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7 Replies to “Just watch this. No description can do it justice”

  1. Thank you for posting. Just another nail in the coffin that is the UK. When are these people EVER going to rise up and revolt?? OR IS IT TOO LATE??

    • It isn’t too late for them to revolt.

      Remember the people of Britain are disarmed, they don’t have the weapons to fight the police and military with, they can revolt and with luck get a large percentage of the military to come out and support them but without the military or a massive influx of firearms they are going to be fighting machine guns with clubs and home make knives.

    • Sweden, a country so bankrupt in morals and conduct and courage that one of the best of their refugees decides to return to the hell hole of Somalia.

  2. The comment that complaining about police corrugation will just get them in trouble says volumes about how far down Britain has sunk. The time when a peaceful solution could be found has passed and the unarmed people of Britain are discovering why the British Government disarmed them. I hope they can get the weapons to recover their freedom.

  3. Intentionally dishonest police force and prosecutors. These families are victimized three times. That’s what happening.
    Family members directly related to the police, prosecutors, and judges must become victims of Islamic terror attacks. Only then will change occur. Sad but true.
    NOTE: For those having difficulty with the sound in the video, click on cc (caption). Sadiq Khan answered in a very low voice.

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