Islam, antisemitism, and dhimmitude: Links 1, July 29, 2018

1. Lauren Southern on Oz-TV:

2. Trump’s tweets bypass a legacy media determined to misrepresent him

(He is fully myopic however when he suggests Twitter et al become a public utility. Government is the exact reason he is upset with how legacy media works. So why make this run as badly as other public utilities. Minimal government regulation over private companies to make sure they are not fraudulent is the answer. The case can be made that Twitter’s selective bias is indeed fraudulent and they should be sued for it. No one puts time and effort into Twitter or Facebook thinking the platform itself is biased against them. They would go somewhere else right? So its clearly  fraud as everyone there has the reasonable expectation of fair treatment when they sign up. That, is the route to go IMO)

3. A decent primer on Islamic axioms.

4. “Do what we say, not what we do”. -Progressive churches.

(2017 video)

5. Indiana Synagogue has accurate Nazi graffiti sprayed on its outer walls.

(Quite often these sorts of things have the Swastika wrong. This might be indicative of muslims or children. But in this case its properly drawn. Again, these are inconclusive points of observation, but can be indicative or more classical European antisemitism as opposed to the usual Islamic.)

6. Illegals moving to hotels

7. Prepare yourselves for this one.

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7 Replies to “Islam, antisemitism, and dhimmitude: Links 1, July 29, 2018”

  1. lauren like many commentators don’t realize that whites were first to arrive in north america and are therefore indigenous. programs were made about this some many years ago and one more recent. the evidence for this keeps building. ‘stoneage columbus’ is one from the nineties, more recently is ice bridge: journey across the atlantic, the first americans. i have seen the first one on youtube, i will try and find the other. why so many people don’t find these is a puzzle.

    • So far the DNA evidence doesn’t support that; the indigenes tested to date mostly descend from Siberians, with some possible admixture of Polynesian and a trace of African DNA (in South America). However, other evidence does look to me like Phoenicians (most likely) were on the spot fairly early in their sailing history, albeit probably in small numbers, and likely only males. (Did you see where Neanderthal traces were found on islands well out in the Mediterranean? had to get there by boat.)

      And it doesn’t really matter; contrary to today’s BS, when the English and Spanish arrived in force, most of the Americas were still thinly settled, or even uninhabited (eg. most of the plains and mountainous regions), and lacked prior claimants.

  2. 2 – Declaring Facebook and Twitter public utilities would be a very big mistake in today’s political chaos and the move by so many governments to totalitarianism, what needs to be done is for someone to figure out how to use the monopoly laws against them.

  3. Thanks so much for re-posting the extremely clear lecture from Carl Goldberg. Worth a sticky post until we begin to pull out from our Western death spiral.

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