“Allah hu ackbar” scrawled at Church vandalism site in Orleans France

An original translation by Ava Lon with much thanks.

From this French news site:


It is in this church that Joan of Arc is honored every year with a religious concert.

Orléans: arson, destruction and heinous graffiti in a church

On Wednesday evening, a church in Orléans was partially set on fire. Graffiti “Allah ou Akbar”[sic] were found on the building…

by Caroline Politi

July 26th 2018

[Photo caption: The Saint-Pierre du Martroi Church was victim of defacement]

The criminal nature of the arson leaves no doubt. On Wednesday evening, the Saint-Pierre du Matroi Church in Orléans was the target of a series of malevolent acts, according to police. The religious music sheets were set on fire, furniture was defaced, heinous graffiti were discovered on several walls of the religious building. In the middle of those graffiti, the investigators found the inscription: “Allah ou Akbar” [sic], the source specifies.

The fire, promptly tackled by the fire brigade, didn’t damage the structure of the building. An investigation was opened by the police station in Orléans.

[ed: According to Gatestone, The Christianophobia Observatory, a Paris-based Roman Catholic non-profit organization that tracks attacks against Christians, reported 128 incidents of church vandalism or other anti-Christian attacks in France during the first five months of 2018.]


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  1. ‘Allah ou Akbar’ Graffiti Found in French Church Partially Set On Fire (breitbart, Jul 28, 2018)

    “A church in the French city of Orleans was attacked this week by unknown vandals who set partial fires, vandalised the interior of the building and wrote various “hate tags” according to police.

    The Saint-Pierre du Matroi church in Orleans was the target of an attack by vandals on Wednesday, according to investigators, who said that the perpetrators smashed furniture within the building, set objects on fire, and wrote “Allah ou Akbar” on the walls, 20 Minutes reports.

    After the blaze had been reported to police, firefighters were able to arrive on the scene and subdue the fire, ensuring that the church did not suffer major structural damage as a result of the attack. Police say they have opened an investigation and are pursuing potential suspects in the case.

    The attack is just the latest church attack in France over the last several years, with another church in Toulouse being the target of attempted arson in May 2016.

    Earlier this year in March, two young girls were arrested in the department of Morbihan in Brittany after going on a spree of vandalism in a number of churches and eventually attempting to set one on fire. When firefighters arrived on the scene they found ten separate areas in which fires had been started using papers and curtains.

    The potential radical Islamic connection to the Orleans attack echoes similar incidents in France involving Muslims threatening Christian places of worship.

    In May of this year, a Muslim man barged into the St Vincent’s Cathedral of Chalon-sur-Saône shouting at parishioners threatening to blow up the cathedral with a hand grenade and demanding the Qu’ran be read.

    By far the worst attack on a church came in July 2016, when radical Islamic terrorists loyal to the Islamic State entered a church during mass in Normandy.

    The attackers proceeded to murder elderly priest Jacques Hamel by slitting his throat, before being shot dead by French police.

    Father Hamel’s last words were said to have been: “Begone, Satan!””

    • “Begone Satan” the old priest said.
      In his final moment he must have realized what a horrible satanic religion islam is.

      • Makes you wonder what the Pope would have said under the same circumstances.

        Who knows, maybe we will get to find out if we can get him to tear down his walls.

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