is basically the same shit we have been dealing with since 1950 but it’s getting worse than ever now. So before you go shooting at your neighbor consider the possibility that you are being set up and played for a sucker by the enemy…

    And before anybody calls me crazy is there any doubt in your mind that the Chinese are very serious about becoming the preeminent power on the planet – the new USA? Well, how are they going to do that if their people revolt and say they want to have free elections and free speech? If they are not engaging in covert and psychological warfare against us then they are not as smart as we think they are…

    • It is the left in every country that is doing this, while I firmly believe that both Russia and China are working with the western leftists to destroy the west I think the western leftists are the ones who came up with the plan and are leading the charge. They are probably counting on Russian and Chinese help to put down the Moslems once the west falls. Both may, probably will help put down the Moslems but they will also arrest and execute the Western leftist leaders. After all they have proven they know how to take down governments.

  3. How long until American communists invent a false flag to justify civil war against a legitimately elected president?

  4. Ok – here’s a rumor:
    Erdo WAS taken into custody by the army in a tight, top-echelon coup. As soon as Obama found out, he told them he’d send in NATO if they didn’t release him. End of coup.

    (The coup leaders were the good guys, by the way. For secular govt, against Erdo’s dealing with jihadi terrorists, moderation toward Kurds, etc.)

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