Another example of why the NYT is “fake news”

For those still unsure about why President Trump refers to the New York Times as fake news, have a look at what he said at the NATO meeting, and how the NYT wrote it up:

It certainly appears from this video, (which is the only one I can find without a ton of voice over of reinterpretation of what President Trump said) that president Trump feels that Germany has compromised itself by becoming dependant on Russian energy, yet expects the US to spend billions to defend them against Russia.

In fact President Trump put it that way in so many words. And, just by the way, from a standard geopolitical model, president Trump is 100% correct and intel orgs and geopolitical think tanks like STRATFOR has been saying so for a decade or more.

Now lets see how the NYT practices KITMAN:

[…] Mr. Trump’s criticism raised the prospect of another confrontation involving the president and American allies after a blowup by Mr. Trump at the Group of 7 gathering last month in Quebec, and increased concerns that far from projecting solidarity in the face of threats from Russia, the meeting will highlight divisions within the alliance. Such a result could play into the hands of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, who is to meet with Mr. Trump in Helsinki, Finland, after the NATO meeting, and whose primary goal is sowing divisions within the alliance.

Yep. A total and complete reversal of what was said and meant.

So fake news is actually being kind.




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9 Replies to “Another example of why the NYT is “fake news””

  1. … Trump feels that Germany has compromised itself by becoming dependant on Russian energy, yet expects the US to spend billions to defend them against Russia.

    Hey, Socialists have always been fond of having (someone else’s) cake and eating it, too.

    Long ago, Europe’s NATO countries should have been badgered into shouldering their fair share of the defense burden. Instead, they were allowed to squander bazillions on free schools, health care, transit … whatever. This bolstered the pretense that Socialism actually worked.

    Had these various Workers’ Paradises™ been required to pull their proper weight from the get-go, it might have reined in some of their extravagance and brought a modicum of rationality to their economic policies.

    Incidentally, it’s delightful to Sow Frau Merkel get a richly deserved pimpslap from Trump. It could not happen at a more crucial time.

  2. All’s said and done, it’s still a piddling commitment. And I won’t believe even that till I see proof of payment. Trudope’s already said nope, whaddya gonna do?

    PT had to act like there was progress because he made such a windup. Tough talk is refreshing, but who spoke to back up substantial concessions on the other side? Uh…we’ll wait till the accountants… They let him vent, that’s all.

    Nordstream-2’s board of directors – Communists not so long ago – are financing the putative Enemy, locking in a relationship for the long-term. Played “green games” to render themselves as vulnerable as possible.

    Erdogan the Turk is ally and client of this “Enemy”. What about the S-400, the F-35s that will be compromised before they’re actually rolled out? Is Incirlik still a Nato base? Can Germany – or Greece – go back to using it?

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    Don’t think it looks like a “strong hand” going into Putin, because it doesn’t. Putin knows the only genuine strength is PTrump himself, together with most of the American people.

    • These stinking Euros hate our President and they hate us. (And their people hate them.)

      Theresa May’s Mi6 tries to implicate him in a “Russian-conspiracy” trap, then demands we go along with her allegations of sloppy Putin wet-work. A treasonous wretch who won’t take responsibility for a capital city that’s become too dangerous for foreign dignitaries!

      Germany “retaliates” against our demands for fair trade by throwing itself to predatory China. (I’m not saying “Merkel” because she’s not a one-man band. The industry honchos aren’t mute.) That “in you face” won’t end well, but maybe it’s all short-term for a cohort that has no progeny, no loyalty, no soul.

      These “allies” don’t support our policies in the UN, do everything they can to undermine us.

      They’re turning somersaults to get around sanctions against Iran. They know what the mullahs are doing – they’re selling them dual-use materials! Germany is flying $300 million in cash to the Twisted-Ragheads!

      Whatever happens in Helsinki, PTrump will be criticized. Demonized. It’s a shame. Imagine what he could achieve if he had the backup of this supposedly great alliance!

      He’s like a one-man Israel.

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