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  1. People have guns on both sides

    Firearms ownership is almost meaningless without adequate range time. Guess which side works through more brass each month?

    “Keep honking, I’m reloading”, never took on more significance.

    • How do you get to Carngie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice.

      90% to 99% of Antifa get their weapons training from movies and TV shows.

      • How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice.

        Too perfect, Richard!

        According to legend, master pianist Vladimir Horowitz and violin grand-master Jascha Heifetz were seated side-by-side in attendance for the Carnegie Hall grand debut of last century’s Master Violinist, Yehudi Menuhin (whom I saw perform, more than once).

        In this apocryphal account; supposedly, Heifetz leaned over to Horowitz and (tugging at his collar) politely inquired, “Isn’t it a little warm in here?”

        To which Horowitz replied, “Not for us pianists…

        EPILOGUE: I experienced the privilege of witnessing Yehudi Menuhin perform an “East Meets West” suite with master-sitarist, Ravi Shankar, along with him fiddling at a few other classical musical events.

        Years later, in a veritable Front-and-Center seating position, it was entrancing to watch this supreme expert literally, “smoke” as the vaporizing rosin wafted up from his bow during a Bach Triple Concerto.

        PS: Speaking of New Yawk, I was in NYC and asked this guy how to get to Bellevue Hospital, and he broke my nose!!!

        [bah dum bum]

          • And I have the Yehudi with Ravi album on vinyl!

            Good on ya, Johnnyu! I remember watching the performance on (B&W) television before having the wits to hustle my gluteus maximus hither, tither, and yon to make the SF Masonic Center concert (which was unbelievable).

            Shankar had his teacher there on sarod and Ali Akbar Khan (back when such a name carried only relatively innocent connotations) on percussion.

            Needless to say (then why say it?), the set was breathtaking.

            As was so often the case, all I had to do was walk past the scalpers and up to the ticket window to ask for “cancelled reservations” … only winding up with some of the finest seats in the house.

            Andres Segovia in SF? Fifth row – center.

            Blue Öyster Cult in Dallas? Fifth row – center.

            Easy peasy trick, superlative results. Low cost. Unbeatable!

            • My favorite movie at one point during my teenage years was The Concert for Bangladesh, starring most of the Beatles and a ton of great 60s performers.

              I think it was George Harrison that arranged to have the Shankar orchestra perform at the concert. They made some curious East Indian sounds for a couple of minutes which ground to a halt and the live audience started to clap and cheer, to which Ravi stated:

              “Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoyed the tuning and now we will play our first piece”.

              I loved that moment.

              • Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoyed the tuning and now we will play our first piece.”

                Great musical anecdote, Eeyore.

                The last time I saw Andres Segovia in concert (just before his passing), he performed a piece in D tuning and then, absentmindedly, started into his next selection without re-tuning his guitar.

                SIDEBAR: Segovia was known to halt his performances if someone in the audience couldn’t shut their gob up for merely coughing or just loud conversations.

                To continue; after less than a minute of awkwardly attempting to compensate (with near-gymnastic fingering) for the incorrect tuning, he walked offstage.

                Only to return and: In the only incident where I ever heard this master musician speak, inform the audience that, “Although the guitar is my sweetheart, it also can be my enemy.”

                To backtrack several minutes, for all time eternal, I will envy the bold bastich that—after an entering, three-minute standing ovation, and just as Segovia was settling down upon his recital bench—much to that master performer’s startled astonishment, this unbeatable yahoo screamed out:

                That’s not good enough! VIVA SEGOVIA!!!

                Another three-minute standing ovation ensued with much hilarity and gratification upon Segovia’s part.

                At this point of departure—in light of Eeyore’s indirect mention of George Harrison—it should be known that (as a guitarist) this immortal Beatle called Andres Segovia, “The Father of us All.”

                Apocryphal legends have it that Segovia’s father smashed a few of his guitars hoping that he would become a lawyer or, at least, a respectable cellist.

                Few outside of the music world will know that—barely within the 20th century did the classical guitar transition (from some Bohemian musical apparatus) into an orchestral instrument—almost solely due to the efforts of Andres Segovia.

                His single-digit age of providing a royal Spanish Court recital should be enough proof. The fact that Segovia transcribed more musical pieces from other instruments or arrangements over to the classical guitar—than any other human being in history—ought to sketch out a wee little bit of his immense brilliance.

      • It is just a matter of time before the guns come out, that is when the left stops counter protesting and turns to terror attacks.

        • … that is when the left stops counter protesting and turns to terror attacks.

          Aaaaand that’s when ‘range time’ begins to matter.

          These violent little road apples don’t know where this sorta crap even begins or ends. Much to their eventual surprise…

  2. Life is too short. Are there salient points in those videos on Portland?

    I am very pessimistic as there is bad news in every direction and we all seem to be stuck in a Sisyphean cycle with the saddles infinite and the peak unreachable. I can imagine just how hard it is for Trump and I hope that he has the health and stamina to last another term. Running into roadblocks everywhere you turn is exhausting both physically and mentally.

    • Running into roadblocks everywhere you turn is exhausting both physically and mentally.

      Stay strong, Michelle. All of us need you more than ever.

      Keep it up with the great comments and contributions, please.


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