When it matters, women depend on strange men to defend them

I wish Katie had talked about how men who do intervene end up in more trouble than the man they defend the woman against.

To be honest, there is literally nothing in it for men in the West now, to defend women in the way she discusses. Hell they could even get done for racism if they defend a woman from a muslim man. And for all they know, this women had provoked her attacker in a manner that if another man had done it, he had a punch coming to him. So, being all equal and everything, why should she be defended?

This is not to defend the situation, but to condemn what leftism with all its vectors like feminism etc. has made us.

The only thing to do now is not get involved. Or if you do, expect that no good deed will go unpunished and do it anyway with the expectation of being done in for it.

One imagines that was the nature of early Christianity in fact. Maybe its time again.

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  1. If a guy can do that in front of a group of people and walk away unharmed then women no longer have any protection at all, do they? The powers of political correctness have so thoroughly indoctrinated us into thinking that vigilantism is always wrong and that only a unionized government employee can ever do anything properly. How many times do we have to see a corporation fire an employee for stopping a shoplifter in violation of their milk toast “policy” or see somebody get beaten up on the subway while everybody stares at their Phones?

    Ladies. If that was fifty years ago the guy with the beard would be in the hospital and the cops wouldn’t have a problem with that. The fact that none of those guys had the guts to pull the trigger and actually hit the guy speaks volumes when you think of what John Wayne would have said about it. How long is it going to take for the bad guys to figure out that they can do anything they like and nobody’s going to lift a finger…?

  2. Katie, unfortunately, whilst criticising other women for being empowered by hashtags or plackards or funny hats – seems to be empowered herself by profanity.
    It is desperately sad today that social-media conservatives appear unable to express themselves without vulgarity. It limits your audience and is exactly what turns conservatives away from the left – violence and vulgarity. Let’s learn to make an argument without sinking to the lowest common denominator.

  3. I have said this for a long time;

    This will end when western women say it ends. Once western women say to western men – “Make this go away, I do not care how it happens, just make it go away. I will reward you. (wink)”

    Then it will go away. Quickly.

    When it comes to low-end, grinding, individual violence – muslims have the world beat. When it comes to industrial, wholesale, annihilation of a chosen group – the white man rules supreme.

    • That assumes that most of them can break the indoctrination of their school/uni and the rest can see life past makeup/dresses/parties and reality TV. I think that you will be disappointed. The average person is only mildly aware of the marxist/islam problem and will not let it inconvenience her or him. Selfishness in the west has climbed up on the bones of Christianity and taken over. Look at the yuppie birthrate <<2/couple as it puts them out and decreases enjoyment of life.

  4. It’s a natural defensive reaction to not act. Firstly, in the moment, one cannot comprehend what one is seeing, public violence is always surreal. Secondly, after resolving into reality what you have just witnessed — if you decide to act after all, the old Czech adage “Not my circus — Not my monkeys” often kicks in. If you had the wherewithal to chase him down and stop him by force, you would probably become a victim of the law. Charged wit assault. Especially in Europe, and in Canada, (except for the Chinese merchant in T.O. who captured the persistent thief – that verdict was encouraging). Much as I agree with Katie 99% of the time, I think she is out to lunch on this one. Because human nature.

    • The technical terms are condition Red, condition Orange and condition Green. The vast majority of people live in condition Green and it can take many minutes to shift from Green to Red. Shifting from Orange to Red is easy but very few learn to live in condition Orange.

  5. Go back in time to 1980’s Venice Beach (in California). I was walking along with my older male cousin when someone made a comment to me and I told him to mind his own business. My cousin chastised me, saying, “I don’t want you to obligate me to protect you. Watch who you antagonize.”
    This is about street smarts and knowing when to hold and when to fold.

  6. Are we watching the same video?

    The female appeared to know the male. She walked back towards him.

    He gave her a heavy slap.

    A shocked sitting man grabed a chair and walked to the male. There was no further aggrevation so he did not pursue it.

    This was an excellent strategy to contain the situation.

    Hats off to the men who were prepared.

    If this had been watching chimp troops, it could not have gone better.

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