Failed border management


This is how Islamic Regimes think:

• America is the Great Satan
• We need to get close to America
• Canada is a good option
• Let’s build a powerful base in Canada
• If America tries anything, we will utilise the Jihadists in Canada to attack America.
I was one of them.

— The Imam of Peace (@Imamofpeace) July 29, 2018

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5 Replies to “Failed border management”

  1. Trudeau doesn’t care about anything except virtue signaling. As long as he gets to show off how liberal and un-racist he is he cares not if the entire al-Nusra Front emigrates en masse as long as he can tweak the nose of Ronald Reagan down south and impress the Europeans with how left-wing he is. In Trudeau’s weak-but-confident “mind” there is a picture of evil white capitalist American men who represent the “bad guys” to him and all he really cares about is fighting those bad guys and being seen doing so. He is truly a tragic idiot that we will simply have to view as a natural disaster that we will simply have to recover from after it’s over. We are a resilient people and we will overcome the loss that he represents…

  2. “Trudeau On SEVENTH Straight Vacation Day, Despite Danforth Terror Attack. Goes Surfing Instead Of Managing Crisis” + twitter links
    Gateway Pundit – July 28, 2018

    “Source: Faisal Hussain Threatened to Kill Two Security Guards Weeks Before Shooting” by James Di Fiore – July 29, 2018

  3. I used to think that Trudeau was just an airhead passionately committed to “progressive”, global and multicultural ideals – and that explained his words and actions (or inactions as in the case of the uncontrolled border). I still believe he is … challenged … in the intelligence department, but I have since come to believe that something more us going on here. He received overwhelming support in the previous election from muslims (who vote in blocks, of course, for the sake of the ummah, always their primary consideration). Were deals made between their representatives and JT? Did he make promises? How many organizations with jihadist associations received federal grant money (despite islam ostensibly opposing abortion)? Islam clearly takes precedence in Trudeau’s mind (such as he has) over everything else, even his “progressive” views – why is this?

    OK. End conspiracy theory.

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