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15 Replies to “Nigel Farage on the ‘red line’ Trump ‘ban’”

  1. I so hope that he is right. But will freedom return to the UK without the spilling of blood? Can anyone see the May clique and the KKK (Klueless Kommo Klanspeople aka “progressives”) allowing this?

    • It depends when the massive uproar starts how many police and military are going to side with the people and how many with the government? If enough make it known that they support the people the government will fall without violence. Then Britain will face the same problem that Trump faces, he can’t fire all of the government workers and replace them with non deep state actors, not all at once anyway so he is stuck with a large number of swamp critters hampering what he is doing. If it is a peaceful change Britain fact the same problem.

    • Today I posted a video from China Unscripted where part of the conversation is about the Tiananmen Square massacre and how the Red Chinese government had to bring in troops from a long distance away to get soldiers who would attack the people. Britain doesn’t have enough Territory for them to be able to do that.

        • Maybe, don’t forget most of them have brought their families to Britain and plan on retiring to Scotland, that will play into their actions.

          I think the Brits are (under treaty with India and Nepal) allowed 2 regiments of Gurhkas and in peace time are limited to 2 battalions for each regiment.

        • If the only dependable troops are the Gurkhas they don’t have enough people to put down a major upraising. They would have to worry about the non reliable units going after the loyal ones when the shooting starts.

          In a revolution/civil war nothing is simple and in the early stages of the war you will have trouble trusting your military.

          • The UK also has the Guards (?6 regiments) who will also always obey orders without question(part of their ethos) and add these to the Ghurkhas and it is enough to curb a revolution. In fact, SAS/Boat squadrons aside, these 8 regiments could probably beat the rest of the UK army by themselves.

    • That is why they want it and want the Gendarmes to use them against other nations. Thank God they started working on them too late.

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