Four items worthy of our attention: Links 1, July 12, 2018

1. WATCH: Antifa Attack Old Lady At Prayer Vigil For Tommy Robinson

Incredibly brave, heroic, fearless antifa members went to a “#FreeTommyRobinson” prayer vigil in San Francisco and went straight after an elderly woman, stealing her hat and glasses and then attacking her when she resisted.


Every other Muslim terrorist or killer in Europe has his actions blamed on mental illness or drug use. This just continues the pattern. I wrote about the murder of Sarah Halimi last year.

Sarah Lucy Halimi was thrown out of the window of the third floor Paris apartment while she begged her Muslim killer to spare her life.

The 66-year-old director of an Orthodox Jewish nursery was woken from her sleep when she was violently beaten by her twenty something Muslim neighbor who then dragged her to the window.

She died on the street outside the building where she had lived for thirty years.

The killer had allegedly shouted, “Allahu Akbar”. In the tragic comedy of denial that every Islamic terrorism investigation inevitably becomes, the authorities are still hunting around for his motive

3. “If you ever want to know what the deep state looks like…”

4. Trump at NATO: ‘Immigration Is Taking Over Europe’

This is another fantastic bit of news. Its like a reality spring or something

This has been na truly stunning 24 hours of news, and a lot of not just good, but really good!

From unmasking ANTIFA, to declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group and much more. We have our fair share of bad, and even ludicrous news, like the Toronto presser and more Trudeau insanity below. But its so great to have good news like this. It seems like a civilizational reboot has begun!

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5 Replies to “Four items worthy of our attention: Links 1, July 12, 2018”

  1. 1 – I suppose it is politically incorrect to call the person attacked a woman, having said that I noticed that unless there were 5 or 6 of them on one person they were afraid to fight and when they did fight they did no damage.

    3 – Yes that is the Deep State and everyone out here who isn’t a brain dead leftist should be upset that anyone of that attitude was allowed into the FBI much less allowed to get into the top ranks.

  2. 1 Gutless scum. Only serious violence in return works as USUAL. Violence for violence sake or when perpetrated upon innocents for no reason is reprehensible. BUT IMHO returning unprovoked violence with far greater violence is the ONLY possible way to go. These snowflake’s would melt if just one proud boy turned up and you can see that they all think that it is a big joke. It is time that these “kids” learned some rules and some truths.

    • That is coming, it takes time to build a major rebellion but many of those are coming, the question is will we be able to support the rebels to give them a better chance of winning.

  3. Is it just me or is anyone else sick and fecking tired of seeing the faces of these criminals anywhere outside of a post office or mug shot?

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