Brilliant expose of the nature of mosques in The Netherlands

Yes this video focuses on one. But according to a very well done study in the US going back some 6 or 7 years approximately, 80% of mosques teach jihad and hate of the other. Why? Because Koran. Thats why.

Thank you C for all the work that went into this one.


Muslims up the level of death threats against Islam-relaist, Geert Wilders.

Dutch Party for Freedom MP, Geert Wilders, has received numerous death threats since heannounced that he is holding a Mohammad cartoon competition.

Wilders, the leader of the second largest party in the Netherlands, will hold the drawing competition at his party’s parliamentary offices in The Hague.


The judges include an American cartoonist, Bosch Fawstin, the winner of a Mohammad cartoon competition that took place in Texas three years ago.

The Texas competition was attacked by two gunmen, who were taken out by security. ISIS claimed responsibility, but that claim could not be verified.


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6 Replies to “Brilliant expose of the nature of mosques in The Netherlands”

  1. … 80% of mosques teach jihad and hate of the other.

    P’raps it’s time for 80% of the Infidels to arm up and teach the same sort of hatred.

    This sh!t just cannot continue.

    • It won’t, Trump has chosen Brett Kavanauga for the Supreme Court, the Dems are already saying that they will stop this pick no matter what this does to their people in the Midterms. It is about to hit the fan and given the recent rhetoric of the left we are going to see potential and probably actual riots and increased harassment and probably physical attacks on everyone who isn’t working for the Dems.

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