Abuse of power and hypocrisy by Climate Barbie

Get this. A woman who is a minister in the Canadian government, and has a cabinet position, and hawks a belief which is actually highly controversial, to say the very least, among actual climate scientists, which is that there is global warming and man causes it, and policy changes can do anything about it if the first two are true, thinks that no one should be able to call her “Climate Barbie”, a pretty innocuous name in which you have to actually impute the insult, but feels she can people media she doesn’t like Nazis with no actual proof.

Calling people Nazis because they are not Marxist, and worse if they are Jewish, and as I suspect she was referring to Rebel Media, owned and operated by a Jewish man in Canada, is a genuine slander. Climate Barbie, as the kind of nicknames famous and powerful people typically get, is the least worst one I think I have ever heard.

You decide:

In terms of climate, watch the video below before you make up your mind. Altough in terms of this issue, its not important, even if she was right.

Thew video above is actual climate science.


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10 Replies to “Abuse of power and hypocrisy by Climate Barbie”

  1. Mustards.

    ‘Would you call your father, your mother, your daughter…’ The outrage of 1.6 billion muhammadans.

    Climate Barbie.

    ‘Would you call your mother, your sister, your daughter…’ The outrage of 3.5 billion females.


    ‘Would you call your mothers, your trans-sister, your tran-trans-daughter…’ The outrage of 7 billion Kinsey-Scaled Homosexuals.

    (Just trying to get a perspective on the Collective-Moral Outrage tricorder).

    And then, maybe it’s just all about you.

    • ‘Would you call your mother, your sister, your daughter…’ The outrage of 3.5 billion females.

      Full OZ Mode on … “Good on ya, Perfectchild!” Please pardon me if I’ve somehow misinterpreted a single sniff of your meaning but, the justifiable outrage of well-over one half of our world’s population should be sufficiently resounding to where people, ANYWHERE ON THIS PECKING FLAMMING HAMNED DRANET ZIRTH oughta be made to straighten-up, fly right, purchase a flipping clue, and pretend to grow a brain about issues of gender parity (please notice how the word, “equality” did not appear anywhere previously). Thank you.

      Please, oh please, do not be so cruel as to deny me an explanation as to why so much of this world’s various [well-deserved nationalist or populist term inserted >here< is, by whatever name] worthy politicos are persistently denied any compassionate terms of equal forensic consideration short only of the usual, "We couldn't give a damn about the meaning or supposed worth of your beliefs." (etc., etc.). The overwhelming tragedy of this cannot be overstated. Thank you so much.

      [Church Lady (Dana Carvey): Well, isn't that special…???]

      Just wait until that morphs over into, "Well, who gives a special fü¢king d@mn?!?", and then see what begins to happen. It ain't gonna be any Glamor Queen sorta

      In no way is the forgoing even a remote attempt at playing "shock-jock" claptrap or slightly similar

      Some much needed prosaic criticism corporal punishment which is long overdue and much too neglected …

      This, despite me being thoroughly opposed to violence against against (women and) children, save only under situations involving life-threatening circumstances.

      [Posting this before I flip out…]


      • Just wait until that morphs over into, “Well, who gives a special fü¢king d@mn?!?”, and then see what begins to happen. It ain’t gonna be any Glamor Queen sorta…

        Sorta bullhockey that’s coming our way in just a few years…

        In no way is the forgoing even a remote attempt at playing “shock-jock” claptrap or slightly similar

        As in, any remotely representative fraction of the Slightly Similar insanity that awaits you and yours should you decline to pose the least resistance to what currently passes for supposedly “rational” government.

        Thank you for enduring my catch-ups. You’re the best.

  2. In my day Valley Girl would’ve been the association she would have. My guess is the heat of this political “kitchen” is too much for Climate Barbie.

  3. She just likened me to a Holocaust denier and then called me a “misogynist” in her opening sentence. Maybe she should have put me in a basketful of deplorables first. How incredibly hostile considering there is not a word of truth to the accusation and no reason for her to go there in the first place. I don’t know why I have to say it but I am not a misogynist and I’m not just pretending to question “climate change” because an oil company is paying me to lie about it. I like women just fine and I really and truly believe that catastrophic anthropomorphic climate change is a full-blown hoax, and I can prove it.
    The whole con starts to fall apart at the fact that the “positive causal relationship” between CO2 levels and global temperature occurs in the opposite direction to what the warmists have always implied, and nobody’s even noticed the glaring gap in their logic. CO2 doesn’t affect climate, climate affects CO2. That’s right. There is no indication that CO2 affects the climate at all…

    Climate Barbie is obviously too dumb to be a Member of Parliament let alone a Cabinet Member. We’ll just have to pray they are gone soon…

  4. Even if you were a scalb I would not pick you to pick my, like you know ….nose… like stop calling me like barbie, like I don’t like it you know?

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