If England was a free country…

IF England was a Free country, British parents would have been teaching their daughters this kind of self defence after the first report of muslim sex slave gangs. And guess what. Their would never have been a second one.

A more excellent example of gun control is hard to find. This 13 year old girl can control many types of guns extremely well.

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  1. This video has nothing to do with Islamic rape gangs in the UK. It’s about an American girl target shooting. The solution to Muslim rape grooming is not to arm each girl with a variety of weapons to carry around. This video is what’s known as a non sequitur.

    I’m supportive of a lot that gets posted here, but the inclusion of this video with this commentary is simply weird.

    • Fair enough. I tend to see the issue of gun control as related to how a society finds itself enslaved by others in the exact manner that the UK is. I doubt you will get muslim sex slave gangs of children in the IS in quite the same way.

      • Not in the pro gun states. The US States and the nations that exercise massive hard handed control of the guns (if any) that their citizens may own or carry make their citizens unarmed victims of the criminals of all sorts. The Citizens in the pro gun states are more independent free thinking and more likely to ensure that any orginized rape gang is shut down very quickly.

    • The video is about a little girl who knows how to defend herself. Muslim rape gangs are about abusing little girls who do not know how to defend themselves. I think what Eeyore might be pointing out is that if the Muslim rape gangs tried it on this little girl they’d be filled with little black holes, and I personally find that satisfying to contemplate. The left always wants to depict us citizens as being too stupid to defend ourselves. This little girl proves them wrong. The left believes that only a left-wing-voting unionized civil servant is qualified to protect anybody…

      Call it a fluff piece…

    • The solution to muslim rape gangs is ONLY via Hammurabi and Draco and while this video is “irrelevant” to that theme it does indicate a way for potential rape victims to act. AFAIAC anyone who tries to rape me in the future will be shot dead and if I am home and caught unarmed then a pencil, high heel shoe, kitchen knife or my 10cm hairpin (that I always carry in my hair when up) will do. I see attempted violent rape as a death sentence for the perpetrator.

  2. When people suggest that American children should be armed and trained to protect themselves against the next school shooter the suggestion is always drowned out with derision and scorn and quickly forgotten, but I think it’s the right approach to take. There was an armed sheriff’s deputy standing right outside the building in Florida, with more officers on the way, and they were too chicken to do anything.

    But what if every kid in the school had a little bag full of nasty bolts and nastier rocks? Maybe they could bring in some Palestinian boys to give the American boys lessons on how to be boys. And some of those “little boys” can be over six feet tall if a little skinny…

    The school shootings are a reality whatever anybody has to say about them and it would appear that the only thing that can stop the next AR-15 is going to have to be the teachers and the students on their own. Thirty teenagers throwing rusty lug bolts and sharp rocks would certainly slow me down, that’s for sure. The authorities can come later and take pictures. Do it. Now. No more security theater and virtue signaling!

  3. I expect that this young lady, being a proficient target shooter, has the self confidence that will stay with her for life….and the fact that she can shoot..and carry herself with focused intent…….says that……she will make a lousy victim!

  4. My parents started me on Tae Kwon Do when I was 7. They figured it was just as important as learning to swim, which is a religious obligation for parents in my tradition.
    I’ve continued to study and practice a variety of martial arts, “hard” with weapons and “soft”, as Tai Chi. Instinct and reflexes, I know my personal space and defend my comfort zone.
    To paraphrase the Trudope, “It’s part of who I am.”

    • Always remember the Green Berets hymn: Yea though I walk through the valley of death I shall fear no evil, cause I am the meanest SOB in this here valley.

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