A display of sanctimony that is both dangerous and indicative

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4 Replies to “A display of sanctimony that is both dangerous and indicative”

  1. This is where an adult passenger should get up and put an end to her display. Doesn’t matter how you do it as you can claim fear of a hijacking.

  2. In a rational world she would have been removed from the plane and charged with a crime, in the current world the left can do what they want and no charges will be filed.

  3. The arrogant virtue signaling of this woman is emblematic of the disease affecting the West. No migrant has a right to enter another country. And if even Sweden sees fit to deport this person, it must be that he is too problematic even for the self-congratulatory Swedish “humanitarian super-power.” Yet the socialist indoctrination that borders have or should have no meaning continues to play out in this young woman’s behavior.

    Winston Churchill is attributed to saying something to the effect of “If a young man of twenty years is not a socialist, he has no heart. If at the age of forty years he is still a socialist, he has no mind.” Too true, that! TIme for the grown ups to take back the narrative.

  4. She has it coming. “Looking for Mr Goodbar” in her case means “looking for Muhammad”. Karma will not spare idiots like that.

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