Excerpt of most brilliant Viktor Orban speech to date!

CrossWare and Baron Bodissey have been working for days to translate and format a spectacular speech by Hungarian leader, Viktor Orban.

It was worth the effort.

As its a large file, it won’t be ready to upload till the wee hours and wont be live till sometime after that.

But I couldn’t resist grabbing a digestible piece of it and posting it as an appetizer.

For information on this speech please refer to this link.



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4 Replies to “Excerpt of most brilliant Viktor Orban speech to date!”

  1. A great speech by Orban, as always but…
    The European Commision has 300 more days to go then a new one will be installed.
    Who will elect/appoint this new commision? The same elite morons who elected the previous one. The net result will be that nothing will change.

  2. It’s impossible to know what Orban’s leadership has accomplished outside of Hungary, but his incessant badgering and truth bombing must be having an impact. If only he hadn’t put up that damn fence in 2015, thinks Merkle and Juncker. We’ve tried everything to shut-up and shut-down that little bastard.

    Meanwhile, back at Freedom ranch, neoMarxism is slowly failing. Italy and Austria? Have Orban’s actions and yapping had an effect? Damn right. The commie press makes sure of it by reporting every “illiberal” word he utters and move he makes. Except this Western press is so incredibly smug and self-righteous that they cannot see what Joe Average sees. –That Orban’s famous “Illiberal” expression meant simply leaving behind all the nonsense of political correctness. That’s all. Nothing sinister as they have tried so hard to portray him. He meant that Classical Liberalism was dead and he wanted nothing to do with the West’s political disease.

    Universal themes survive for good reason. That of David and Goliath applies to Hungary and the EU.

    The truth shall set us free and Orban knows it.

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