Ramavan at Port Dover Ontario Beech

From MSN:

Police said on Twitter that the driver was suspected of being “extremely intoxicated” and is facing several charges, including an impaired driving charge. 


Brandon Kitchen, who caught the incident on camera, said that the sand and the beach chairs managed to slow down the van. 


Kitchen said he thought the driver’s actions were “intentional, just not premeditated.” 

The investigation into the incident is in its early stages, and police say they plan to identify the man on Sunday. 

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9 Replies to “Ramavan at Port Dover Ontario Beech”

  1. Regardless of creed, when these kamikaze Allan Snackbar types begin leaving the crime scene at room temperature (variously perforated or merely massaged), things are going to calm down and get all quiet…

  2. We must remember there are things other then Jihad attacks. Having said that I think the man backed out at the last minute and decided not to kill for some reason. The other Moslems in the pen are going to make his life hell.

    • The other Moslems in the pen are going to make his life hell.

      Stop … stop! You’re ripping my heart out!!!

  3. Drunk Muslim. Crazy Muslim. The point is that instead of putting a lampshade on their heads or thinking they are Napoleon these ones decide to kill Infidels and fight Jihad in the cause of Allah. The fact that they are drunk or mentally ill is beside the point. If some drunk crazy white supremacist murderer burned down a Synagogue would it make any difference if he was drunk and crazy or not? Would his crimes be any less real or any less motivated by ideology and hate?

    • Drunk Muslim. Crazy Muslim.

      A distinction without a difference.

      Keep it up with the delightful posts, Chris Jones.

      Like Eeyore, Richard, yucki, Michelle, EB, Oz Rita, and so many others here at Vlad Tepes Blog, you are one of those “thousand points of light” that make this website into a primary online destination.

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