Islamic antisemitism, muslims blowing up muslims: Links 1, Aug. 3, 2018

There is a stunning amount of articles about migrants in the Reader’s Links post, most of whom are Muslim and the rest African and most probably both, attacking people for reasons more frightening than the attacks themselves. In the previous post about Spain, the consequences to society of a man being nearly exsanguinated to death for defending a strange woman from harassment from African migrants is profound.

It means the cost of chivalry is now so high, especially when you add in the fact that the law likely will be with anyone but the defender of the woman, that the smart thing to do at all costs to the woman, is to ignore the situation and celebrate the diversity and feminism which led to this destruction of chivalry and the civilizational impulse.

After some thought I see a potential formula appear. Lets call it a hypothesis, burgeoning on a theory:

Feminism causes the emancipation of men, as the cost of “Women and children first” and men putting themselves in harms way to defend the ‘honour’ of a strange woman from strange men, simply cannot be justified in any kind of cost benefit way anymore at all.

Groups and mentalities like MWGTOW appear, which in fact, are emancipated men. They live their own lives, and spend the resources they earn on their own interests without any need to compromise with a woman or progeny that at some point will treat them as disposable and take all their wealth and likely future earnings as well in exchange for humiliation and misery.

This results in civilizational collapse and possibly cultural extinction, as women need men to protect and provide for them and the future needs nice, civilized, intelligent couples to have children.

So we have:

Feminism -> emancipation of men -> MWGTOW -> civilizational and cultural collapse.

Was this the plan all along?

One thing is for sure. It will be strongest from now on that make it onto the life boats. And that will not be the women and children. I think those that reach the shores of Europe these days provide data points for that.

1. Gaza University Professor on Hamas TV: The Jews Are Human Garbage, Behind Every Conspiracy

2. Copenhagen imam indicted for hate speech. Surprisingly and not surprisingly.

3. Italy Family Minister Calls for Repeal of Hate Speech Law Used as ‘Ideological Weapon’ by Globalists

(Bloody well time!)

Italy’s Minister for the Family has called for the repeal of a hate speech law after aggression against a black athlete triggered widespread accusations of generalized Italian racism.

The Nigerian woman, Daisy Osakue, was injured earlier this week when a man threw an egg at her from a moving vehicle, striking her in the face. According to Osakue’s own account, the aggressor had probably mistaken her for a prostitute. According to reports, some 80 percent of female Nigerian immigrants into Italy wind up in prostitution, often against their will.


Osakue said she believed the men were “looking for a person of colour, a girl, because that is a zone where girl prostitutes are frequently found, and so usually they are there and they mistook me for one of them and they made this gesture.”


After this aggression, which the General Procurator eventually determined not to be a racist incident, mainstream media began speaking generally of a “racist emergency” in Italy, tying it to the new populist government and its efforts to rein in illegal immigration.

4. National Dawah day in Oz.

(Notice in this video how they tell the “if you kill one…” lie. And lie it is. Not a misrepresentation or interpretation. ANYONE who has read the koran knows what it really says and chooses to omit the paragraphs before and after that one. Once you hear someone tell this lie., you know they have an agenda other than simply outreach. Its deception, and most likely paving the way for halal jihad. Meaning that before you can wage jihad against the infidel in perfect accord with Islamic principles, you have to give the infidel a chance to convert. The hope is that he does not however. because the true muslim’s only guaranteed shot at entrance to the Hotel California of the afterlife, is to die fighting for Islam.)

5. Very decent analysis of the upcoming battle in Portland tomorrow or Saturday

(There is a significant flaw in the police reasoning for excusing themselves however. This is not mutual combatants on a battlefield. This is one group, the communist ANTIFA who seek to prevent another person, persons or group from having a political demo or speech which is specifically protected by the US 1st amendment.

The tortured logic they use to justify their fascist action has zero to do with the basics. ANTIFA seeks to prevent another group from exorcizing its first amendment right. The law must protect that right. They have done so, even for Nazis in Jewish neighbourhoods. And that is how it must be, even for Jewish people to also have that right, as I believe they are starting to realize now that Muslims are the new Nazis and Jews are prevented from speaking about it like the rest of the population.)

6. Islamic attack on some other kind of mosque leaves 30 dead.

Thank you EB., M., Wrath of Khan, MissPiggy, Richard, Xanthippa and all who took the effort to send in some of these stories. 

Again, please do look at the Reader’s links post for today, and yesterday. There is a great deal of material there worthy of thought, discussion and understanding. I can’t say for sure that all of it as it is presented.

I think the dog story in the UK is likely spun a bit The fellow has what appears to be a Staff Terrier, more commonly known as a “Pit Bull” and it looks like its badly trained and jumps on people and jumped up on the kids of that muslim woman. It looked like a friendly thing but I can still see why she would be upset. The big problem there is that it will result in tighter restrictions on dog owners and dog ownership because of the islamic attitude towards dogs. This will be grist fo the mill and will lead to the result that the video likely mis-states as the existing nature of the scene.

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  1. # 3 – Not a far-right racist attack … more likely a LEFTIST one ….

    BBC – Daisy Osakue: Turin youths held over egg attack

    […]The father of one of them is reported to be a local councillor from the centre-left Democratic Party (PD).

    Egg-throwing attackers identified

    ROME – The three men who attacked Daisy Osakue last week have been identified as 19-year-old Italians coming from Vinovo, La Loggia and Moncalieri, police said on Friday.

    […]One was the son of Roberto De Pascali, ex-mayor candidate and Vinovo’s representative for Italy’s democratic party Pd. Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini quickly spread the news on social media, writing on twitter that “this incident was carried out by idiots who were driven by stupidity, not racism. And one of the throwers is the son of a democratic party representative!”


    Youths who attacked Osakue identified

    Son of PD councillor one of three alleged assailants

    One of the youths is the son of local councillor for the centre-left Democratic Party (PD).

    […]The opposition PD has linked these episodes to Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s tough talk on migrants.

    Salvini, who is also deputy premier and leader of the rightwing League party, has dismissed talk of a racism emergency in Italy as nonsense.

    • Thanks Nobody. I am trying to see what we can do with this. Looking for people to translate some or all of it.

      What Tania tells us, is this is a near perfect analogue of Hillary’s America by DeSousa, but about the Swedish socialist parties. Same same.

      By the way, try and get the movie, Dead Man with Johnny Depp. It really is a good movie and the character Nobody is priceless.

  2. Eeyore, regarding your essay:

    I hate what you’ve written here.

    I hate it because only yesterday I had a mini Mexican standoff with a lesbian at the ice-cream shop. It put me in a bad mood. The ice-cream was one of these fancy “GELATO” outfits that charge one million times more than Dairy Queen because they call it Gelato. And DQ even tastes better to me. So three kids, one Bimany fudge, one Goat’s Milk Vanilla, one Ultra Double Dark chocolate and, like, $500 later we’re leaving the place. I see an old lady coming in so I make way for her. I stand aside. I defer as I was trained, taught, reared and raised. “After you,” says I. “Please.”

    The old bag stands there. Suddenly I recognize her. She’s the lesbian who’s always walking the neighborhood three strides behind her butch man-thing. Nothing like equality I always think when I see them chain-gang by. “After you,” I repeat. She hesitates. Seemingly stunned by my shameless display of chivalry. The door’s threshold has suddenly become a miniature battleground. She doesn’t know what I know, but I know what she knows. I intuitively know what you’ve written–that feminism killed chivalry. So it is I, yes I, who stands alone to save civilization. I know what Perfect Child has written and his strange language of soul-sucked, Islamo-homo-commie surrogate identity thievery. It’s all sinking in now as I stand at the threshold, a lesbian at the gate. I will not submit. I stand awaiting her entrance. Suddenly she realizes that I display no give. Not an ounce of submission. Yes. I am what she hates the most. A real man. Readied for battle and primed for war. My Strawberry Melody is melting down my hand now but I don’t give a damn. I am a soldier of fortune in the VTB army! Enter now, lesbian, before yee are vanquished!

    So she walked in and said thanks. Victory sweeter than Strawberry Melody was mine.

    Eeyore I hate what you wrote because, sadly, much of it is true. Perhaps all of it is true. This I refuse to admit, just yet, because to do so says my whole value system is so damaged that I have have to do way too much work to revise it. And do you realize what kind of superman you’ve got to be raising kids in this day and age? With all of the PoMo bullshit weighing on them? And being a husband and trying to have a marriage? And run a business in a socialist country? Then try to have something resembling friends who are not red-pilled, so that every casual conversation is, effectively, an exersize in polite escape?

    Fuck it. I’m ranting badly. Good theory on you. May you never meet a lesbian at the door of an ice-cream shop. (This should be a Chinese proverb, come to think of it.)

    • “…a lesbian at the gate. I will not submit. I stand awaiting her entrance. Suddenly she realizes that I display no give. Not an ounce of submission. Yes. I am what she hates the most. A real man.”

      Chivalry is a gift. And as such, if not taken up, so what? A “Good Morning,” ignored; it is still a good morning.

      An attitude of passive-agression, “I display no give” means she got to you. Whenever wilfulness is employed the beautiful moment is lost.

      Kindness thru good-works or a faith in a system, destroys all trace of joy.

      You just do the polite thing, humbly, and if your goodwill is not reciprocated, then it is just no longer on the table. Their loss.

      So that the next time means that the last time was forgotten, and the courtesy hand of friendship extends to her anew. Only then, is the whiny voice remembered (if it lives in her still). For lesbians are anti-men as socialists are Anti-FAther as muslims are Anti-Jew. The replacement of those they feel inferior to. The third gender, the third way, the third God. Man-Woman into every spectrum of Femen, Right-Left to be constant Comrades, and Good-Evil into eternal Dhimmitude. Missing their left brains and replacing them with the ego telling them they were born slaves.

      Her resentments then, do not get into you. Do not resist her. Meaning that everty offence and outrage she conjours up will remain trapped inside her. They can’t he cast into you and you wont cast them into the pigs. Being perfect in grace, gives her no escape into that third path of becoming better than you. No replacement. No judgement of pride to comfort her sick heart.

      But every macho man stance, will feed her. Muslims give homosexuals life. They know muhammadans are a worse fake than they are.

      A real man? Lets get real.

        • It seems chivalry does permit grace in resolve, after all. Polite deferral in the name of beautiful moments is allowed limits. Yes, the high road steals their energy, the low road steals ours. But does high become low when the maiden turns to foe? Is my hand extended my hand pretended? It wasn’t until I recognized her, but by then I had walked onto her battlefield. The hostile invert is her own theatre of war. I can’t help this, and cannot help but dislike the beast that snarls inside. My not giving does not a snarl make. Do I do as the German Shepherd wills me to do, which invariably makes him more dominant and vicious, or insist that he “sit” at my command?

          Chivalry is for the civil. Is the lesbian at the gate not another Mohammed–another Stalin–by your own teaching? Does the dominant shepherd understand please and thank you?

          • “Do I do as the German Shepherd wills me to do, which invariably makes him more dominant and vicious, or insist that he “sit” at my command?”

            Yes, your German Shepherd is for you to command. Your yes is your yes, your no is your no. Her pink chihuahua is already all over the place. Unless she comes willingly to a Human Whisperer, all she can see is your dog is happy and not jump to or away from her. The extended hand remains genuine when in ignorance and when in insight. Love your enemy even though they do not love themselves. They recognize there is no pernmission offered.

            We hold ours and others to our own high standards without wilfulness. The lesbians holds everyone to their low. Only one of us needs constant affirmation, approval and special school-education classes.

            What may have flashed into your mind, (is what EB posted in a link to CS Lewis further down this page) are the thoughts from two brain hemispheres, distinct in function for survival: will the next action kill me? Will her Marxist/Islamic mob tear me apart? Checking out her capability and preferential status.

            Then the response, (and not reaction), takes its course. The dispassionate-truth sets you free and not an attachment to it.

            It may therefore mean put up and shut up to this fantacist, or a looking into her dark soul without judgement. Can the little girl get out, or the bitch be still in control. A signal of a wane smile or grimace will tell you the percentage of take-over.

            There is no projection of an actor of manliness. This gift of Nature and stillness with God, are a given. To both genders.

            Only those who have neither, are terrorists. The most terrorized. They love death more than they love life. Sex is a destructive act of submission or dominance.

            Because, what should actually happen to a freer society like our redundant limbs of past ancestors out from sea to shore, are to become informed and awakened beings.

            Sadly, politicians give resentments and envies a platform in return for power from votes, is what this is all about. The infantalized.

            Russia and China have successfully achieved this. Their greatest free-thinkers murdered. The medeocre remain as presidents for life. Career civil servants. The West are hounding, barring and imprisoning their thought criminals.

            Communism and Islam circling for the weak and vulnerable to turn into willing slaves to carry out attacks.

            “Is the lesbian at the gate not another Mohammed–another Stalin…”
            Worse. They are the ones who open the gate.

      • The realization, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind…” is that you do not then serve another’s God.

        Worshipping a Narrated-Allah, is being a slave to a sock-puppet. Now only the priests have His ear.

        If every person served their own God within, without symbols or images or woowooing each other to worship the outside of the cup, with their hats and robes of office; and respected each other no matter what path to consciousness each took; then self discipline and character would be held a marvel and not for what they were chewing or sucking on. There would be no piece of the action to be gained. No killing to roam freely within Allah’s whorehouse.

        In the kingdom of god there are no male and female. On earth there is. How much the animal a person remains, is their united-celebration for their slavery to it or for their total rejection of a birth-selection outside their control.
        All rising to a self-definition they all claimed was based on individual choice, to end up looking and sounding exactly alike.

        These who destroy those who cast a light upon their madness, and reward those who give them approval.

        There is a takeover. A Devil who offers stones, welfare and slavery – as comforts if sworn to be on his side; or Men going their own way by listening to every word of god. You cannot serve two masters.

        So that for fallen women, you guide and nurture them back to their very own insights. You do not use them for your carnal pleasures while similtaneously condemning them for their dependence on jewelry, tax credits and mosque – this is a justification to abuse them because someone else already has. Easy meat.

        The lesbian has taken the sub-dom, pleasure-pain route to feel alive to the deadness inside. To stop her driving a van off a cliff with fatherless adopted rainbow kids inside, be as gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent.

        Greet her as a man. Not with a white nuckle.

  3. Civilization Collapse
    “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis – Audio + Text
    + Mere Christianity Study (10 Video) Lecture by the Late Dr. Chris W. Mitchell.
    Scroll down to the Table of Contents and the 10 Video Playlist

    Book I
    2. Some Objections


    Supposing you hear a cry for help from a man in danger. You will probably feel two desires—one a desire to give help (due to your herd instinct), the other a desire to keep out of danger (due to the instinct for self-preservation). But you will find inside you, in addition to these two impulses, a third thing which tells you that you ought to follow the impulse to help, and suppress the impulse to run away. Now this thing that judges between two instincts, that decides which should be encouraged, cannot itself be either of them. You might as well say that the sheet of music which tells you, at a given moment, to play one note on the piano and not another, is itself one of the notes on the keyboard. The Moral Law tells us the tune we have to play: our instincts are merely the keys.

  4. “Feminism -> emancipation of men -> MWGTOW -> civilizational and cultural collapse.

    Was this the plan all along?”

    Men are not emancipated. Resentment is the same as submission. They pay the taxes of the rewarded-slothful, those deployed by Marxists to destablize Western Nations. These tattood in body, mind and soul. Voting for their identity-representitives: Diversity-Promoted, tick-boxed Useful Idiots. Common Purpose had put them in governments, universities, public offices and boardrooms. Google.overun by zombies.

    Sacred Black Stones formed in Vaginas. International and National Socialists. Stalins and Muhammads. Tied to an eternal love-hate of the female and fear of the father. Their cowardly entourage of feminists, betamales, inverts and dhimmis.

    The Son of Man walked towards his mirror and the Son of God came towards him. They touched one another and then the one became two. Consciousness of the inner and the outer at the same time.

    Whereas, the Daughter of Woman basked in her reflection and remained one. She named this vanity watching over her, Her Protector. Unconsciousness. One perfect Allah. One perfect State. One perfect Gender. Never forgetting any wrong. Never forgiving anyone. The Last Day to destroy all unbelievers.

  5. Re: the dog story in the UK: The video should go viral. People need to see this. Dogs are incredibly important to the Kafirs’ lives. Not only do they provide protection, they also put the fear of God in these guys.

    I used halal meat as a way of protesting a halal restaurant opening in our neighborhood. Use local social media to let people know how Islam is cruel to animals and the brutality of their slaughter. We have so many young people, married and single in our neighborhood who are nuts about their animals and easily organized (think PETA, et al.) They need to know.

      • Pretty much, only Men Going Their Own Way.

        Here is a video that notes the civilisational cycle you have mentioned called MGTOW: Life History Cycle 3: Fear Factor, where the cycle is divided into Soft Patriarchy, Feminism and Hard Patriarchy plus everything in between.

  6. “Feminism -> emancipation of men -> MWGTOW -> civilizational and cultural collapse.

    Was this the plan all along?”

    I doubt if the plan included anything like the emancipation of men but it was always intended to have civilizational and cultural collapse as a major step towards building a “Socialist Utopia. The following list of things the communist need to do before they can conquer the US, show that the goal is to destroy Western Civilization before trying to achieve their Socialist Utopia. While I don’t think they will ever be able to build their socialist utopia they are succeeding in destroying Western Civilization.

    The reasons I doubt they will succeed in establishing a socialist utopia are 1) The Islamists are more numerous by several orders of magnitude 2) the destruction of civilization will release the Resistance in the West to use tactics that are now forbidden. These will include using weapons of mass destruction on the Islamic nations as well as using drum head courts to order the immediate execution of anyone suspected of being a member of the left. The left thinks that they are the only group that is capable of using uncivilized tactics to achieve victory, they are ignoring the fact that by destroying civilization they are removing the restrains on those who don’t want communism/Marxism or Islam to rule the world.

    • Sorry I grabbed the one with the title Zionist Communist instead of the one saying just Communist. The list is the save on both lists.

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