In case you are still unsure about UK Labour

Proving once more that Jew-hatred is a left wing thing. Certainly institutionally.

“How can you be a socialist and not be an antisemite?” -Adolf Hitler

From the book, The Lost Literature of Socialism

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  1. National socialism WAS initially socialist entirely which was why the industry magnates and the army were afraid of it. This was also the reason that Stalin backed them vs the Social democrats whom he saw as pathetic weak fools thinking that a touch of socialism made them socialist(he also had other reasons). Only when Hitler had complete control of the Nazi party did his views start to submerge the socialist slant and it did not need Mein Kampf to make the SA hate the Jews as they already did. This was why to satisfy the army and industry he had the SS perform the Night of the Long Knives on the SA leadership as the SA wanted to nationalize industry and take over the army after Hitler became Chancellor. In many respects decadent late 1920s Germany resembles the west now in many ways. Let’s hope that the next 20 years are less bloody for the people of the west(NOT the invaders).

    • The Night of the Long Knives was also caused by the fact that Rohm was a political rival of Hitlers and was a viable alternative to him as leader of the Nazi Party. Hitler couldn’t allow Rohm to continue to be an alternative to his leadership. Ignoring this is ignoring a very important part of the History of Fascism.

      • He was a political rival precisely for the reasons that I gave as he was a radical socialist which is why antifa are the mongrel descendants of the communists and the SA. At the time of his murder, in Germany, Rohm’s flag was drooping badly as once the Nazis were in power, he became more vociferous in his despite to socialize Germany ( the first step was the national takeover of the then state run schools) and he threatened to use the SA as he declared them “his” people in a direct confrontation with Hitler. Added to this his blatant homosexuality was upsetting the purists everywhere within even the SA, let alone the party. The SA were no longer needed as Hitler had legal power and the SS/Gestapo and he needed industry and the army with him so Rohm was well past his use by date and I am still amazed at how he missed this as Hitler simply did what the SA had been doing on the streets: remove opposition.

        • The homosexuality was an excuse but there were a lot of homosexuals in the SA and the SS, don’t forget that the SA grew out of the German Marching societies that closely resembled the current NAMBLA. Granted they weren’t as open about their sexual preference as Rohm but it was well known. Most of those ended up in the Totenkopf (sp?) SS where they could grab young boys out ot the lines for the gas chambers.

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