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11 Replies to “American tourist hospitalized after defending women from harassment in Spain…”

  1. ”He was at the Place of Catalonia when he saw the manteros arguing with a woman who couldn’t cross the road with her pushchair.

    The American tourist tried to help her but the migrants hit him with a belt, it was like “a whip” describe police sources.

    He was hit so hard it caused “internal bleeding and a deep wound”. Fortunately, he was tended to by medics before being transferred to Barcelona’s Clinic hospital, where he was treated and is now out of danger.


  2. You can take the boys out of Africa but not Africa out of the boys?

    Not really something to joke about, I guess, but what else can one do as we watch our societies, courtesy of immigration from the third world, BECOME the third world.

  3. Germany: 4 African men harass a woman and afterwards beat her with a beer bottle and fists– A man who comes to her aid is also beaten up. —
    Four men between the ages of 20 and 21 expect to be charged with dangerous assault. The quartet of Ghambic/Ethiopian nationality is accused of beating a 36-year-old passer-by and a 25-year-old man on Sunday evening in Saarland Street in the town of Offenburg. According to initial investigations, one of the four later attackers had complimented the woman shortly before 9 p.m. as she passed by. After the lady had turned away unimpressed from the advances and ran away, the initial courtesy of the unknown turned into aggression. The woman in her mid-thirties, who had just been courted, was suddenly attacked with blows and a beer bottle, which a witness had noticed. When he rushed to help the victim, three of the attacker’s companions stepped in and attacked the helper.The four men did not abandon it until the police officers called by other witnesses approached. After a short escape of the quartet from the approaching policemen, the provisional arrest of three suspects succeeded shortly afterwards in the Phillip-Reis Street. A fourth suspected assailant was arrested by officers of the federal police in the Mühlbach watercourse. Since he had defended himself and also slightly injured two policemen, he is expected to face additional charges of resistance against police officers and assault. Fortunately, the 36-year-old, who was attacked at the beginning, and the witness who came to her aid were only slightly injured. The four suspects were released after completion of police operations.
    Read more:

  4. DAILY MAIL – Shocking moment street traders WHIP an American tourist with a belt ‘when he tries to stop them hurling insults at a woman pushing a pram’ in Barcelona

    The tourist was set upon by the group of street traders in the Plaça de Catalunya
    Woman was insulted because she complained there was no space to pass sellers
    Violent brawl broke out and one of the traders whipped the tourist with his belt
    No arrests have been made. Police want to speak to the tourist about the attack


    Horrific moment tourist is assaluted by street traders in Barcelona

    • There have been several reports over the past year or so that Spain doesn’t want tourists in their country. Perhaps this is one of the methods they’re using to keep us away.

      Well, I’d say it’s going to work.

  5. the report is partly “fake news” – brutally assaulted – yes – but the American is “not really fighting for his life ” :

    El turista agredido por manteros en Barcelona: “Venían a matarme por defender a una mujer”

    Habla José Bravo, estadounidense de 45 años. el turista agredido por un grupo de manteros en Barcelona: “Venían a matarme”.

      • well … in this video they say that the American tourist is fighting for his life… and a few hours later he is giving an interview on Spanish TV ..

        if this is not fake news that is at least exaggeration

        • Yeah the event and motives are real. The consequences are exaggerated. Thats not fake news. It could be an honest mistake made by the initial assessment of the situation, although some descriptions were awfully specific.

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