‘Transgender’ is pretend. Links 1, July 9, 2018

1. Very interesting video on the state of the officially acceptable, and arguably even the LEGAL, view of biology in modern schools. The fact remains, a so called “transgender” person is a man with a subcutaneous costume at best.

2. here is a Spanish ceremony I can see taking place all over the world.

caricatural effigy of the prophet Muhammad

3. This video on Chinese Potemkin cities starts by saying “Anyone who is any sort of a construction person…” Perhaps someone reading this familiar with construction or contracting can verify its value?

4. Would multiculturalism advocates get behind this?

5. Christian doctor is SACKED by the Government for refusing to identify patients by their preferred gender because he believes sex is established at birth

(Reality is now illegal in the UK. Its official. England is commie.)

A doctor has been fired from a top government role for suggesting gender is determined at birth. 


Dr David Mackereth, 55, who has worked as an NHS doctor for 26 years, was deemed to be ‘unfit to work’ after he said he would refuse to identify patients by their preferred gender.


The senior doctor was set to become a disability assessor for the Department for Work and Pensions claims a person’s gender is biological and said his right to freedom of speech had been denied. 


The medic, from Dudley in the West Midlands, fears other ‘professional people of faith’ could lose their jobs simply for holding opinions about gender that are ‘centuries old’.

6. It appears that some leftist activists are getting frustrated with the utter meaninglessness their own movement is creating.

In a bizarre scene Saturday, a group of “lesbian activists” disrupted and stalled the London Pride Parade, in what they called a protest against the event’s inclusion of transgender individuals.


“A group of eight women stormed the parade route,” reported Gay Star News, and unfurled banners reading “Transactivism erases lesbians,” and “Lesbian = Female Homosexual.”


Local media reported that the protesters stalled the parade for around ten minutes, and as they were carted off, one could be heard screaming that, “A man who says he’s a lesbian is a rapist” — an apparent reference to male-to-female transgender individuals. […] She continued, “Only women can be lesbians. A man who has surgery can never be a lesbian.”

(I can see why they are upset. The left has now ‘proven’ that men saying they are women are: 1. Faster than women in women’s races, 2. Stronger than women, in women’s strength competitions, and even 3. Yes, PRETTIER than women AS women in female beauty pageants as Miss Spain for the Miss Universe pageant has taught us all. So, men are better than women at being women in every way! I can see that might anger a few lesbians, kinda already known for being easy to anger. Maybe its time a few transgenders taught them how angry women really can get in an Angry Lesbian competition or something, as being an angry lesbian is the only thing they have left. Petard, own self, hoist.)

7. Better than average Trudeau meme:

8. Russian news claims thousands of South African farmers are ready to move to Russia, farm, and teach English.

Thank you Bill Warner, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., Oz-Rita, and so many more who have contributed. There is more video in the works. An Orban/Merkel video explaining some of the disagreements between the two on the future of Europe as a communist Islamic one, or, well a European one. Hopefully ready tonight.

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  1. 3. It doesn’t take a construction person to see:

    -public officials perpetrating a fraud by building whole ghost cities
    -the fiat currency used to build the ghost cities is backed by little more than slavery which makes the fiat an unsustainable and feebly-backed fraud
    -the papier-maché buildings are not able to stand more than three years. This makes it a cash grab for those who get in and out fast, and a nightmare for the sucker investors. The contractors are fraudsters.
    -Chinese banks are fraudulent for knowingly lending into fraud.
    -Chinese engineering is a large-scale fraud.
    -Its legal system is a fraud.
    -the government builds ghost cities to occupy masses of young unmarried men because they know idle poor hands become angry anticommie hands. This infects the whole of Chinese society making it precarious, sick, and fraudulent.
    -it appears the debt ponzie must be worse there than here.
    -it follows that the communist government will choose war with foreigners over facing the wrath of their own restless masses.
    -the Chinese will attempt the gold reset option in the end in an attempt to save their hides.
    -all bad debt worldwide will burn, refreshing the forest of capital by necessarily removing this dead wood. This is what the (now banished) business cycle used to be for before it was outlawed by Clinton and Obama.

    • Johnny you nailed it, my first job out of collage was field accountant for a construction Company, these cities were build with substandard materials to get money for various Oligarchs and were expected to fall down in a few years.

    • public officials perpetrating a fraud by building whole ghost cities

      Please, Johnnyu, drop by more often with more of this scribbled nectar.

    • These ceremonies will be held in the future, and I can see all free nations banning Islam as a crime against humanity.

      • I can see where that would. Spain has always had a very troubled history with Jews, more troubled then most European nations and that is not a standard to be proud of.

        • It hurts.
          The Netherlands, Italy – just points of transit. Wherever in the world we sojourned, the identity, even the liturgy, remained Sepharad. Which means Spain.

          True Spaniards, like the King, are also pained. I’ve known many others. They’re honored, not just flattered, delighted to discover a living legacy.

          But that’s just about extinct; the revival so short-lived. Extinguished by communists and moslems.

          Fact is, Sepharad thrives in the Israeli DNA. Mixed and matched with Ashkenazi and Mizrachi, there’s one awesome hybrid vigor.

    • The collapse of Communist China’s “ghost cities” represents an “economic crime” against humanity. How many died to finance or build these sh!thouses?

  2. ‘Transgender’ is pretend.

    Superb video, Eeyore!

    “Pubertal castration”

    Is there much more that a nation or civilization is expected to withstand and survive?!?

    • We don’t know that ours is going to withstand what has already occurred, letting the left back in power will guarantee the total collapse.

    • China’s INVASION Plan for TAIWAN

      Ain’t gonna happen. No way. No how.

      One LST lands on Formosan soil and a swarm of cruise missiles slams into the face of Three Gorges Dam. S’plan how that’s gonna work out. Eh, Beijing?

      • The last I heard China doesn’t have enough LSTs to invade anywhere, they would have to use fishing boats and cargo vessels. Not many of the latter would survive the sub attacks and the former would land units that were in massive disarray. The Chinese Army is taught to follow orders blindly while the US (at least while I was in) was taught to improvise, adapt and overcome. Since Taiwan gets a lot of US training I am willing to bet their military is trained taught to do the same.

  3. My college kids have explained this to their parents and it’s clear you haven’t gotten the good news. Sex is your birth chromosome, but gender is your personal expression of that. Gender is no longer a grammatical classification! Gender expression is

  4. Those 15000+ farmers will do well in Russia although I wonder just how they will enjoy leasing only. I and not a few others petitioned my own government to take them to no avail(how can whites be victims or refugees?(sic!)) I hope that they do very well there.

  5. 6. ”
    ‘A man who says he’s a lesbian… is a rapist.’
    These cucks who run amock
    Stealing Disney’s Escapists.
    Mary Sue can do
    But Trasgenders are the Greatest
    More than down to luck
    It’s a strategy to face-kiss.

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