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  1. Former Tower Hamlets councillor must pay back £110,000 housing fraud gains – or face returning to jail (eastlondonadvertiser, Jul 10, 2018)

    “A former councillor who was jailed for housing fraud must pay £180,000 or face returning to prison.

    Shahed Ali, who represented Whitechapel ward as a member of the banned Tower Hamlets First party, has been served with a confiscation order requiring him to pay back the £110,000 he made as a result of his fraud.

    In addition to repaying Tower Hamlets Council and the government, he must also pay the council’s legal costs of £70,000.

    The investigation into Ali began after he applied for social housing in 2009, claiming to be sleeping on a relative’s sofa, and was given a one-bedroom council flat in Christian Street, off Brick Lane.

    However, he failed to disclose that he owned a property in Manchester Road, and had also inherited a former council flat in Cannon Street Road, Shadwell, that had been purchased under Right to Buy by his mother.

    The council became suspicious after he applied for a single person’s discount for council tax on the flat, while he was also registered to pay council tax elsewhere.

    An investigation into Ali found that as well as the Manchester Road property, he also owned two others in Frinton on Sea, on the north Essex coast, including a curry house downstairs.

    As a result, the council charged Ali with fraudulently failing to disclose his ownership of 2 residential properties between October 2009 and February 2016.

    He was jailed for five months in October 2016 after pleading guilty to housing fraud at Snaresbrook Crown Court – having denied the charges for months.

    Will Tuckley, chief executive of Tower Hamlets Council, said: “This is a quite staggering case of fraud. We are pleased that our detailed investigations have paid off, not just in terms of a prison sentence but also in clawing back public money.

    “Benefits and council housing are there to help our most vulnerable residents.

    “Fraudsters should know that we have specialist investigators looking into files every day and we will not hesitate to prosecute.”

    When sentenced in 2016, Ali was also disqualified from office as a councillor and barred from standing again for five years.

    He was first elected for former MP George Galloway’s Respect Party in 2006, then for Lutfur Rahman’s Tower Hamlets First Party in 2010.”

    • Shahed Ali, who represented Whitechapel ward as a member of the banned Tower Hamlets First party, has been served with a confiscation order requiring him to pay back the £110,000 he made as a result of his fraud.

      What?!? No “Mohammad coefficient”? I wuz robbed!!!


    The video platform is less focused on getting rid of conspiracy theorists than on trying to elevate journalism it considers valuable.CASEY CHIN
    FOLLOWING A YEAR in which YouTube has repeatedly promoted conspiracy-theory videos during breaking news events like the shootings in Parkland, Florida, and Las Vegas, the company announced on Monday a slew of new features it hopes will make news on the platform more reliable and less susceptible to manipulation. The company is also investing $25 million in grants to news organizations looking to expand their video operations, as part of a larger, $300 million program sponsored by YouTube’s sister company, Google.

    According to YouTube executives, the goal is to identify authoritative news sources, bring those videos to the top of users’ feeds, and support quality journalism with tools and funding that will help news organizations more effectively reach their audiences. The challenge is deciding what constitutes authority when the public seems more divided than ever on which news sources to trust—or whether to trust the traditional news industry at all.

    Among the many changes YouTube announced Monday are substantive tweaks to the tools it uses to recommend news-related videos. In the coming weeks, YouTube will start to display an information panel above videos about developing stories, which will include a link to an article that Google News deems to be most relevant and authoritative on the subject. The move is meant to help prevent hastily recorded hoax videos from rising to the top of YouTube’s recommendations. And yet, Google News hardly has a spotless record when it comes to promoting authoritative content. Following the 2016 election, the tool surfaced a WordPress blog falsely claiming Donald Trump won the popular vote as one of the top results for the term “final election results.”

    YouTube is also expanding a feature, currently available in 17 countries, that shows up on the homepage during breaking news events. This section of the homepage will only surface videos from sources YouTube considers authoritative. The same goes for the videos that YouTube recommends viewers watch next.

    These changes attempt to address the problem of misinformation online without adding more human moderators. With some 450 hours of video going up on YouTube every minute, “human curation isn’t really a viable solution,” Neal Mohan, YouTube’s chief product officer, told reporters Monday.

    Traditionally, YouTube’s algorithm has prioritized a user’s personal viewing history, as well as the context of the video that user is currently watching, when deciding what videos to surface next. That can be problematic because, as researchers have found, once you watch one conspiracy-theory video claiming that the student survivors of the Parkland shooting are crisis actors, YouTube may recommend you watch even more. With this change, the company is trying to interrupt that downward spiral. It’s important to note, though, that YouTube is applying that standard only to breaking news and developing stories. For all other videos that users find on YouTube, the recommendation engine will work the old-fashioned way, which, YouTube executives acknowledge, may well turn up content that people find objectionable.

    “There are going to be counter points of view, and there’s going to be [videos] where people who have a conspiratorial opinion are going to express them,” Mohan says. “What I think we can do is, instead of telling users what to think, give them as much information as possible, so that they can make those decisions themselves.”

    To that end, YouTube is also beginning to implement its previously announced partnerships with Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Brittanica, which it will use to fact-check more evergreen conspiracy theories about, say, the moon landing or the Bermuda Triangle. Those videos will now feature an information panel with context from either Encyclopedia Brittanica or Wikipedia. For the moment, though, these panels are being applied only to a small subset of videos that, Mohan says, “tend to be accompanied by misinformation,” meaning they’re hardly a cure-all for the vast quantities of new and less predictable misinformation being uploaded to YouTube every day.

    Eradicating that content isn’t the goal for YouTube, anyway. After all, merely spreading falsehoods isn’t against the platform’s policies, unless those falsehoods are considered to be hate speech or harassment. That’s one reason why known propagandists like Alex Jones of Infowars have managed to build wildly successful channels on the back of conspiracy theories that carefully adhere to YouTube’s terms. As it walks the fine line between openness, profitability, and living up to its responsibility to the public, YouTube is less focused on getting rid of the hoaxers than it is on trying to elevate journalism it considers valuable.

    That’s one reason it’s giving $25 million in grants to newsrooms that are investing in online video capabilities. That’s a small amount for the multibillion-dollar company, but YouTube’s executives say it could grow in time. The funding is part of the so-called Google News Initiative, a three-year, $300 million fund aimed at strengthening and lifting up quality journalism, which Google announced in March. The hope is that this funding can help news organizations build more robust video operations to compete with the amateurs who might like to mislead their audiences. YouTube has also formed a working group of newsrooms that will help the company develop new products for journalists. “We’re doing this because, while we see the news industry changing, the importance of news is not,” says Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s chief business officer.

    Still, questions remain about how this experiment will play out in practice. Identifying which news outlets are authoritative is hard enough in the United States, where people can subsist on completely different media diets according to their politics. Among the news organizations that YouTube highlighted in the announcement as authoritative were CNN and Fox News; the former is routinely rejected by President Trump as “fake news,” the latter is among the least trusted news sources among Democratic voters. This bifurcation of the media poses a challenge for all tech platforms, not just YouTube, that resist taking a stand on what constitutes truth. In attempting to satisfy people all across the political spectrum—and do it on a global scale—they risk landing themselves smack in the center of the same ideological battles they helped foment.


      How the flock did “YOUTUBE” and ‘AUTHORITATIVE’ NEWS’ ever end up in the same sentence??? Aren’t there federal laws about this?!?

      • If/when this gets going there might be a law suit under the monopoly laws but you would have to prove a large drop in the number of people accessing the alternative news sources. You would need to prove the drop on more then one website.

    • Richard: This article tells us what the left is afraid of, a Judge that interrupt the law will be bound by the Constitution which means that they will start off thinking that Judge written laws are illegal because the Constitution says that the Legislature writes the laws.

      Kavanaugh: Judges Must Interpret, Not Make Law, Interpret Statues and Constitution as Written

      After the announcement of his nomination to the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh stated, “A judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law. A judge must interpret statutes as written, and a judge must interpret the Constitution as written, informed by history and tradition and precedent.”

      Kavanaugh said, “The framers established that the Constitution is designed to secure the blessings of liberty. Justice Kennedy devoted his career to securing liberty. I am deeply honored to be nominated to fill his seat on the Supreme Court.”

      He later added, “My judicial philosophy is straightforward. A judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law. A judge must interpret statutes as written, and a judge must interpret the Constitution as written, informed by history and tradition and precedent. For the past 11 years, I’ve taught hundreds of students, primarily at Harvard Law School. I teach that the Constitution’s separation of powers protects individual liberty, and I remain grateful to the dean who hired me, Justice Elena Kagan. As a judge, I hire four law clerks each year. I look for the best. My law clerks come from diverse backgrounds and points of view. I am proud that a majority of my law clerks have been women.”

      • When you hear a leftist saying the Judge must follow precedent they are saying that because an earlier Judge either wrote new law or ruled opposite to what the law says the liberal Judge can’t be over ruled. Originalist Judges on the other hand are suppose to be over ruled and the Constitution and the Laws ignored.

        • I’m not 100% convinced. Not against – just not head-over-heels enthusiastic.

          informed by history and tradition and precedent…
          Quite a few stinkin’ precedents that Elena Kagan would be pleased to affirm.

          • I know, he is a friend of the Bush family and has other things that bother me but he also has a lot of written decisions that show his judicial attitudes towards the law and the Constitution. With luck Ginsberg and another lib will get sick and have to resign that will give Trump two more conservatives to place on the court. I doubt if he will pick Senator Lee unless the Repubs win a lot of seats in the Senate in November.

  3. No need to work hard and study: just wear a deep tanning cream and cry “victim”.
    BTW as fact…go near any medical graduate whose English is absolutely basic or whose accent is impossible to understand, then show me how she or he managed to gain a medical registration in an English speaking country(Do note that registration boards are so left it is embarrassing). Not all will be incompetent but if conversation is impossible (and believe me it can be…I have been on the other side trying to talk to people with only a minimum of their language and it is impossible unless you are fluent or have a good interpreter….if they added language skills to the requirement list they would have no volunteers at all)

    • Having received innumerable, utterly unintelligible, telephone answering machine messages from “medical professionals” and otherwise, I cannot agree enough, Michelle.

    • We’ve got a little list.
      Kinda in-house and as politically incorrect as you can imagine.
      Fortunately Boston has such a mammoth medical community, we’ve got more choices than most.

      • Fortunately Boston has such a mammoth medical community, we’ve got more choices than most.

        Have you read much of Michael Crichton’s work?

        His eventual (fully trained) departure from the medical profession was, in part, due to his (intentional and purposeful) plagiarism of George Orwell.

        I had gone to college planning to become a writer, but early on a scientific tendency appeared. In the English department at Harvard, my writing style was severely criticized and I was receiving grades of C or C+ on my papers. At eighteen, I was vain about my writing and felt it was Harvard, and not I, that was in error, so I decided to make an experiment. The next assignment was a paper on Gulliver’s Travels, and I remembered an essay by George Orwell that might fit. With some hesitation, I retyped Orwell’s essay and submitted it as my own. I hesitated because if I were caught for plagiarism I would be expelled; but I was pretty sure that my instructor was not only wrong about writing styles, but poorly read as well. In any case, George Orwell got a B- at Harvard, which convinced me that the English department was too difficult for me.

        Crichton was one of the 20th century’s finest fiction writers. If you have not read about his experiences at the Boston General teaching hospital, I heartily recommend that you do so.

        Please consider reading his, “Rising Sun” (with its superb analysis of that time’s video technology). Most all of his other works will not fail to please (with the exception of “Swarm”, whose depiction of nanotechnology came nowhere near his otherwise unbelievably reliable and consistently well-researched writings).

        Crighton was the only person in history to have a prime time television program, a bestselling book, and Oscar-winning movie all happening at once. While not a comprehensive certification, it sure as hell beats the snot out of Barbara Cartland’s credentials.

        For a splendid and rapidly digestible précis of his genius, please read the transcript of his (relatively) brief speech, “Aliens Cause Global Warming: A Caltech Lecture by Michael Crichton“.

        In it, he rips five bright and shiny new ones for the “consensual science” community (i.e., The Great Warmening™). As if Einstein’s quantum revelations were ever subjected to consensual science. No one ever asks for a body of opinions about the speed of fü¢king light!

        For whatever minor flaws, our world is a poorer place without Crichton.

  4. French Politicians Slam Macron’s ‘Monarchial Style’ as He Speaks to Parliament (sputniknews, Jul 10, 2018)

    “…In his speech, Macron announced that authorities are to present “frameworks and rules, which ensure that Islam is practiced according to the laws of the Republic” before autumn.

    He admitted that some Muslims in France as well as in other countries, profess “the radicalized version of Islam” and want to eliminate the country’s laws and rules, including principles of personal freedom, freedom of speech and gender equality, and don’t respect other people’s choices.

    Macron promised that the French state would ensure that its “principles were not challenged by any religious dogmas.”…”

    • If it is monarchical then it has to be similar to George III’s porphyric moments. Another leftist fool picked by the elite due to his innate stupidity and a real mate for Big Chief Running Joke. ? Big Chief Running Sore as France crumbles from within.

      • 400,000 illegals polluting Paris while this jerk consorts with the world’s most egregious sponsor of terrorism.
        In Versailles, no less.
        Statesmanship like this is guillotine-worthy.

        • Statesmanship like this is guillotine-worthy.

          Filk time:

          Roll out the tumbrels, we’ll have a barrel of fun
          Roll out the tumbrels, we’ve got the blues on the run
          Zing boom tararrel, ring out a song of good cheer
          Now’s the time to roll the tumbrels, for the gang’s all here…

          • The French are upset because a bankruptcy sale is selling a guillotine that was used in the French Revolution. The left is probably afraid that the masses might get ideas from the sale of the machine.

  5. Iran to Sell as Much Oil as It Can Despite US Economic War – Vice President (sputniknews, Jul 10, 2018)

    “Iranian Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri said that it would be a mistake to think that the new US sanctions against Tehran would have no influence on Iran’s economy.

    Eshaq Jahangiri said that Iran would “sell as much oil as [it] can” despite US efforts to reduce Iran’s oil exports, as quoted by the Fars News Agency…”

    • And these are the same scumbags threatening to block the Strait of Hormuz?!?

      Puhleese! Either your tankers (and everyone else’s) get through unscathed, or we just bomb the everliving crap out of everything that hoists anchor at an Iranian port. Capiche?

      • And we now have a President who will order strikes like that. That threat would have worked on Obama, I don’t know if it would have worked on Bush but it won’t work on Trump.

        • … I don’t know if it would have worked on Bush but it won’t work on Trump.

          Bush 2.0? Yah gotta be kidding me!!! Look into the history of Harken Oil and its total dependence upon a single field or well in the oil patch … then kindly get back to me about how effective the Bush clan will ever prove in the MME.

          The company’s biggest backer was fund manager George Soros. In late 1984, Harken was appointed exclusive agent and manager of Soros Oil Inc., a privately held corporation formed to invest in oil and gas properties. The deal allowed Soros shareholders to exchange their interest for shares of Harken stock.

          Had enough?!?

          The Bush family is a Globalist Tranzi buncha Multiculti sh!ts.

  6. Merkel, Not Trump ‘Europe’s Problem’ – Danish Historian (sputniknews, Jul 10, 2018)

    “According to Henrik Jensen, a lack of willpower to pay for Europe’s own defense is indicative of a similar lack of will or ability to effectively protect Europe’s borders against illegal immigration, despite having an eye-opening moment in 2015.

    Danish historian Henrik Jensen has addressed the European criticism of US President Donald Trump that emerged prior the NATO Summit in Brussels by calling the EU the “sick man among empires” in an opinion piece published in the daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

    According to Jensen, Europe’s unwillingness to pay for its own defense results in the “usual circus” where the problems are being blamed on Donald Trump, with predictable consequences. He went as far as to say it could result in “World War III, Chinese World Domination or Russian World Domination.”

    “But the problem is the European leaders who imagine that the defense towel you threw in after World War II still holds. If anything goes wrong, we will simply call Washington and the cavalry will arrive soon,” Jensen wrote. “Indeed, Europe’s leaders promised to meet the 2-percent-of-GDP requirement, but it was a promise for constitutionally paralyzed Barack Obama. No one predicted someone like Donald Trump, who actually means it,” he added.

    The constant criticism of Trump as a “terrible, false and lousy president,” Jensen argued, is designed to cover the fact that the EU is in fact, the “sick man” of empires.

    “The recent years have revealed European leaders’ total lack of due diligence, with a confused Angela Merkel as a symbolic figure. What happened in 2015 was shocking. What is happening now is even more shocking, because it shows that the European political center is paralyzed,” Jensen argued.

    After World War II, Jensen wrote, all European armies, fleets and air forces melted away, or rather were converted to make welfare states. We thrived off it for many years, but now it all boils down to the fact that it is about to end, just like the political consensus that held during these ‘fat years.’

    The crux of the problem lies with the European Union, and it is not because of nationalism or populism, it is because its political center is unable to act, Jensen contended. The lack of willingness to pay for your own defense is symbolic of the lack of will or ability to protect Europe’s borders effectively against migration, despite having an eye-opening moment in 2015, Jensen wrote, referring to the migrant crisis when the EU nations received over 1.3 million applications in a year, followed by another 1.2 million the following year.

    According to Gallup, there are 700 million adults in this world who dream of migrating to achieve prosperity and well-being. 23 percent of them want to come to the EU. It is about 160 million. The European Center-Left still believes that both open borders and welfare states can be maintained. It’s an illusion, Jensen wrote.

    Henrik Jensen is a historian, author and senior lecturer at Roskilde University, Denmark with a focus on history, culture and society. Jensen is the author of several books on topics including World War I, patriotism and the welfare state.

    The views and opinions expressed by Henrik Jensen do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.”

    • Germany is indeed the sick man of Europe closely followed by France, Holland and Belgium. Spain has fallen so much it is no longer a sick man of Europe but is the dying man of Europe.

    • Germany: ‘Good day for open transparent cooperation’ – Merkel on German-Chinese car industry

      German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Premier of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang visited a presentation of autonomous driving cars in Berlin on Tuesday.

      With the countries’ Economy and Transports Ministers present, Germany and China signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

      Merkel lauded the successful collaboration between the two countries in the competitive automobile industry.

      “I hope that today will be a good day for an open transparent cooperation in the field, in which many agents are developing today, and Germany and China are well advanced in this field,” said German Chancellor.

      • Merkel lauded the successful collaboration between the two countries in the competitive automobile industry.

        Opening another vein for the invader. Scheisskopf!!!

          • Worse. Transfer of brain-matter – slurp!.

            To quote John Cleese:

            “Well, speaking as a member of the Stock Exchange, I would suck their brains out with a straw, sell the widows and orphans, and go into South American Zinc.”

          • Serious question, who is the bigger danger to Germany, the Moslems or China? Meaning who will take over first? Will China stiffen Merkels spine and crack down on the Islamic problem? Will Erdogan order massive Islamic unrest because China is trying to seize a prize he thinks is his? For that matter will Russia set still for China setting up two puppets in Europe?

            • Maybe Russia will get a bounty of White Christians it so desperately needs.
              If they can cope with Russia on its own terms. A whole different world that won’t change for them.

            • Serious question, who is the bigger danger to Germany, the Moslems or China? Meaning who will take over first? Will China stiffen Merkels spine and crack down on the Islamic problem? Will Erdogan order massive Islamic unrest because China is trying to seize a prize he thinks is his? For that matter will Russia set still for China setting up two puppets in Europe?

              Some brilliant questions that I will not pretend having any ability to answer. Be that as it may, there had better arise some rather well-defined explanations or “the fog of war” will engulf these various sh!tholes.

            • Also China has some factories that are totally robotic, will they do this to the German auto industry?

              They’re called “dark factories” (as in: in no need for internal illumination) and I can just hear all of the German auto workers enthusiastically cheering about it from here.

              • The prediction for Western Europe is total chaos increasing to insane chaos. Long term prediction worse then the first sentence.

  7. Wolf-whistling could considered a HATE CRIME to try and tackle sexist abuse (express, Jul 10, 2018)

    “WOLF-WHISTLING at women could be considered a hate crime despite police admitting no one can be prosecuted for it.

    Police are trying to tackle sexist abuse and harassment and are putting it in the same category as crimes where victims are attacked for their race, sexual orientation or religion.

    Police chiefs define misogyny as “behaviour targeted towards a woman by men simply because they are a woman.”

    Misogynistic incidents include verbal abuse, unwanted physical approaches, harassment in the street, sending texts without consent or sending unwanted text messages.

    Nottinghamshire Police trialled a scheme in July 2016 where they recorded misogynistic behaviour as either a hate incident or hate crime, depending on whether or not the behaviour is criminal.

    Not all hate crimes are considered criminal offences based on legal definition.

    Wolf-whistling, for example, is considered a hate incident while sexual assault is still considered a hate crime.

    A National Police Chiefs’ Council spokesman said: “Police forces in England and Wales annually monitor five strands of hate crime. Police chiefs will be presented with a paper that asks them to consider the case for monitoring gender-based hate crime in the same way.”

    The findings of the scheme were published in the Misogyny Hate Crime Evaluation Report yesterday.

    Academics who followed the scheme were taken aback by the nature and volume of incidents from the people they surveyed.

    Dr Loretta Trickett said: “Much of this behaviour on this spectrum is criminal behaviour, there’s no doubt about that. People could have gone to the police about it before.

    “But because of the culture we have it’s just acceptable to intimidate women on the street, to go up to a woman and touch her backside, or to comment on her body and put her in fear of an assault.”

    Professor Louise Mullany added: “There’s a spectrum of crime here, and it goes up to rape and sexual assault, and we were really shocked at how high the figures were in terms of people reporting the more serious end of crime, and that becoming part of a regular occurrence.”

    In the report it showed that 62.9 percent of women experienced wolf-whistling.

    Other unwanted behaviours recorded include 24.6 percent reporting sexual assault, 25.9 percent cited indecent exposure, 46.2 percent of women experienced groping and 17.3 percent of women surveyed said they had unwanted photos taken of them on mobiles.

    The report continues to cite 6.8 percent of women reported upskirting, 21.7 percent said they had experienced online abuse, 25.5 percent of women reported being followed home, 54.3 percent reported being told sexually explicit language, 51.8 percent cited they experienced threatening/aggressive/intimidating behaviour and 48.9 percent of women reported unwanted sexual advances.

    Even though not every report will result in a prosecution police say it will act as a deterrent.

    One example cited in the report was speaking to a building manager about employees whistling or harassing women from a building site. The report goes on to say that some managers had made it a “sackable” offence.”

    • Women more likely than men to think cat-calling is acceptable (telegraph, Jul 10, 2018)

      “Women are more likely than men to think cat-calling is acceptable, the British Social Attitudes survey has found.

      Figures from the study show that while 61 per cent of men think it is “always” or “usually” wrong for a man to comment on a woman’s appearance in the street, just 52 per cent of women agree.

      When the genders are reversed, around the same proportion of women think it is wrong for a woman to comment on a man’s appearance, while just 35 per cent of men agree.

      The study, carried out by the National Centre for Social Research, also found that middle-aged men were more likely than men aged 18-34 to say that telling a woman in the street that she looked gorgeous was wrong.

      Among men aged 55 to 64, 66 per cent said this was wrong, compared to 59 per cent of 18 to 34-year-olds.

      “In general people are more strongly opposed to comments about women’s appearance than comments about men’s, and this is particularly true of men and younger women.

      “This may reflect women’s more frequent exposure to remarks about their appearance, especially for young women.

      “It might also be indicative of heightened awareness of the issues among men and/or a view that women are more likely to feel threatened and so to deserve protection,” the study concluded.

      The research also found that a majority of people thought mothers of young children should not work full time, with 38 per cent saying they should work part-time and one in three believing they should stay at home.

      However, 72 per cent disagree with the view that “it is a man’s job to earn money and a woman’s job to look after the home and family”, a rise from 58 per cent in 2008.

      The research also found that while almost one in three 18 to 34-year-olds are very or extremely worried about climate change, they are the group least likely to report that they are doing things to save energy.

      The study also looked at nationalism in the wake of Brexit, with just 13 per cent of people in England describing themselves as English, not British – the lowest level since 1997. The most popular category is “Equally English and British” at 41 per cent.”

    • I always took them as compliments as anyone who does so it extremely unlikely to harass you. it is the ones who are not so obvious that are the problem.

      • No, I think its more sinister. The one place where I seem to find disagreement with many of my peers, and even betters, like Jordan Peterson, is that I am certain the patterns indicate a plot and not accidental circumstances that always lead to the worsening of things for Classical Europeans.

        For example:

        Amer-Indians get special treatment in Canada because hypothetically, their ancestors were here before Europeans. therefore they have a greater claim to the land. But, as Trudeau has said in nearly exactly these words, new illegal migrants, or any kind of migrants (seemingly especially if they are muslim) are more welcome and better Canadians because they chose this place, rather than just were born here, like, you know who, white, European Canadians.

        So we have a noose made of contradictory ideas. But what is consistent, is who’s neck is in it.

        The irony you refer to is 100% consistent with nearly everything to do with sex. If you are a white male, basically any attempt at sexual contact will either get you in serious serious trouble, or make you vulnerable to it. Strangely, this does not seem to apply to any other ethnic group except in extreme circumstances, than white, straight, males.

        We never hear of homosexuals getting stitched up. as the brits say, for sexual harassment do we? But the way the laws are written are that sexual harassment is an unwanted sexual advance, which you cannot know is unwanted until you make it.

        So the courts can selectively enforce that anyway they want.

        I don’t think any of this is an accident. I think these commie think tanks have had generations to plan this stuff. And did. And now we see it being executed. its too effective for it to be an accident.

        • The one place where I seem to find disagreement with many of my peers, and even betters, like Jordan Peterson, is that I am certain the patterns indicate a plot and not accidental circumstances that always lead to the worsening of things for Classical Europeans.

          It is this sort of intellectual honesty that makes it too simple for me to keep Vlad Tepes Blog at the top of my visit list.

          So we have a noose made of contradictory ideas. But what is consistent, is who’s neck is in it.

          The rope can be made to fit almost anyone.

          The irony you refer to is 100% consistent with nearly everything to do with sex. If you are a white male, basically any attempt at sexual contact will either get you in serious serious trouble, or make you vulnerable to it. Strangely, this does not seem to apply to any other ethnic group except in extreme circumstances, than white, straight, males.

          How else are Liberals supposed to kill off the Caucasian race?

          Thank you, Eeyore, for your dedication to truth.

          We are too fortunate to have someone like you on our side.

        • You are right, all of their actions are designed to do damage to Western Civilization and all Western Nations. The left has spend many decades planning and working to implement their plans, they are working to a schedule and are succeeding in most of the western nations. The election of Trump and the actions of the Eastern Europeans are throwing off their schedule some but haven’t derailed their plans.

          While I don’t think they will win the war and take over the world they will do serious damage to all Western Nations and will cause the destruction of the western civilization. Ironically this is what will keep them from winning, once the restraints are removed from the patriots who want to keep Europe European and to keep the US a free nation the left will discover that not only can we be as hard and nasty as they are we are much better at being hard and nasty. All of the rules that are in place limiting what we can do were put in place to keep the Europeans from being hard and nasty.

        • Jordan Peterson may be doing a version of Mamet’s Law/Dance.

          Refusing to see systems or patterns as they manifest because they’re laced with minefields. He’ll talk human sexuality, Jung, evolution, Bible, and Marx but gets all cute when it comes to Islam.

          That’s the elephant in the room right now, and it’s intimately tied to the systematic dismantling of the West you’re alluding to. The Communist DNA of the EU is manifest; how it intersects with programmatic Islamization should not escape a scholar of totalitarianism like Peterson.

          Conspiracy theories are annoying, turning a blind eye to evidence of genuine, malign conspiracies is…cautious.

  8. Respect Isil supporters’ free speech, says Human Rights committee (telegraph, Jul 10, 2018)

    “Supporters of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) should not necessarily be criminalised, because it impinges free speech, a joint parliamentary Committee says.

    A report released today will say that the bill “may criminalise curious minds and expressions of belief which do not carry any consequent harm or intent to cause harm.”

    The Joint Committee on Human Rights says it has “serious concerns” with the new powers the government is proposing in the Counter Terrorism and Border Security Bill currently going through parliament.

    The Committee, chaired by Harriet Harman MP and made up of MPs and Peers, is concerned that some of the new powers are too vaguely defined and do not have sufficient safeguards to protect human rights.

    The report will warn that academic and journalistic research may be criminalised by the bill, as well as “inquisitive or foolish minds”.

    Harriet Harman MP said: “The Government have got an important job to keep us safe from terrorism. But it must also safeguard human rights.” Some of the Bill’s provisions risk a disproportionate interference with the right to privacy, the report says.

    “The Committee believes that this Bill goes too far.”

    The report comes as Gavin Williamson, the Defence Secretary, has said Isil must be wiped out if Britain is to avoid having to fight another insurgency in the future.

    The committee voiced concerns that criminalising ‘expressions of support’ for proscribed organisations without clearly defining what type of speech this refers to could prevent debate around the Government’s use of its powers.

    This could violate Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights – the right to freedom of expression – and could have “a chilling effect on debate in the public interest,” the report warns.

    The report said that wearing an item of clothing or flying the flag of an organisation that is proscribed in the UK would be covered by the bill, even if such conduct was lawful at the time in the foreign country where the conduct occurred.

    “This would offend the principles of natural justice,” the committee suggests.

    One of the most controversial clauses of the bill states that viewing material online that could be of use to terrorists will be criminalised if viewed three or more times. Legitimate academic study and the work of journalists could be swept up under these powers.

    Responding to the report, Security Minister Ben Wallace told the Telegraph: “This Government does not agree with the Committee’s conclusions in respect to human rights concerns.”

    “Its conclusions are misplaced and wrong.”

    “After the spate of terrorist attacks of last year and the deadly nerve agent attack this year, our intelligence services and police made the case for an update of existing legislation and some new powers to tackle the real and significant threat this country faces from terrorism and hostile states.”

    “We carefully considered the request and agreed to act so as to keep the public safe. The Committee couldn’t be more out of touch with the very real threat to life we all now face.””

    • So hating islam is a crime but hating (and killing infidels) is not. These leftist idiots turn laws into pretzels. Did deNazification and its err “success’ teach them nothing?(It only “worked” when both sides worked out who really was the enemy..Stalin) Santana strikes again as leftist destruction of history creates infinite repeat scenarios.

    • Supporters of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) should not necessarily be criminalised, because it impinges free speech, a joint parliamentary Committee says.

      What about just waiting until the bubbles stop coming up?!?

  9. NCA: 700,000 Migrants in Libya Waiting to Board Boats to Europe (breitbart, Jul 10, 2018)

    “Europe’s problems with criminal trafficking gangs and illegal immigration are getting worse, the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has warned, just days after the United Nations (UN) claimed that boat arrivals were “necessary” for the continent.

    Pointing to a sharp rise in the number of attempted crossings from Africa along with the emergence of increasingly sophisticated ways of trafficking people across borders within the EU, the NCA revealed authorities in Europe are struggling to deal with smuggling gangs and immigration-related crime.

    Criminal networks are making profits of up to £6 billion a year from charging would-be migrants, the majority of whom are from Africa, said Tom Dowdall, the agency’s deputy director of organised immigration crime.

    According to the Daily Mail, the crime agency chief reported that attempted crossings to Spain and Italy have risen 75 per cent from last year while the Italian government’s crackdown on NGO boats has resulted in a “bottleneck” of 700,000 migrants currently in Libya who are waiting to get to Europe.

    In picking people up from so close to the Libyan border and ferrying them directly to EU ports, open borders NGOs have been ‘inadvertently’ assisting the work of criminal traffickers, the NCA’s Chris Hogben warned.

    “They make it easier for the crime groups who now send a boat with not enough fuel on purpose as they know they will be picked up,” he said.

    News from the NCA briefing came after the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) on Friday demanded Italy slash restrictions on so-called search and rescue operations carried out by foreign NGOs.

    “Any vessel with the capability to assist search and rescue operations should be allowed to come to the aid of those in need and subsequently allowed to disembark at the nearest appropriate safe port,” insisted UNHCR spokesman Charlie Yaxley, stressing that “saving lives must be the key priority”.

    At the press briefing in Geneva, Reuters reports that UN “migration experts” claimed the only aspect of mass third world migration posing a challenge for Europe was political resistance to the phenomenon.

    “We consider it a political crisis, not a migrant crisis. The numbers are not that significant,” said Leonard Doyle, spokesman for the UN International Organization for Migration.

    “We are concerned that the toxic narrative against migrants, to put it bluntly, be diminished, and people see migration for what it is. It’s a necessary part of the modern world, provided it’s managed. The issue is that people’s perception is that it’s out of control,” he said.

    The remarks echoed those made by Leo Varadkar at the start of this month, when the Irish premier declared that debate in Europe over how to tackle illegal immigration is “[not] so much a migrant crisis as it is a political crisis”, and insisted that the continent “needs” mass migration from the world’s poorest countries.”

          • Yeah canned sunshine (Hat Tip NR) is rapidly becoming a more attractive alternative.

            Thank you, Richard. We’ve got so many semi-stale nukes that maybe it’s time to get them off of the shelf before their “best by” date.

            Very few here (or elsewhere) will ever appreciate just how repulsive these suggestions of mine are to me.

            • Canned sunshine will only be used by the west under 2 conditions:

              1) We were nuked first.

              2) That is the last ditch way to win the war.

              We might use them if we suffer a chemical or bio attack but we would have to have strong evidence for that to happen.

  10. 2 rebels, teen killed during fighting, protests in Kashmir (abcnews, Jul 10, 2018)

    “Government forces fired at protesters Tuesday in Indian-controlled Kashmir, killing a teenage boy and wounding nearly two dozen more who had been trying to reach the site of a gunbattle in which soldiers killed two rebels, police and residents said.

    Hundreds of villagers, shouting slogans eulogizing militants and demanding an end to Indian rule over the disputed region, threw stones at Indian troops in a bid to help rebels who were trapped in a civilian home in a neighborhood of southern Shopian area, police said. Counterinsurgency police and soldiers cordoned the area following intelligence that militants were hiding there, police said.

    As the rebels and soldiers fought, government forces also fired bullets, shotgun pellets and tear gas at the protesters who tried to reach the gunbattle site. Nearly two dozen civilians were injured in the clashes. One among the two critically injured later died in a hospital.

    Officials said two rebels were killed and a military officer and a second soldier were injured in the fighting.

    Local residents said soldiers blasted two civilian homes with explosives as the combatants exchanged gunfire.

    Most Kashmiris support the rebels’ cause while also participating in civilian street protests against Indian control. In recent years, mainly young Kashmiris have displayed open solidarity with rebels and sought to protect them by engaging troops in street clashes during military operations.

    Kashmir has also seen renewed rebel attacks and repeated public protests against Indian rule in last few years as a new generation of Kashmiri rebels, especially in the southern parts of the region, has revived the militancy and challenged New Delhi’s rule with guns and effective use of social media.

    India and Pakistan each administer part of Kashmir, but both claim it in its entirety. Rebels have been fighting Indian control since 1989, demanding that the territory be united either under Pakistani rule or as an independent country.

    India accuses Pakistan of arming and training the rebels, a charge Pakistan denies.

    Nearly 70,000 people have been killed in the uprising and the ensuing Indian military crackdown.”

  11. 237 migrants arrive in Malaga, reception over capacity (ansamed, Jul 10, 2018)

    “The arrival in Spain on Monday of 237 migrants rescued by Spanish authorities in the western Mediterranean has taken reception facilities in the southern region of Andalusia to bursting point, Red Cross sources have said. The migrants disembarked from the SAR vessel Mastelero in Malaga port on Monday morning and given immediate medical and humanitarian assistance.

    Due to lack of space in temporary reception centres 183 men were then transferred to the local clay-pidgeon shooting stadium, while the women and children were transferred to Red Cross facilities. Local Red Cross coordinators and Malaga Acoge are calling for permanent facilities and more resources to manage the growing number of migrants arriving in Spain.

    “We cannot go on like this, we are making a crisis response to a structural emergency situation,” said José Luis Candela of Malaga Acoge. In total 14,446 irregular migrants arrived in Spain by sea in the first half of the year, compared to 6,551 in the same period last year according to interior ministry data. Of the total, 13,360 migrants arrived on board 559 boats along the south coast or on the Balearic Islands”

  12. Residents of California city once known as ‘America’s foreclosure capital’ are set to get monthly $500 stipend, with NO strings attached, in bid to boost local economy

    Stockton, California will become the first city in the country to participate in a test of Universal Basic Income, in which 100 residents will be given $500-dollars-a-month, with no strings attached.

    The program aims to create a level of income that no one will fall beneath.

    By providing impoverished residents a regular sum of money that they can use on anything they wish, be it food, clothes, gas, or starting a new venture, those behind the program believe it could go a long way to give people enough support to try out new ideas.

    The program in Stockton, which was once known as America’s foreclosure capital, will see the program launched by 2019, and the payments will continue to the individuals chosen for the program for a full 18-months.

    The Stockton UBI program has heavy backing from one of the wealthiest areas of the country- Silicon Valley, according to CNN Money.

  13. California university works to reduce number of white people on campus

    In keeping with the diversity and inclusion movement sweeping campuses across the country, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo recently released a 30-page report outlining plans to “improve diversity” via a series of initiatives.

    One goal is to increase the number of people of color on campus beyond the increases that have already occurred over the past few years, as “applications from underrepresented minority students doubled between 2008 and 2018.”

    “In 2011, the campus was 63 percent Caucasian,” the May 2 report informs readers, “in fall of 2017, it was less than 55 percent … but there is still much work to do.”

    The public research institution states it wishes to get those numbers more in line with the state’s percentage of white people, which recent polls hold at 39.7 percent of the population.

    • NPs just pretend illiteracy, use deep tan and tightly curl your dyed hair…. NPs.
      I guess that these idiots see socialism as dropping the IQ of graduates to the lowest possible “normal” value~85
      Beware the new wave of graduates from identity politics as incompetence on a grand scale is coming to your area soon.
      Imagine this lot handling radioactive materials: “OOO they glow in the dark. Let’s rub some on our “body parts” (yes they did I kid you not).

      • Depending in the amount of time the left remains in control of the educational systems we may be headed back to the Master Apprentice way of teaching important subjects.

        • Depending in the amount of time the left remains in control of the educational systems we may be headed back to the Master Apprentice way of teaching important subjects.

          Due to your military service, Richard, you may not have undergone the industrial rigmarole to where (for superannuated wage-slaves like me) it’s bloody obvious that, courtesy of unions and other “closed shops”, we’ve been headed back into a “guild” system for several decades.

          • After I got out of the Army I went to collage and got a degree in Accounting, I was a good cost accountant until I got crossways to the controller and was out of work at 40. Like an idiot I didn’t take the CPA exam and thus couldn’t find another job. The big companies wanted younger people and the smaller ones took one look at my work record and wouldn’t hire me I had better experience then the people who would be my boss.

            I experienced the guild problem from the owners side, and quickly learned to hate the closed shop. The recent Supreme Court decision about government unions may outlaw closed shops if applied to private sector unions as well as public unions. If this happens it will destroy the power of the unions and further defund the Dems.

          • I was thinking of the time when people who wanted to be doctors found existing doctors who would take them on as apprentices and then after a while certify them as Doctors. Same thing happened with all of the skilled intellectual type jobs or the scientific type jobs.

  14. Older immigrants ‘crowding out’ US teens for summer jobs

    Legal and illegal immigrants are “crowding out” American teens looking for summer jobs, and the impact of higher teen unemployment could be a drag on them for years, according to a new analysis of the seasonal workforce.

    The Center for Immigration Studies found that as the number of U.S. teens with summer jobs has dropped significantly, employment of immigrants has doubled.

    “Immigrants — legal and illegal — are crowding out U.S.-born teenagers in the labor market,” according to the report from Steven A. Camarota, director of research at CIS.

    • Older immigrants ‘crowding out’ US teens for summer jobs

      This is really old news. After the S&L meltdown, so many (retired and bankrupted) American seniors were forced back into the workplace that entry-level teenagers were SOL (i.e., Sh!t Outta Luck). This reversal of employment trends forever destroyed our nation’s pool of human capital.

      Do I need to add in a few million semi-literate, barely fluent, foreigners to make this point clear?

  15. With the usual display of class that only the Left can do they are pushing the song “American idiot” as the one to play during Trump’s visit. To gather an idea of just how brainwashed are the UK youth that song is now hurtling up the charts but as we all know that may have nothing to do with its demand or said youth but a lot to do with the politics of those who run such charts.
    I find it rather hard to not have utter contempt for them as they so deserve it.

  16. Video at site

    ICE Protestors in Ohio Chant ‘F*ck the Police’

    Eight people involved in the protest were arrested according to the Columbus Dispatch.

    Protestors gathered in Columbus, Ohio to protest the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) by erecting a 32-foot-tall tripod, but began chanting “fuck the police” after police officers deconstructed the tripod Monday morning.

    Columbus Dispatch reporter Abbey Marshall reported on the protest:

    • I wonder what they would be chanting if they actually served time? I feel certain that one of the words in that chant would be relevant and it isn’t “police”.

      • Yeah putting one of the snow flakes in the pen for 12 months and when they come out they will be telling all of their friends to stay away from the protests.

  17. Backlash building to cashless movement

    WASHINGTON – Aaron Bateman pulled out a few $20 bills to pay for a taco lunch in the nation’s capital. To his surprise, his money was no good in the city where money is printed.

    Surfside, a popular 24-hour Mexican eatery, doesn’t take cash. No cash means no register for robbers to empty out, no bills for workers to slip into their pockets and no change counting holding up lines.

    The global cashless movement has reached Washington, where a growing number of fast-casual and other establishments are saying no to greenbacks in favor of plastic and mobile payments. Sweetgreen, the national salad chain, went cashless in most of its locations last year. Other cashless spots include a frozen yogurt shop downtown, a posh wine bar and a beer store. Soon, they may be breaking the law.

    • So much easier and cleaner to steal digital cash and none of that messy blood stuff. Digital money is a threat to everyone as the ability to control it and its flow is not far behind. Stealing it is the least of the problems.

      • I still say that eventually Dem politicians will realize that they can’t hide bribes made with plastic cards and will insist that we return to cash.

  18. Richard: The left has shown that it is out to destroy all Republicans by any means necessary, they have started by lodging baseless charges against President Trump and this means that all charges against any Republicans is now in doubt no matter how many people say it is true. Welcome to the new normal in what use to be a civil society that had the rule of law, we now live in an uncivil society with special rules for special people and the ordinary people are left not knowing which rule applies to them.

    Rep. Jordan: Accusations are Just Untrue

    OAN Newsroom
    UPDATED 6:35 AM PT — Tues. July 10, 2018

    House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is defending Congressman Jim Jordan, following claims he ignored sexual assault allegations while he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State University.

    The Louisiana GOP leader announced his support for Jordan on Monday, saying he is confident Jordan would have stood up for his athletes.

    The Ohio representative has been accused of turning a blind eye to claims a former doctor at Ohio State sexually abused several wrestlers, while Jordan worked as an assistant coach.

    The congressman has denied the allegations and said he is committed to working with investigators to uncover the truth.

    “Things he said are just not true, we knew of no abuse, never hear of abuse, if we had we would’ve reported it,” stated Jordan.

    • Hitler and the Nazi’s used fake charges of homosexuality to remove politicians that opposed them, pedophilia and sexual harassment are the charges of choice in the US right now.

      • Hitler and the Nazi’s used fake charges of homosexuality to remove politicians that opposed them, pedophilia and sexual harassment are the charges of choice in the US right now.

        Weirdest of all is how the Third Reich was riddled with queers.

        Just like existing charges of WAYCISM!!!, (sadly) modern accusations of pedophilia and sexual harassment will lose a lot of steam. I blame the Left.

        • Weirdest of all is how the Third Reich was riddled with queers.

          Yeah, the only ones the went after were the feminine ones not the butch. It use to be well know that well over half of the camp guards (toten kopf (deaths head) SS) were queer and that more young boys were pulled out of the line to the gas chamber then good looking women.

          Hell the SA the brown shirts, the original Storm Troopers were all butch queers, on the night of the long knives the only SA who were killed were those who were a political or physical threat to Hitler. The rest were reformed into the Gestapo, a fact that is glossed over by modern historians.

    • Red State Democrats No-Shows

      Four red state Democrats reject an invitation from the White House to attend the Supreme Court announcement.

      Senators Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Doug Jones of Alabama, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Joe Donnelly of Indiana were all invited to Monday’s announcement.

      Senator Heitkamp released a statement saying she wouldn’t be attending.

      Senator Manchin said he also would not be attending, but thanked the president for the invitation.

      Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly said he declined the invitation, so he could first meet with the nominee in a setting he could be evaluated.

      The three senators are viewed as the Democrats most likely to break ranks and support the nomination.

  19. Former Democratic congressional candidate stands by claim that she’s given up on white people
    By Daily Caller News Foundation July 10, 2018

    After losing the Democratic primary to a white incumbent, former Colorado congressional candidate Saira Rao has decided it is time to “give up on white people.”

    Rao tweeted a link to an April New York Times column asking the question “Should I Give Up on White People?” Rao commented, “Short and long answer: YES.”

    Rao, the daughter of Indian immigrants, challenged long-time Democratic Rep. Diana DeGette in the Denver congressional district, but only received 31% of the vote.

    “I stand by it,” Rao told Colorado Politics about her tweeted statement. “It’s incumbent on white people and not people of color to solve it,” Rao said, just as it’s incumbent on men to solve sexism. (RELATED: Rutgers Prof: ‘Officially, I Now Hate White People’)

    If white people dislike being lumped in with white supremacists, that is because of their “white fragility,” Rao added.

  20. Fox’s Shannon Bream: ‘Had to bail on’ on-site coverage outside SCOTUS; ‘volatile mood, felt threatened’
    By J.E. Dyer July 10, 2018

    Shannon Bream, although originally a lawyer by profession, has been in TV news since 2001, and has covered all kinds of stories for CBS, NBC, and Fox. She has been at Fox since 2007, becoming host of Fox News @ Night in 2017.

    She’s no novice, in other words. And she has covered stories on the streets of Washington, D.C. on numerous occasions, many from her legal beat at the Supreme Court. So it is genuinely noteworthy that she and her crew had to shut down their coverage at the site of an anti-nominee protest outside the U.S. Supreme Court building on Monday night, because the situation was so volatile that they didn’t feel safe.

    Shannon Bream

    Literally had to bail on our live show from #SCOTUS. Moving the show back to the safety of the studio. See y’all at 11p @FoxNews
    Shannon Bream

    Very few times I’ve felt threatened while out in the field. The mood here tonight is very volatile. Law enforcement appears to be closing down 1st Street in front of SCOTUS.
    9:22 PM – Jul 9, 2018

    5,210 people are talking about this

    As Daniel Chaitin observes at Washington Examiner, Bream didn’t bring up these particular sentiments in her evening broadcast from the studio, where she retreated after leaving the Supreme Court steps. She did acknowledge them, however, in an interview with Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE):

    Shouting Match Supreme Court over Brett Kavanaugh #scotus

    • Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court
      By J.E. Dyer July 9, 2018

      In a sense, this is a mere formality, because the Democrats in the U.S. Senate were determined before the nominee was announced to oppose any nominee from Trump’s short list.

      Let the wild rumpus begin.

      *UPDATE*: It’s…the inevitable trumpet fanfare for Armageddonn-nnn!!!!!! from the Democrats:

      Terry McAuliffe

      The nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh will threaten the lives of millions of Americans for decades to come and will morph our Supreme Court into a political arm of the right-wing Republican Party.
      8:44 PM – Jul 9, 2018

      10.1K people are talking about this

      • Always remember the Dems are protesting because a man was nominated who thinks the Court Decisions should be based on what the Constitution and the Laws Written by the Legislature say instead of what some activists saw.

        I don’t know if Kavanaugh will be confirmed or not but either way the Conservatives (classical liberals) in the US have to turn out in droves in November to ensure that the Repubs stay in control of Congress. This is important for many reasons but one of them is that two of the liberal Judges are very old and not in the best of health, we need to insure that if President Trump gets a chance to nominate one or two more people to the court that they are 1) people that will use the constitution and the laws to base their decisions on and 2) that they get confirmed. His judicial picks, both in the Supreme Court and in the lower courts are going to determine the course of the US over the next 3 to 4 decades.

        • Always remember the Dems are protesting because a man was nominated who thinks the Court Decisions should be based on what the Constitution and the Laws Written by the Legislature say instead of what some activists saw.

          Insert pearl clutching, breathless gasp, >here<.

  21. Italian ship carrying migrants turned away from Italian ports (BBC, Jul 10, 2018)

    “A commercial ship flying the Italian flag, and carrying dozens of rescued migrants, was refused permission to dock at Italian ports.

    The Vos Thalassa, a supply ship which serves oil rigs in the Mediterranean, rescued 66 people adrift off the Libyan coast, Italian media report.

    After being turned away from Italian ports, it handed the migrants over to the Italian coastguard.

    Italy’s government has blocked charity rescue ships from its ports for weeks.

    Senior officials have accused the humanitarian groups of operating a “taxi service” for migrants, which they say endangers lives by encouraging human smuggling.

    The Vos Thalassa, however, is an Italian vessel, rather than a foreign-flagged charity ship, and was not specifically on a search-and-rescue mission.

    It is the first time a private Italian ship has been blocked from the ports of its home country because of the migrant policy.

    International maritime law requires any ship that encounters an emergency to make its way to the area quickly and offer assistance.

    Italian officials, however, said that the Vos Thalassa did not need to intervene, as the Libyan coastguard was on its way.

    Italian media quoted officials saying that the Libyan coastguard was closer, but the Vos Thalassa chose to travel to the ship.

    Italy’s transport minister, Danilo Toninelli, tweeted that he was proud of the coastguard for taking on the migrants “who were endangering the life of the Italian cruiser Vos Thalassa”.

    He said there would now be an investigation to “punish troublemakers”.

    The Vos Thalassa was also involved in a similar incident involving 212 migrants in June.

    Escalating policy

    Italy’s hardline new policy on rescue ships comes from its new government – a populist coalition of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement and right-wing League.

    Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, from the League party, promised to take a tough stance on migration during the campaign.

    Since June, there have been several major diplomatic rows over the fate of migrant rescue ships bound for Italy – traditionally a first port of call for charity ships carrying those found at sea.

    The Aquarius, carrying 629 people, was refused entry to Italy, and was stranded in the Mediterranean for days while European politicians argued over its fate. It eventually docked in Spain.

    A second ship, the Lifeline, was also refused when it sought to dock with more than 200 rescued people.

    It eventually docked in Malta, but was impounded by authorities. Its captain faces charges of breaking international law and entering Maltese waters improperly – charges that he denies.

    And the Open Arms, run by a Spanish NGO, was also refused permission to dock earlier this month with its 59 rescued passengers. It returned to Spain.

    The hardline stance on the Vos Thalassa is the latest firm statement from Mr Salvini, and it comes ahead of Wednesday’s meeting of EU interior ministers to discuss migration…”

  22. Osmanen Germania: Germany bans ethnic Turkish boxer gang (BBC, Jul 10, 2018)

    “Germany has banned an ethnic Turkish boxer gang called Osmanen Germania, saying it is involved in serious crime.

    The group identifies with Turkish nationalism, espouses a macho boxing and biker culture and is reported to be close to Turkey’s ruling AK Party.

    Police raided the group’s premises in four German states on Tuesday.

    A German Interior Ministry tweet (in German) said “the group and all its activities are banned”. Police reckon the group has at least 300 members.

    Justifying the ban, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said “whoever rejects the rule-of-law state can expect no leniency from us”.

    He said Osmanen Germania was among “rocker type” groups “whose members commit serious crimes”.

    In Stuttgart, south-western Germany, eight alleged Osmanen members went on trial in March, accused of attempted murder, blackmail, drug-trafficking and sexual slavery.

    The German public broadcaster BR, based in Bavaria, says Osmanen members in Germany have harassed critics of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, including Kurdish activists.

    More than three million people of Turkish origin live in Germany, many of them Erdogan supporters.

    According to BR research, many Osmanen are close to the secretive Turkish nationalist Grey Wolves movement.

    During raids on Osmanen Germania in 2016 and 2017 police seized weapons, drugs and cash.

    President Erdogan has purged the entire state apparatus since the botched coup attempt against him in July 2016.

    Soon after the coup attempt some Osmanen Germania members were received in the capital Ankara by an Erdogan aide, Ilnur Cevik, who donned one of the club’s T-shirts. He told BR that his gesture was a show of support for the group’s “youth work”.”

  23. Afghanistan: At least ten killed in Jalalabad suicide bomb attack

    A suicide bomber detonated his explosives in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad in Nangarhar Province on Tuesday, killing at least ten people and injuring four more on Tuesday.

  24. Pelosi: “I’m Determined to Avenge President Obama If It’s the Last Thing I Do.

    “From hell’s heart Nancy Pelosi stabs at thee, for hate’s sake she spits her last chardonnay at thee.”

    This is what happens as you approach peak outrage. Out of desperation, you start talking like a Batman villain. Prose too purple for the pulps now pops up in fundraising letters.

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sent out a dramatic, no-holds-barred fundraising email on Monday saying she is “determined to avenge President Obama if it’s the last thing I do” by preemptively opposing President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

    She knows not what she will do, but they will be the very terror of Marin County.

    Does Obama need avenging for running afoul of the Biden rule and wasn’t allowed to replace a Republican with a leftist.

    • From hell’s heart Nancy Pelosi stabs at thee, for hate’s sake she spits her last chardonnay at thee.



  25. Pressure To Break Up Facebook Builds
    The conservative-hating social media giant may soon get its comeuppance.
    July 10, 2018
    Matthew Vadum

    America’s largest communications union, the 700,000-member Communications Workers of America (CWA), has joined an activist coalition called Freedom from Facebook that seeks to break up the monopolistic social media giant.

    So far the groups supporting the Freedom From Facebook coalition are predominantly left-wing. Among them are and Public Citizen. Facebook has about 2 billion users worldwide.

    But the ideological makeup of the FFF coalition could change in a heartbeat if Facebook continues down its intolerant, authoritarian path. That’s because conservatives have long been abused by Facebook and this ill treatment has only intensified since the election of President Donald Trump. Conservatives are getting wise to being used and taken advantage of and they don’t like it.

    The Left claims to have only the purest motives for wanting to take action against Facebook.

    “We should all be deeply concerned by Facebook’s power over our lives and democracy,” said Brian Thorn of CWA, the newest member of the Freedom From Facebook coalition.

  26. #AbolishICE Makes Way for #AbolishSupremeCourt
    July 10, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    The left believes the rules should be whatever serves its ends.

    So the replacement of a Republican appointee by another Republican appointee by Trump is touching off the biggest tantrum since the last time this happened. The clarion call, “We wuz robbed” resounds from Berkeley to Madison. And #AbolishICE gets to make way for #AbolishTheSupremeCourt or maybe pack it, or maybe abolish lifetime tenure.

    The problem with packing the court is that anyone can do it. And the left still hasn’t gotten it through its entitled head that Republicans have started to play by the left’s rules. If you want to add 3 justices to the court, we’ll add 5. And before long the Supreme Court will be a meaningless and unwieldy court. What will that do to the Federal judiciary? Nothing good.

    And the left still needs it more than the right does. The left will destroy the court if it can’t hold it, but saner voices are urging it to play the long game.

    At Vox, its lead troll, Ezra Klein, has a rant bemoaning the Supreme Court as an anti-democratic institution. He claims Republicans use the court to write the rules to perpetuate their power. That is an apt description of what the left has been doing.

  27. “This Is Not America: Paul Manafort is Being Tortured in Solitary Confinement by Dirty Cop Mueller and His Corrupt Gang”
    by Jim Hoft – July 10, 2018

    “Bernard Kerik: Why Manafort Was Put in Solitary”
    By Bernard Kerik – July 9, 2018

  28. David Goldman: Anti-Soros Is Not Anti-Semitism (breitbart, Jul 10, 2018)

    “David P. Goldman has written a bracing defense of Viktor Orbán’s government, insisting that Hungary is one of the friendliest places in the world for Jews and that any leader in his right mind would oppose the political machinations of George Soros.

    Writing in the conservative journal First Things on Friday, Goldman observed that the irresponsible accusations of anti-Semitism leveled against Prime Minister Orbán hinge upon his vigorous resistance to Mr. Soros’ attempts to work around the democratic process to push Hungary in the direction of open borders.

    The immensely popular Orbán, who was voted back into office this year with a two-thirds majority, ran an effective billboard campaign against the left-wing multibillionaire disrupter, which had nothing to do with his being nominally Jewish, Goldman contends.

    Mr. Soros is one of the single most invested backers of mass migration, especially through his Open Societies foundations, and he has spent a remarkable $600 million in Hungary, “the equivalent in relative GDP of spending $60 billion in the United States,” Goldman notes. “If an expatriate billionaire had spent that amount of money in the United States, one would expect politicians to campaign against him,” he added.

    There is nothing inherently anti-Semitic about campaigning against “a plutocrat who is trying to buy your country,” Goldman wrote in an earlier essay, referring to Orbán’s resistance to Soros’ economic maneuvers.

    After visiting Budapest last May, Goldman marveled at how safe Jews are made to feel in Hungary and concluded: “There are no risks to Jews because there are very few Muslim migrants.” Moreover, he noted, “Hungary is one of Israel’s few friends in world diplomacy” and together with the Czechs and Austrians, vetoed a European Community resolution denouncing the United States for moving its embassy to Jerusalem.

    Hungary’s 100,000 Jews “walk unmolested to synagogue in traditional Jewish costume and hold street fairs with minimal security presence,” he said.

    Goldman also holds up for admiration the remarkable shift that has taken place in Europe, thanks partly to the staunch resolve of Mr. Orbán and his allies and their refusal to cave before European Union (EU) pressures to take in vast numbers of migrants.

    A year ago, the Eastern European nations of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia “looked like a rancorous minority in a European Community committed to the mass absorption of Muslim migrants,” Goldman observes.

    Now, however, “the Merkel-Macron consensus has crumbled, and the European center has shifted towards Orban,” he added, with Matteo Salvini now the most popular politician in Italy, Germany’s Horst Seehofer nearly bringing down Germany’s governing coalition, and Austria’s center-right coalition government preparing to station troops on the country’s southern border.

    As pro-sovereignty governments in Europe continue to gain prominence, this can only bode well for the future of the continent. While Macron and Merkel sat atop the political cake not long ago, they now lose popularity by the day, with the very real risk of finding themselves on the wrong side of history.”

  29. US Pledges to Keep Hormuz Strait Open Despite Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Threat (sputniknews, Jul 10, 2018)

    “Last week, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps warned that Tehran would close the Strait of Hormuz to oil traffic from the Persian Gulf if the United States renews sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

    The US is poised and ready to ensure uninterrupted oil supplies through the Strait of Hormuz despite threats from Iran, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo told Sky News Arabia on Tuesday.

    Pompeo stressed that Tehran “should know that America is committed to keeping sea lines open, keeping the transit of oil available for the entire world.”

    “That’s the commitment we have had for decades. We continue under that commitment,” he added…”

      • Events around the world are building to a real big explosion, I don’t know how long it will take but it should be soon.

      • China told Iran that blocking the Straits would be EXCEPTIONALLY ill-advised.

        Where the flock else are the ChiComs gonna get their earl?

        • That is why China wants to build a rail line between China and Iran through Pakistan, they won’t be able to be more then about a tenth of the amount of oil that tankers provide but it will be some instead of none.

  30. Red Cross network urges end to mistreatment of migrants (abcnews, Jul 10, 2018)

    “The world’s largest humanitarian network is urging governments to end mistreatment of vulnerable migrants and remove barriers that prevent them from obtaining food, health care and legal services.

    The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies says that the shift of government policies toward restriction and control of migrants is creating “a humanitarian crisis.”

    Federation President Francesco Rocca told a news conference launching the report on Tuesday that “all people regardless of immigration status should have access to basic services and humanitarian assistance.”

    He pointed to governments discouraging and even banning and criminalizing humanitarian assistance to migrants, and armed attacks on boats trying to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean. He also called the Trump administration’s policy of separating migrant parents and children “unacceptable.””

    • The world’s largest humanitarian network is urging governments to end mistreatment of vulnerable migrants and remove barriers that prevent them from obtaining food, health care and legal services.

      Putting the “Red” back in, “Red Cross”.

      • Notice Red Crescent gets top billing now beside Red Cross.
        Though Victorinox has taken the little white cross off their logo for many production lines.

  31. ‘Give me an atom bomb and I’ll wipe Holland off the face of the earth,’ vows leader of Pakistani Islamist group in response to Prophet Muhammad cartoon competition (dailymail, Jul 10, 2018)

    “The leader of a Pakistani Islamist group vowed to ‘wipe Holland off the face of the earth’ with a nuclear attack in response to a Prophet Muhammad cartoon competition being held in the country.

    Khadim Hussain Rizvi, the leader of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), issued the warning at an event organised by the Karachi Press Club last week.

    ‘If they give me the atom bomb, I would remove Holland from the face of the earth before they can hold a competition of caricatures,’ he said, according to the Times of India.

    ‘I will wipe them off the face of this earth.’

    He was referencing a competition of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad announced by The Freedom Party of Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders last month.

    The party said the plan to hold the competition in the party’s secure offices in Dutch Parliament had been approved by the Dutch Counter-terrorism Agency NCTV.

    Wilders’ Freedom Party is the leading opposition party in parliament after coming in second place in elections last March…”

    • ‘Give me an atom bomb and I’ll wipe Holland off the face of the earth,’ vows leader of Pakistani Islamist group in response to Prophet Muhammad cartoon competition

      Goes both ways, you capacious rectal cavity. Just wait and see.

  32. Iranian Woman Says She Was Given Two Years in Jail for Anti-Hijab Protest (sputniknews, Jul 10, 2018)

    “An Iranian woman who removed her hijab in public in protest in December says that she was sentenced to two years in prison and given another 18 years as a suspended sentence. Suspended sentences are a legal arrangement that lets a person skip jail time so long as they don’t break any more laws.

    The woman, Shepark Shajarizadeh, 42, made the claims in a video posted to social media on July 10. On her personal website she wrote that she was imprisoned for “opposing the compulsory hijab” and “waving a white flag of peace in the street.”

    Her protest was part of a wider movement that resulted in the arrest of 35 people in Iran between December 2017 and February 2018, according to Amnesty International (media reports place the number arrested at 29). The women were arrested for removing their head coverings as a part of the “White Wednesdays” protest movement.

    Shajarizadeh’s lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh, told Amnesty International that she was placed in solitary confinement in a prison in Tehran and was beaten. Shajarizadeh was released on bail in late April. In June, Sotoudeh was reportedly arrested…”

    • On her personal website she wrote that she was imprisoned for “opposing the compulsory hijab” and “waving a white flag of peace in the street.”

      That’ll teach her!!!

  33. Suicide Attack Kills 12 at Political Party Rally in Pakistan (sputniknews, Jul 10, 2018)

    “Police reported twelve killed in a political rally in Pakistan’s northwestern city of Peshawar after a suicide bomber blew himself up.

    An Awami National Party (ANP) leader and eleven supporters have been killed in a suicide attack at a rally in wake of July 25 elections in Pakistan’s Peshawar, Reuters reported citing city police chief Jamil Qazi.

    The police also reported 50 injured, adding that no one had immediately claimed the responsibility for the suicide attack.

    Another senior leader of the ANP party Bashir Bilour was killed in a suicide bombing during a meeting ahead of 2013 election in Pakistan. The victim of the Tuesday’s attack was son Haroon Bilour.”

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