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12 Replies to “At long last, someone says something true about islamic street prayers on French TV”

  1. I’m curious as to the discourse following that truth bomb or was she just carted off in a straight jacket for stating the obvious?

  2. You should have let the film continue.
    I already saw the little grey cells turning in those flat neuronal brains.
    While she was speaking I could see them preparing the answers.
    Bla bla bla
    The French are own by Muslims the percentage is 15%
    A fatal percentage .There is nothing to say anymore

  3. I have no idea what the temps are going to be this summer but the left and the Moslems are going to make it a long hot summer of protests and terror attacks. Events are moving closer to the big explosion, I don’t know when or where the shooting will start but it can’t be too far down the line.

  4. The only correct response to the “street prayers” is for hundreds of French men to go down and beat the living crap out of the Muslims. That’s what needs to happen and the Muslims are daring them to do it. If the French “men” don’t beat the Muslims the Muslims will correctly take that as a sign of submission and they will celebrate their victory and then move on to the next, even worse provocation. If the French “men” do not go down and fight these street toughs then they will always be the bitches of the real Muslim men, and they will deserve to be bitches because they are useless cowards and not men…

    And if one of the Frenchmen gets thrown in prison by the leftist/Muslim police, that’s just part of the fight and can’t be helped and mustn’t be worried about. It’s do-or-die mes amis…

    • (Funny how the police swoop down on the “right extremists”, but don’t bother to arrest known islamist planning terror attacks)

      Arrested Far-Right Militant Plotting Attacks on ‘Radical Muslims’ Lost Daughter in Bataclan Terror Attack

      “Earlier this week police across France raided and arrested ten far-right extremists believed to have been targetting radical Islamic imams, radicalised former prisoners, and even women wearing Islamic veils for attacks.

      According to the French domestic intelligence agency, the General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI), the group had in their possession homemade hand grenades and other explosive materials.”


      • No – doing violence is wrong.

        What is, however, necessary is to get a woman, riding a donkey and walking a dog, to pass back and forth in front of the praying horde.

        Safe distance is OK – as long as it is publicized afterwards.

        • Doing violence is necessary if France is to be liberated from the invaders, however this isn’t the time for the French Patriots to start using violence.

    • Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
      The correct response to bullying is to fight back with every ounce of your strength and to do so openly so that everyone can see what you’re doing and what you’re up against. If a guy says, “Who says you could sit there”, and then “Who says you get to talk,” followed by “You have to pay me for breathing”, you have to just start smashing the guy as hard as you can or he will own you forever. It’s not going to get better tomorrow after you’ve “waited” for something to change. The important thing is that you do not give the bully one-millionth of an inch. Nothing!

      If we had been crystal clear about what’s what right from the first foot bath the Muslims wouldn’t even dream of pulling the bullshit we’ve been letting then pull. It’s our fault, basically…

      The fact is that the street payers would stop if the tough French guys made an appearance…

      • Just say NO.
        Ships ferrying infiltrators to Europe?
        Close all ports to these human traffickers. Cut the flow.
        Don’t “manage” invasion; repel it. Seize the ships.

        Countries won’t accept their nationals back? Sanctions – even the threat of losing international aid – would make them more cooperative.

    • Yep. It’s all about dominance. But that question was settled the moment the Muslims got paid jizyah (in the form of welfare); now it’s a matter of enforcement, and that starts by shoving everyone else out of the public space.

      And whenever I see all those butts pointing at the sky, I wonder why no one feels an urge to paddle them. Tho a little tear gas might be more effective.

      Hmm. What happens if between occupations, some enterprising chap sprays the street with pig’s blood??

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