A forbidden history of the Swedish Socialist parties. How did Sweden get destroyed?

I asked Tania Groth to explain this film to me. What it was, what was special about it.

Apparently, it is a history of the socialist parties in Sweden. A close analogue to De Souza’s excellent film, Hillary’s America. Itself an expose of the true history of the Democrat party.

She explained that the powers that be in Sweden went to great lengths to make it unavailable, with the somewhat predictable result that people shared it massively via bit torrents.

And so they decided that it was best to just make it available on Youtube, I guess to try and stop the accelerating Streisand effect they had created.

I haven’t seen it yet but the popcorn is next to the microwave.

(English subtitles are already available)

H/T Nobody.

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10 Replies to “A forbidden history of the Swedish Socialist parties. How did Sweden get destroyed?”

  1. This begs , hell no , it screams for digging deeply into other (not only scandinavian) socialist parties early histories ; parties with opposing views to the left have routinely been scrutinized at least since the end of WW2 , so i’d say the left is fair game , now more than ever .

  2. I watch the film and was not surprised because of G.K Chesterton’s “Eugenics and Other Evils,” which was written in 1922.

    Gateway Pundit + Voice of Europe Link

    “Watch: Shocking documentary shows how Sweden’s ruling leftist party ‘helped’ Nazi Germany” Voice of Europe – August 3, 2018


    The documentary, produced by the party’s right-wing opponent, the Sweden Democrats, was removed by YouTube yesterday in an act of censorship.

    But after a backlash it is now visible again on the social media channel of broadcaster Samtiden Dokumentär.

    Ironically the documentary starts with the leader of the leftist Social Democratic Party, Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven, telling how the right-wing Social Democrats historically have Nazi roots.

    But now the Sweden Democrats are hitting back and have produced this documentary to tell the truth about their leftist opponents.

    And it is revealing as it shows that the Swedish Social Democrats inspired Nazi Germany on the issue of Eugenics or “ethnic cleansing”.

  3. Quite an eye-opener, they seem to have been Hitler’s greatest foreign asset. The justification for sterilization and euthanasia, that the victims are a burden to the state, is spurious. The welfare state chose to take such people out of their homes and communities, and created this ‘burden’, then decide to eliminate it. It reminds me of a recent video were a Dutch Downs syndrome man is told how much more costly he is than other human beings, as if he’s supposed to apologise for existing. Eugenics is applied Darwinism and will continue to exist as long as we imagine that the human race has to ‘progress towards’ something.

  4. And more… Matteus 7:8 – “… och den som söker, han finner; …”

    Former leader of Moderaterna – “Anna Kinberg Batras farfar tysk agent”: https://nyheter24.se/maktkamp24/784938-kinberg-batras-farfar-tysk-agent

    I know that if you care to dig for a bit more information about the established parties in Sweden, you would find a lot of more dirt appearing from the nazi germany era.

    Yet they call a parti established 1988 for nazis.

    P.S: For Sweden it’s “A Time for Choosing”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXBswFfh6AY

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