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6 Replies to “Remember this?”

  1. No the Fake News will never learn, look at how long it has been since the alternative media started telling the facts about events and the propaganda media/fake news still thinks they can get away with lying about what has happened.

  2. OT- Sorta- Not fake.

    You can watch Syria/Golan/Quneitra. Though it’s dark now, seems to be quieting down.

    Fiddle with the map for the specific region of interest – such as massive ISIS attack at Suweida. Stuff that’s going unreported, claims verified or junked. Continuous updates.
    [The url will change as you focus on a sector.]

    Navigate to Turk-occupied Syrian Kurd region around Afrin. Watch Turks bomb – nobody’s paying attention?!

        • It’s because they were killing Druze.

          Druze are descendants of Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro. Very closely identified with Jews, especially the Mizrachi [Arab] Jews. They celebrate certain holidays together.

          Druze in Israel are stellar citizens. They serve with great distinction in the IDF and on the Supreme Court.

          Druze live on both sides of the border. Together with Israeli doctors and others, they’ve been helping their families on the Syrian side for these 7 long years. Quietly.

          Yes, intelligence from southern Syria is superb. Israelis and their closest kin. It’s patience and courage and fellowship. It’s organic.

          Omniscient Twitterati peddle fantasies of Saudi infiltrators and magic commandos. That’s a romantic package. It’s crafted by Madison Ave to manufacture a polished image for the “new” Saudi Arabia. The one our govt wants us to like.

          But that’s only plausible to someone who can’t tell a Druze from any other generic Arab. A distinctive minority tribe, with a military tradition that goes back millennia, isn’t “infiltrated” by the motley mercenaries working for Gulf Arabs.

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