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    ‘I couldn’t make sense of the Trinity’

    Mind, body and soul? Aw com’e on, what rock have you been living under? The three brains, Rational, Mammalian and Reptilian. Three-in-one. When spooked become traumatized, irrational and one-track hypnotized: Islam, Socialism and Sexualism. Fixated-addicts who will kill for a toke.

    The Son of Man is the perfect embodiment of conduct for any civilized human being. A gentleman. However, for those with their religions on their sleeves: he must be the Son of God! To be hated and reviled; or forever frozen and stuck out of reach on a pedestal. Their message: it all happens for you on a Final Day of Reckoning. Collect all your suck-up points here. Business is Mecca. The Greatest Excuse on Earth.

    Instead of “repent, the kingdom of god is near.” In the name of your conscience, spirit, and deeds. Going backward or forwards, the trinity is completely the same. Humanity’s G_d is divined as an unbound Spirit. Or else it is Allah, Gaia and Caligula.

    • Video at 12:50 (right at the end after the closing titles). Personal, where the trinity comes together.

      “You know, you knew a lot more than me [about Islam] at the time…”
      “What do you mean?”
      “Sill know more.”

    • The only troubling thought inspired from the video, is that mono-theism in Islam is derived from everyone having to go to kiss the Vagina of Mecca. Muhammad himself searched for the perfect living form found on females. Monotheism – Female-worship: of the one true Source of Life.

      And that any collection of ornaments behind most aunties’ glass cabinets.. giving glory to the owner. Polytheism. The Diversity-Cult of the West.

      The way males and females worship differently for the only sense of life they have – their sexual-reproduction.

      The lowest form of humanity vying for control of the planet to feed off the other.

              • Double weird. Patriotic clip dissolves into my intended “Airplane!” segment.

                Saddest of all is how it is impossible to find a verbatim clip of (America’s ideal “Leave it to Beaver” mom) Barbara Billingsley, flouncing away from the food-poisoned Black guys, whilst declaring, “Fool don’t want no help, fool don’t get no help!!! Jive-ass niggers don’t know nuthin’, no-how”.

                When watching this (“Airplane!”) film during its original (and uncensored) release, I almost lost my cookies laughing harder than I ever thought possible. This satire of the entire “Airport” mega-dramas* represents the finest comedic work since the Marx Brothers (or Firesign Theater).

                * See following clip which tracks the entire “Airplane!” plot arc against “Zero Hour!”. If you’ve not already seen this, it will be some of the most hilarious fifteen minutes you’ve ever wasted surfing the Internet. Promise!

        • You there, at the back of the class!

          No time for sniggering.

          Women in burkas and men as heirlooms
          These are possessions their societies groom.
          Girls are inferior, men are buffoons
          The ones made superior – led by the spoon.

          • And all this, just to get laid.
            Permission granted to the one who displayed:
            The dhimmi, the beta, their weakness relayed,
            And into the hand without getting paid.

          • No time for sniggering.

            So sorry to be the one who tells you this, Perfectchild, but the Politically Correct term now is, “Snigroe”.

            (Hat Tip: [with much love] to B. Skolaut)

    • “Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the democrats believe every day is April 15.”
      – Ronald Reagan

      “Meaning of 4th of July Independence Day”
      ThomasMore Law Center

      • Having met Ronald Reagan personally (and also having worked on first-surface polycrystalline, single-layer oxide, monocrystal refractors for Multi-Megawatt Free-Electron Lasers), it’s easy for me to be proud about sub-contracting for a company whose full name rhymes with, “Huge Aircrash”.

        Coating (back in 1988) 3″ thick x 300 mm diameter, “monocrystalline wafers”, as in: the SDI “Star Wars” Initiative, I’ve earned the right to say, “Rust … but Terrify” … oderint dum metuant!.

        After paying the most confusingly adorable hues er … ruinously horrible dues, (as in; Last Hired – First Fired) … I’ve done my best to shepherd this priceless continental resource as part of kicking Terrorist Commie @ss FOREVER.

        I may not be a military vet but that can’t stop me from making a drive towards freedom and backing all of those who fight in our name.

  2. Preachers of hate back on Britain’s streets: MI5 terror alert as five jihadi leaders linked to London Bridge attack are set to be let out of jail by the end of the year (dailymail, Jun 23, 2018)

    “Police and security chiefs fear the high command of an extremist group that inspired a generation of jihadis will soon be free again to preach hate on Britain’s streets.

    Five senior figures in Al-Muhajiroun, whose former members include London Bridge attacker Khuram Butt and Michael Adebolajo, one of Fusilier Lee Rigby’s killers, are expected to be released from prison by the end of the year.

    Among them is Anjem Choudary, who is due for release in October having served less than half of a five-and-half-year sentence for inviting support for IS.

    It is understood that Choudary, 51, will be kept under curfew in a taxpayer-funded safe house in North London and prevented from spouting extremist views.

    But astonishingly, no such restrictions are in place for the others.

    According to a source, MI5 and the police fear that, buoyed by the ‘street cred’ of serving prison terms, they will set up recruitment stalls in areas such as London and Luton…”

    • Preachers of hate back on Britain’s streets…

      What great news! It’s always comforting to know that such “distinguished” terrorists individuals are “available” to the immediate public.

      “What’s that, Shelly?”

      “You mean to say that these people don’t dare show their faces at neither night nor day?!?”

      Please leave your … [shepherd’s crook reaches from stage right]


  3. London BLOODBATH: ‘Violent attack’ in Colliers Row, Romford leaves 15 year-old dead (express, Jun 24, 2018)

    “A TEENAGER is thought to have died after being stabbed on multiple occasions in a suspected murder in Colliers Row, Romford, Met Police have confirmed.

    Three teenagers have been arrested for suspected murder after a fight broke out at a sixteenth birthday party booked at the local community centre.

    More than teenagers arrived at the venue without supervision and were denied entry, leading to an altercation.

    Police and paramedics rushed to the scene after a 15 year-old was suffering from stab injuries.

    He was pronounced dead shortly afterwards…”

  4. Smoke & rubble: 25 injured as blast rocks apartment building in western Germany (PHOTOS) (RT, Jun 24, 2018)

    “At least 25 people have been injured, several seriously, after a huge explosion rocked a multi-story apartment block in a western German city. Photos on social media show plumes of smoke and piles of rubble.

    The incident took place in the city of Wuppertal in North Rhine-Westphalia shortly before midnight Saturday, police said in a statement, adding that firefighters arrived at the scene to find the building “almost completely destroyed.”

    Large parts of the facade of the residential block collapsed on the street, and small fires broke out inside…”

  5. Austria floats idea to deploy EU border guards to ‘willing’ African states to battle migration (RT, Jun 24, 2018)

    “The EU Border Guard (Frontex) should be bolstered with soldiers and policemen, Austria’s Defense Minister Mario Kunasek has said, mulling the idea to even deploy the agents into “willing” African countries to tackle migration.

    “In my view, Frontex mandate should be changed in a way that would allow use of police and soldiers for border security mission,” the official told Die Welt newspaper on Saturday. Kunasek said Austria will come forward with a proposition for the Frontex reform after it takes over the EU presidency on July 1.

    The soldiers and policemen would be put under the command of civilian agents, allowing Frontex “to effectively secure the EU’s external borders, to combat illegal migration and to destroy the dirty business of smugglers.”

    According to Kunasek, the beefed-up force would work in EU border countries, namely Italy and Greece, but might actually venture into “African countries with the consent of the respective state. “ He believes that such deployment would help local authorities weed out human traffickers, guard refugee camps and secure the borders of Africa’s countries.

    Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, in his turn, warned that Austria would reintroduce control on its borders if Germany were to turn migrants back at its borders.

    “We would do everything possible to protect our borders … including border protection at the Brenner,” Kurz told the Bild, referencing one of the main crossings at the Austrian-Italian border…”

  6. Daesh, Nusra Will Return to Idea of Creating Caliphate With West’s Help – Assad (sputniknews, Jun 24, 2018)

    “… Furthermore, he said, the terrorists from Daesh (ISIS)* and Nusra Front* will return to the idea of building a so-called caliphate, and with Western help. “This is a religious threat with political support. This doesn’t happen spontaneously. They will return, because Western forces use them again and again, but under different names.”…”

  7. Investigation Finds Migrant Career Criminals Routinely Protected from Deportation (breitbart, Jun 24, 2018)

    “An investigation into Germany’s Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has found that migrant criminals with records of murder, rape, and drug dealing have been allowed to stay in the country under the asylum law.

    German tabloid Bild claims to have gained access to records and letters sent from field officers across the country warning the security department at the BAMF headquarters in Nuremberg of asylum seekers with long records of criminality.

    According to one case obtained by the tabloid, the security unit of BAMF was warned about an asylum seeker with 85 criminal charges currently against him in Turkey.

    “The applicant stated in his hearing and has shown that there are approximately 85 ongoing criminal proceedings against him in Turkey. There is also an arrest warrant against the applicant,” the letter said.

    Other letters contained even more concerning information such as one describing an asylum seeker from Ghana named Baba M. who claimed to have murdered at least 40 people.

    A Bangladeshi asylum seeker admitted he was also wanted for murder with the field office agent asking if the man should get asylum as he could face “imminent imprisonment” in Bangladesh.

    A letter from January 2017 spoke of an asylum seeker from Eritrea who claimed to have tortured people during his days as a prison guard in the country.

    According to a letter from August of 2016, a Pakistani asylum seeker admitted he had raped a man in his home country: “The applicant is sexually attracted to men and women. In Pakistan, the applicant raped a man. For further details please refer to the hearing protocol,” the letter said.

    Potential war criminals are also mentioned in the letters, including a migrant from Sierra Leone who claimed to have butchered men, women, and children while serving as a child soldier. Another letter said a Liberian man had “killed and executed many people in combat operations in Liberia”.

    Many asylum seekers who commit crimes are unable to be deported by Germany if there are claims they may be tortured or receive the death penalty in the country the are deported to. The letters fuel speculation as to how many known criminals have been able to arrive in Germany while BAMF knew about their pasts.

    The letters could prove to be the latest scandal for the agency following previous allegations that members of the Bremen field office had given over a thousand positive asylum decisions to migrants who did not qualify for asylum and there have also been allegations of staff taking bribes…”

    • Criminals and violent criminals apply for asylum! – Beatrix von Storch – AFD Group in the Bundestag:

      The welcoming culture shows its true ugly face: murderers, rapists and war criminals have come across the open border and applied for asylum. The BAMF documents on these cases have now become public.

  8. Study: Mass Migration Nearly The Sole Driver of European Population Growth (breitbart, Jun 24, 2018)

    “A new study from Austria has contended that not only is mass migration a large driver of population growth in Europe, but it may be close to being the sole driver, as native birthrates stagnate or decline.

    The study, conducted by the researchers at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) and the Vienna Wittgenstein Center, looked at European population trends from between 1990 and 2017, and found that almost all population growth in Western Europe was driven by migration, Kronen Zeitung reports.

    “Migration movements have become the driving force behind growth and decline of the population of Europe,” ÖAW demographer Tomas Sobotka said.

    Only two Western European countries, Ireland and France, saw population growth due to births rather than mass migration, but more recent reports have shown the French birthrate in decline for the past three years.

    In both Germany and Italy population growth was solely due to mass migration, as the birth rates of both countries did not match replacement rates.

    Germany has seen such a massive influx of migrants in recent years that some estimate that as many as 1 in 5 residents comes from a foreign background.

    Almost all of the Balkan states, barring Slovenia, saw a population decline, which has been attributed to residents leaving the country to find work in Western Europe.

    Central and Eastern Europe countries have largely decided against growing their populations through mass migration, opting to support local people to have families instead.

    In February of last year, Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán did offer to take in migrants, but not from the Middle East, Asia or North Africa.

    Instead, Orbán extended open arms to Western Europeans, saying: “We shall let in true refugees. Germans, Dutch, French and Italians, terrified politicians and journalists who here in Hungary want to find the Europe they have lost in their homelands.””

  9. European leaders urged to guarantee safe ports for migrants (theguardian, Jun 24, 2018)

    “Charities operating search-and-rescue missions in the Mediterranean have called on European leaders to urgently guarantee safe ports for rescued migrants and refugees, warning that the political standoff is already costing lives.

    As EU leaders met on Sunday for an emergency summit on migration – a week after the 630 people rescued by the Aquarius arrived in Spain after being turned away by both Italy and Malta – the fate of another vessel remained in limbo.

    The German NGO Mission Lifeline said its ship, carrying 234 migrants, was adrift in international waters after Italy refused it entry and the Maltese authorities told it to head back to Italy.

    Some of the charities accused the Italian interior minister, Matteo Salvini, of placing political concerns before lives.

    “It’s absolutely unacceptable that policy is being made at the expense of people in maritime distress,” said a spokesman for the German NGO Sea-Watch.

    He said that as well as the 234 people onboard the Lifeline, more than 100 had been rescued off southern Italy on Saturday by the container ship the Alexander Maersk.

    “At the same time, people are drowning in the central Mediterranean sea,” he said. “The UN refugee agency has put out numbers, with more than 200 people drowned just in the last five days. That’s a direct effect of the policy of crackdown on sea rescue.

    “We expect a fast solution for the people on the Lifeline and on the Alexander Maersk because it’s unacceptable for people to be held hostage as a political statement.”

    A spokesman for Mission Lifeline said it did not know what would happen to those onboard its vessel, nor what Italy’s stance could mean for the future.

    Oscar Camps, the founder of the Spanish charity Proactiva Open Arms – whose ship was impounded by Italian authorities in March – said the number of people drowning in the Mediterranean had risen by 20% since Salvini’s decision to turn away the Aquarius.

    “It’s not our job to say whether these people are legal or illegal,” he said. “We’re talking about people’s lives and our job is to act. The only thing that’s illegal at sea are Mr Salvini’s decisions. There are some red lines that shouldn’t be crossed. If they’re crossed, then this could turn into a serious diplomatic situation.”

    Camps said it would not be practical for ships to ferry rescued migrants and refugees to Spanish ports even if the new government in Madrid agreed to take in more, as it had with the Aquarius.

    “That’s not a good idea technically,” he said. “We can’t spend days making for Spain with people onboard in terrible conditions. It uses a lot of fuel.” He added rescue ships needed to be allowed into the nearest port, especially if they were carrying injured people who needed medical treatment.

    “We can’t hang around waiting for ages for them to assign us a port,” he said. “We need to act to minimise the loss of life. That’s what any sensible person would do.”

    SOS Méditerranée, which operates the Aquarius with the international Medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), described the international standoff over its ship as a “wakeup call” and demanded action when EU leaders meet again on Thursday and Friday.

    “People rescued at sea must be brought to a port of safety where their basic needs are ensured, including specific medical needs, and where they can seek the appropriate protection they are entitled to under both international and national law,” it said in a statement.

    “Protection from any forms of further abuse, exploitation and trafficking must especially be guaranteed. As the EU will be looking towards new instruments during next week’s EU council, the objective of preserving and protecting lives of people in distress must be discussed, before any other policy consideration.”

    Last week, Elhadj As Sy, the secretary general of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), said Europe’s treatment of the Aquarius constituted a betrayal of its basic values.

    MSF, meanwhile, said the episode showed that European migration and asylum policies had failed and that the EU had lost it its humanity…”

  10. Reports of massive voter fraud taking place across Turkey, especially south-east (theregion, Jun 24, 2018)

    “… In the eastern provinces, election fraud complaints are at an all-time high. In the eastern city of Van, several military helicopters brought the ballots with them.

    Furthermore, according to Mezopotamya Agency, members of the HDP electoral commission were blocked in Diyarbakir by armed government funded “village guards”. They entered into four different rural areas in Kulp and intimidated voters, forcing two villages to end voting. The same happened in the neighbourhoods of Agacli, Narcice, Zeyrek and Duzce . Due to voting irregularities in the village of Yukari Haydan in the Egil district, the ballot boxes were closed.

    Yol Tv reports that ballot box stuffing has taken place in Urfa’s Suruc, a stronghold for the HDP, with a video of an angry reporter screaming that “despite not everyone even voting et, the ballot-box has been filled, as you can all see. Apparently, the Ballot box committee has yet to comment on the situation. The allegation of voting fraud is said to have taken place at GAP Anadolu High School at ballot-boxes 1043 and 1044.

    In Erzurum’s Yakutiye, election observers were forcefully taken out of a voting station. In Urfa’s Gecit Village, men have voted on behalf of women. And, a CHP party council member, Mehmet Ali Celebi has said that in 30 villages in Urfa, dispatched election observers were forcefully removed from the premises containing ballot boxes.

    Meanwhile, despite various allegations of voter fraud, the Supreme Electoral Board chair Sadi Guven — often accused of having little independence — has justified the government’s decision to send armed soldiers to voting ballots in the Kurdish populated south-east. “There are claims of diminished security in Suruc” he said, “necessary administrative and judicial steps have been taken.” The OSCE however, has said that it is too worried to send its observers to Urfa’s Suruc, due to security reasons…”

    • Turkey elections votes RIGGED: Police find car full of FORGED ballot papers (express, Jun 24, 2018)

      “POLICE in Turkey have arrested three people after sacks overflowing with sealed ballot papers were found in a car they were driving adding fuel to speculation today’s election was rigged.

      Officers resorted to firing their guns into the air to stop the threesome in the country’s southeastern province of Urfa from delivering four sacks stuffed with fake voting cards to the Bilge Primary School, which was being used as a polling station.

      When police tried to pull the car over, the driver put his foot on the gas while the remaining two others hurled the sacks and papers out of the window, prompting officers to use force to stop and detain them while the vehicle was searched.

      Meanwhile, Turkey’s official news agency reports that authorities have launched an investigation after three French, three German and four Italian citizens have been arrested for interfering with votes.

      The ten claimed to be ballot box monitors to unsuspecting voters but did not have the proper accreditation to do this and have been brought into a nearby police station to be interviewed.

      Officers have also been doing the rounds up and down the country monitoring election boxes after several videos showed citizens voting in bulk, triggering mass brawls at polling station checkpoints.

      Anadolu Agency today reported that in Suruc, the country’s south-eastern Sanliurfa district, a major police probe has been launched when locals called out voters for ‘box-stuffing’ at one particular polling station, though there are no further details on the fight or whether anybody was seriously injured.

      Sanliurfa governor Abdullah Erin said on Twitter: “The necessary interventions were made concerning the short-lived fighting between the sides.”

      This comes after news four people were killed fighting which was sparked by an election campaign by a party candidate…”

    • Turkey election day shooting: Politician from opposition party among three killed (express, Jun 24, 2018)

      “A TURKISH politician from opposition party Iyi was shot dead together with other two people on Turkey’s election day, the party announced on Twitter.

      Turkish newspaper Yenicag reported Iyi Party Chairman for Karaçoban District, Mehmet S?dd?k Durmaz, was shot dead during the voting process in ISE Secondary School located in Kopal.

      A statement released by CHP Karacoban District President Husnu Yilan said: “Some 24 officials from the Interior Ministry were sent here.

      “We did not accept this and we reacted.

      “Then an MP hopeful from the [ruling Justice and Development Party] AKP came and we did not accept his presence either.

      “After a fight broke out they started used guns.”

      The IYI party also confirmed his death with another statement shared on social media…”

  11. France is ‘NUMBER ONE ENEMY’: Italy blasts ‘arrogant’ Macron for causing EU EMERGENCY (express, Jun 24, 2018)

    “ITALY has launched a furious attack on “arrogant” French President Emmanuel Macron warning that France risks becoming its “Number 1 enemy” on migration issues, a day before European leaders meet in Brussels for a hastily arranged meeting on the divisive issue.

    Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said Mr Macron’s claims migration flows towards Europe had reduced in comparison to a few years ago were out of touch with reality.

    Writing on his Facebook page, he said: “Italy indeed faces a migration emergency and it’s partly because France keeps pushing back people at the border.

    “Macron risks making his country Italy’s Number 1 enemy on this emergency.”

    It comes after Emmanuel Macron said European cooperation had managed to cut migration flows by close to 80 percent and problems stemmed from “secondary” movements of migrants within Europe.

    The French president said: ”The reality is that Europe is not experiencing a migration crisis of the same magnitude as the one it experienced in 2015.

    “A country like Italy has not at all the same migratory pressure as last year. The crisis we are experiencing today in Europe is a political crisis tied to secondary movements between European countries.”

    But Italy’s Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said his country had faced 650,000 arrivals by sea over the past four years, 430,000 asylum requests and the hosting of 170,000 “alleged refugees” for an overall cost of more than £4.4million.

    In a statement where he referred to the northeastern Italian town at the border with France, Mr Salvini said: “If for the arrogant President Macron this is not a problem, we invite him to stop insulting and to show instead some concrete generosity by opening up France’s many ports and letting children, men and women through at Ventimiglia.”

    Mr Macron said he would back financial sanctions for the bloc’s 28 nations if they fail to take in a flurry of refugees that have proven asylum status in a move that has fanned the flames of the Brussels immigration crisis.

    He said: “I am for myself in favour of mechanisms that indeed take this into account.

    “You can’t have countries that massively benefit from the solidarity of the European Union and that massively voice their national selfishness when it comes to migrant issues.”

    Sunday’s emergency EU meeting is aimed at preparing for a full EU summit from June 28 to 29.

    EU states will attempt to thrash out a Europe-wide migration policy with other leaders at the European Council meeting at the end of the month.”

  12. Italy says ‘arrogant’ France risks becoming ‘No.1 enemy’ on migration

    MILAN (Reuters) – Italy on Saturday said “arrogant” France risked becoming its “No.1 enemy” on migration issues, a day before European leaders convene in Brussels for a hastily arranged meeting on the divisive issue.

    In answer to comments by French President Emmanuel Macron, who said migration flows towards Europe had reduced compared with a few years ago, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said Macron’s words showed he was out of touch with reality.

    “Italy indeed faces a migration emergency and it’s partly because France keeps pushing back people at the border. Macron risks making his country Italy’s No.1 enemy on this emergency,” Di Maio wrote on his Facebook page.

    Macron said European cooperation had managed to cut migration flows by close to 80 percent and problems stemmed from “secondary” movements of migrants within Europe.

  13. Xi says China must lead way in reform of global governance

    BEIJING (Reuters) – China must lead the way in reforming global governance, the foreign ministry on Saturday cited President Xi Jinping as saying, as Beijing looks to increase its world influence.

    China has sought a greater say in global organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and United Nations, in line with its growing economic and diplomatic clout.

    Since taking office in late 2012, Xi has taken a more muscular approach, setting up China’s own global bodies like the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and launching his landmark Belt and Road project to build a new Silk Road.

    Beijing has cast itself a responsible member of the international community, especially as President Donald Trump withdraws the United States from agreements on climate change and Iran, and as Europe wrestles with Brexit and other issues.

    China must “uphold the protection of the country’s sovereignty, security and development interests, proactively participate in and show the way in reform of the global governance system, creating an even better web of global partnership relationships”, Xi said in comments reported at the end of a two-day high-level Communist Party meeting.

  14. Disabled vet’s life ruined by illegal migrants – and Kamala Harris ‘basically refused’ to help
    By Daily Caller News Foundation June 24, 2018

    Then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris didn’t take action against illegal immigrants who stole the identity of a disabled Iraq war veteran when he asked for her help, according to a 2013 letter.

    James Di Napoli told The Daily Caller News Foundation that his father sold his social security information to illegal immigrants when he was 17, and his life has been in limbo ever since.

    “The amount of trauma this has caused me has been overwhelming, it’s just destroyed my life,” Di Napoli said.

    Illegal immigrants in California allegedly used Di Napoli’s social security number to work illegally in the U.S., generating fraudulent income on his Federal Student Aid records. As a result, Di Napoli owed thousands of dollars in tuition and was forced to take a leave of absence from Colorado Christian University.

  15. Welcome to the next ring of journalistic hell: Yes, the story is fake but we’re not killing it
    By Ben Bowles June 23, 2018

    The embrace of fake news by the so-called elite media is growing ever more brazen. Last June, we reached what seemed like a tipping point when CNN retracted an entire story about a Trump adviser allegedly under investigation for ties to Russia when it turned out to be bogus.

    That we did not hit rock bottom is evident from the more recent reaction of another media outlet, Time magazine, to getting caught with its pants down. The story, which J.E. Dyer reported on on Thursday, was teased by a cover photo of a crying migrant child appearing to gaze up at an indifferent Donald Trump. As J.E. notes, the toddler in the picture was never separated from her mother, as Time claimed. “In fact, the mother had set out with the child on her own, some three weeks ago, and the father, 32-year-old Denis Javier Varela Hernandez, hadn’t known where they were until he saw them on the news in Texas.”

    A number of blogs have reported the same factual error, based on a Daily Mail interview with the father. So what does Time have to say for itself? Via The Federalist’s Rachel Stoltzfoos:

  16. This tactic is relevant to the website because it can be generalized to promoting any agenda.
    Anti-Zionist Jewish group provides webinar in how-to espouse views when/if someone is a camp counselor at a Zionist summer camp (e.g. asking campers in their care to chant mourning prayes for terrorists); provides anti-Zionist flyers to distribute at airport to college-aged travelers en route to Israel.

  17. Just one in 400 Syrian refugees Christian despite ‘horrendous persecution’ (express, Jun 24, 2018)

    “JUST one in 400 Syrian refugees given asylum in the UK last year were Christians despite them being subjected to “horrendous persecution”. A Freedom of Information request found just 11 of those admitted to Britain under the Government’s flagship Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme (VPRS) were Christian.

    This is despite an estimated 10 per cent of the Syrian population being Christian at the start of the civil war.

    The number of Christians granted asylum by Britain has slumped considerably since 2016, when 1.5 per cent were Christians.

    Last year that percentage dropped to just 0.23 – amounting to 11 of the 4,832 Syrians who were resettled in the UK.

    James Dobson, Senior Researcher at Bright Blue, which carried out the research, said: “Christians are being subjected to horrendous persecution in Syria.

    “Yet, the figures revealed by Bright Blue today show the Government is failing to offer sufficient Syrian Christians safe harbour in Britain…”

  18. Russian Army Busts Nusra Filming Fake Footage to Accuse Russia, Syria in Idlib (sputniknews, Jun 24, 2018)

    “Militants from the al-Qaeda*-affiliated terror group Jabhat al-Nusra (also known as Tahrir al-Sham) are preparing false flag attacks in Syria, including fake footage of the civilians’ evacuation by militants and the restoration of buildings said to be destroyed by Russian and Syrian air strikes, the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria reported.

    “The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria received information about the upcoming Jabhat al-Nusra* terrorist provocation by telephone from residents of Idlib Governorate.

    According to the Syrians, who spoke to the center’s officers, last Friday a film crew from the news agency of one of the Middle Eastern countries came to the province. This group, together with the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, made fake videos about the evacuation of civilians to Alhelal al-Ahmar Hospital and the terrorists’ active “restoration” of civilian infrastructure, allegedly destroyed by Russian and Syrian air strikes,” the center’s statement says.

    As the Russian Reconciliation Center specified, the film crew used for their footage residential buildings which had been destroyed during clashes between different militant groups in the area.

    According to the information received by the center, the fake films were set to be released by some Arabian and Western media outlets and then blamed on Russia. The Russian reconciliation center concluded that this would also play into the hands of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, helping them to receive funding from Western non-government organizations operating in Idlib.
    Local residents cited by the center stated that the film crew had come to the province last Friday.

    Various terrorist and militant factions operate in the Syrian province of Idlib, where one of the Syrian de-escalation zones is located. In particular, in April, militants from the Damascus neighborhood of Eastern Ghouta withdrew from the area and were transported to Idlib.”

  19. First Troops Deployed in Canada’s Controversial Mali Peacekeeping Mission (sputniknews, Jun 24, 2018)

    “About a dozen Canadian troops landed at a UN base in Mali on Sunday morning, kicking off a year-long peacekeeping deployment that garnered controversy long before it began.

    The troops were shipped to the northern city of Gao, ahead of the arrival of the rest of the peacekeeping contingent of 250 personnel, CTV News has reported. Ottawa committed a total of three Chinook transport helicopters and five Griffon choppers to assist in the mission, including one spare of each.

    Once deployed, the Canadian troops will operate across disputed zones as part of an ongoing UN mission to stabilize Mali following a Tuareg insurgency, which proclaimed an Islamic state in the country’s north in 2012 with the support of Libyan militants after the NATO intervention in Libya in 2011.

    The Canadian mission has not been without controversy, with critics citing its dangers (about 150 peacekeepers have been killed since 2013) and the somewhat unclear nature of the mission.

    For instance, while the Trudeau government has emphasized a “marked female presence” among the peacekeeping contingent, it has been criticized for lack of information about important details about the mission, such as the rules of engagement when encountering child soldiers.

    UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres told the Canadian media earlier this month that Canadian casualties were “possible,” with other UN officials warning that the mission was “highly volatile.” …”

  20. FRANCE – Critics mock Emmanuel Macron as unpresidential for posing with risqué dance troupe at Elysée palace

    French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to host an electro dance night at the Elysée and to pose with his wife Brigitte alongside an LGBT dance troupe has enraged opposition figures who accuse him of degrading the presidential status.

    “Son of immigrants, black, and queer,” was the slogan on the T-shirt of one of the DJs at the party which particularly infuriated mainstream Right-wing politicians as well as the far-Right Leader Marine Le Pen, whose party is fiercely anti-immigrant.

    “Help!” wrote Ms Le Pen in a tweet alongside a video of the the dance troupe writhing on the steps of the courtyard of the Elysée palace, which is usually reserved for greeting visiting foreign heads of state.

    “To all those who see in Macron a new (Charles) de Gaulle,” wrote Julien Aubert, a member of parliament from the mainstream right-wing Republicans party, in a mocking tweet which included the photo of the presidential couple with the dancers inside the Elysée.

    The photo was taken by Brigitte Macron’s chief of staff and released onto social media, where it quickly went viral.

  21. SCHENGEN AT STAKE: Italy stuns EU as Conte reveals shock migrant plan at summit (express, Jun 24, 2018)

    “ITALY’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced his country has put forward a new migration policy proposal to the European Union to “effectively” protect the Schengen Area.

    The newly-appointed Italian leader revealed his country had presented 15 leaders attending the European Union migration summit in Brussels with the new proposals.

    Giuseppe Conte told the press: “We are here to present the Italian proposal for a new migration policy.

    “A completely new Italian proposal based on the new resolution paradigm to solve the migration issue. It’s called the European Multi-Level Strategy for Migration, articulated on six premises and ten objectives.

    “It’s aimed at proposing a timely regulation and management policy to control migration flows that is truly effective and sustainable.”

    The new proposal demands EU member states accept their share of economic migrants entering the bloc through Italian shares or face a reduction of EU money.

    The document includes 10 points that Rome suggested would help manage the influx of migrants coming to the European Union putting a strain on welcoming countries such as Italy.

    According to the current policy, countries welcoming refugees and migrants in the first place are charged with handling asylum requests.

    The new Italian plans insisted EU members have a joint responsibility to address the migrant crisis, suggesting that failure to work together would put the Schengen Area at risk.

    Mr Conte continued: “It’s a proposal aimed at completely surpassing the Dublin Agreement.

    “We believe that agreement is based on emergency logistics but we want to tackle the issue structurally. Our public opinion demands it.”

    The Italian proposal said: “Who arrives in Italy, lands in Europe

    “The rescue obligation cannot become an obligation to process asylum requests on everyone’s behalf.

    “Each state establishes entry quotas for economic migrants. It is a principle that must be respected, but adequate countermeasures must be provided for funding with respect to states that do not offer welcome to refugees.”

    EU leaders rushed to Brussels for emergency talks over the bloc’s migration policy after Italian deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini announced the country would close its ports to NGO ships transporting migrants.

    EU boss Jean-Claude Juncker called the mini-summit billed as an “informal working meeting” to take place before a summit at the end of this month.

    The emergency meeting will also be an opportunity for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who faces a crisis at home over migration which threatens to tear apart her coalition government, to find possible solutions.

    On arrival, Mrs Merkel said: “One large part of today’s discussions will be protecting the outside borders and how we reduce illegal migration to Europe. There will also be a discussion about secondary migration, how do we treat each other fairly inside Schengen, how can we find a reasonable balance.”

    Ms Merkel has been backed into a corner by her coalition counterpart who demanded Germany’s spike in immigration be curbed by sending asylum seekers back to the EU member state they initially registered in as part of a crackdown on migration.”

  22. London news: Man attacked at Ghana Embassy as armed burglar raids Commission (express, Jun 24, 2018)

    “A MAN was rushed to hospital after a burglar broke in to Ghana’s Embassy in Belgravia, London. Members of the public feared the worst after the man, in his seventies, was seen being carried out of the embassy in Belgrave Square, one of the grandest areas of central London.

    Three police cars, three police vans and two ambulances were seen at West Halkin Street, next to Belgrave Square, with a police helicopter also circling in a hunt for the suspect of the violent burglary…”

  23. Migrants Using Soccer World Cup IDs to Illegally Enter EU (breitbart, Jun 24, 2018)

    “Migrants are using the World Cup ticketing system to illegally enter the European Union (EU) without a visa.

    The tournament is based in Russia this year and a number of neighbouring nations have reported the “phenomenon” of this new form of immigration fraud.

    So far, the authorities, have identified a number of Moroccans, one Nigerian, and one Chinese person who have used fan ID to illegally cross from Russia, which is not in the EU, into Finland, which is, and apply for asylum there, Spiegel Online reports…”

  24. Censorship: Entire European Identitarian Movement Permanently Banned From Facebook (breitbart, Jun 24, 2018)

    “The anti-mass migration Generation Identity movement has been banned permanently from Facebook, after all of their official pages were deleted due to “extremist content.”

    Over the last several weeks the group has seen page after page disappear from the social media giant’s platform with little or no explanation, but a new report claims that Facebook has permanently banned the hipster-right identitarians, accusing them of posting “extremist content”.

    According to the paper, Facebook confirmed that the group had been permanently banned from the platform, “citing their policies against extremist content and organised hate groups.”

    The ban impacts all branches of the identitarian movement, including in Britain, Austria, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, and France, where the original Generation Identitaire group was founded.

    The French wing of the movement put out a press release when censorship of their pages began earlier this year, saying: “By depriving Generation Identitaire of any representation on its platform, Facebook tries to gag a political movement that has accumulated hundreds of thousands of subscribers throughout Europe.”

    “Our lawyer has already put Facebook on notice to reactivate all Generation Identitaire and Defend Europe pages. If the company administering the network does not run, we will immediately initiate legal proceedings,” they added, indicating a possible future legal battle with the social media giant.

    The British branch of the movement, which started last year with a banner drop on Westminster bridge, also put out a statement, accusing Facebook of banning the personal accounts of activists for as little as sharing the logo of the group, the Greek letter lambda.

    The ban comes only months after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg was grilled by U.S. Republican Senator Ted Cruz on the subject of censoring conservatives…”

  25. EU leaders back Africa, Balkans migrant reception centers (abcnews, Jun 24, 2018)

    “The idea of screening Europe-bound asylum-seekers in North Africa and the Balkans gained support from several European Union leaders Sunday as tensions over how best to handle new arrivals threatened to undermine the bloc’s unity.

    At emergency talks in Brussels, a group of 16 countries led by France and Germany were thrashing out who should take responsibility for the thousands of migrants landing primarily in Italy, Greece and Spain, how long they should take care of them and how much their European partners should do to help out.

    Failure to agree on how to deal with the challenge of migration threatens the EU’s border-free travel area, one of the biggest accomplishments in the bloc’s 60-year history.

    The number of people arriving in Europe has dropped significantly this year — the U.N.’s refugee agency forecasts around 80,000 people will enter by sea in 2018 if current trends continue — but the EU’s political turmoil over the topic has soared. Anti-migrant parties — and governments in Hungary and Italy — have been fomenting public fears of foreigners and have won support doing so.

    Encouraged by a deal with Turkey that has slashed migrant arrivals from there by 97 percent since 2015 — when hundreds of thousands of people entered, mostly migrants fleeing war in Syria and Iraq — the 28-nation EU is ready to greenlight plans to set up screening centers in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Niger and Tunisia.

    Plans to set up migrant reception centers in Albania are also under discussion.

    French President Emmanuel Macron said “the method that we are going to adopt” would involve “working together vis a vis the countries of transit and origin outside the European Union.” He mentioned Libya — the main jumping off point for countries bound for Europe — other African countries and the Balkans.

    Noting that migrant arrivals have dropped significantly, Macron said: “it’s a political crisis that Europe and the European Union is mostly living today.”

    The prime ministers of Denmark, Belgium and Luxembourg also backed the idea of outsourcing the effort to tame migration, although they emphasized the need to respect international law.

    The International Organization for Migration and the UNHCR are cautious about setting up “hotspots” outside of Europe to filter people fleeing violence at home from those trying to get to the continent to improve their lives economically. No country has so far agreed to host any screening centers, according to the EU’s top migration official.

    It’s also unclear how much the effort would cost, but the EU-Turkey deal has so far cost more than 3 billion euros ($3.5 billion).

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is battling a domestic political crisis with her coalition partners over migration, played down hopes that a full EU summit starting on Thursday will clinch any comprehensive agreement on how to deal with migration.

    Merkel instead is pushing for bilateral and trilateral deals to cope with short-term migration pressures. EU nations, Merkel said, have to see “how can we help each other without always having to wait for all 28, but by thinking what’s important to whom.”

    “It is also about bi- and trilateral agreements for mutual benefit,” she said. France’s Macron also supported the idea of members acting in smaller groups.

    Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said he would propose a plan representing a “paradigm change” in how Europe manages migration. Conte said it would replace the current migration rules — known as the Dublin Regulations — which insist that migrants must apply for asylum in the first European country they land in.

    Meanwhile, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez urged his EU partners to help Spain deal with a growing number of arrivals across the Mediterranean Sea. The UNHCR says around 40,000 people have arrived in Europe by sea so far this year, some 16,000 in Italy, 12,000 in Greece and 12,000 in Spain.

    His appeal came as migration tensions surged on the Mediterranean itself.

    A Spanish aid group that has rescued thousands of migrants from the Mediterranean said Italy had declined its offer to help seven smugglers’ boats carrying about 1,000 migrants in need of rescue off Libya’s coast. Proactiva Open Arms says in a tweet Sunday that Italy is seeking to have the Libyan coast guard force the migrants back to North Africa.

    Aid groups say conditions for migrants on the shores of lawless Libya are atrocious and accuse Italy of being complicit in the abuse of those migrants.

    Tensions between Italy and Malta also flared, with both EU nations refusing to let a German rescue ship with 234 migrants aboard dock at their ports.

    Malta’s home affairs minister, Michael Farrugia, and Italy’s transport minister, Danilo Toninelli, engaged in a Twitter war of words Sunday over which country was being more “inhuman” about the fate of the Lifeline and its passengers.

    Maltese Premier Joseph Muscat sought to lower the rhetoric as he arrived Sunday in Brussels, saying now was not the time for a “blame game.”

    Under its new anti-migrant government, Italy has refused to let humanitarian aid boats dock in Italian ports, arguing that they are only encouraging smugglers in North Africa.

    As with everything linked to migration in Europe, even the meeting in Brussels has not pleased everybody. Four eastern EU countries — the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia — refused to attend and reject taking in migrants in general.

    That means that whatever is agreed upon Sunday, it would still face a full test when the full two-day EU summit starts Thursday.”

  26. Turkey’s main opposition attacks state media over election results coverage (reuters, Jun 24, 2018)

    “Some 25 Jews and Muslims teamed up on tandem bicycle rides through the German capital on Sunday in a protest against growing anti-Semitism and attacks on Muslims in the country.

    Some were rabbis and imams, others included women in headscarves and Jewish community members donning skullcaps from Berlin and beyond who shared the bikes on a tour through the city.

    Rabbi Elias Dray, one of the organizers of the ride that started at Berlin’s Holocaust memorial, said the interfaith tour was intended to boost contacts between Jews and Muslims and other Germans.

    “There’s often prejudice in places where there’s little contact,” said Dray, who works as a community rabbi in the Bavarian town of Amberg. “Anywhere it’s a big gain to get to know Judaism and Islam.”

    He rode a tandem together with Berlin Imam Ender Cetin. They and others wore white vests with the words: “Jews and Muslims for respect and tolerance.”

    In addition to the 25 interfaith-bikers, dozens of people joined the bicycle tour through Berlin’s downtown in a show of solidarity.

    Anti-Semitism has been on the rise in Germany lately and while attacks on Muslims have increased.

    The rising tensions come as Germany grapples with an influx of more than 1 million mostly Muslim migrants, along with the rise of a nationalist party, the Alternative for Germany, which was elected to Parliament last year for the first time. Its leaders are known for their openly anti-Muslim stance, while anti-Semitism has also featured in their statements, but less often.

    To further complicate things, some of the newly arrived Muslim migrants have added a new strain of anti-Semitism by holding Jews responsible for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    Reports of bullying of Jewish children by Muslim immigrant kids in schools across the country have scared many Jews, while Muslim women among others often report slurs and discrimination against them for wearing headscarves.

    Despite these tensions, Imam Cetin said, “the majority of Muslims and Jews want to live peacefully together.”

    “It must become a natural thing that we live together in this city and, that we can be able to express our religion openly,” Cetin added.”

  27. MALAYSIA – Sabah condemns ‘disrespectful’ dance by tourists near city mosque

    Assistant minister Assafal Alian says such matters will not be taken lightly to ensure racial and religious harmony.

    KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah government is livid over the behaviour of two foreign tourists who were caught on video dancing in an indecent manner in front of the city mosque here.

    The authorities have promised to take swift action against the tourists and their tour operator.

    The nine-second video, which has been making its rounds on social media, is believed to have been shot by a passer-by, earlier today.

    The video showed the women, in brief shorts and tops, dancing in an indecent manner on a concrete wall in front of the mosque.

    Tourism, culture and environment assistant minister Assafal Alian said the government strongly condemned the disrespectful behavior of the two tourists.

    “Once we identify their nationalities, strong action will be taken against them and the operator of the group who failed to brief and deter the foreigners,” he said.

    He said the actions of the tourists showed their lack of respect to Muslim worshippers as well as the hospitality extended to them.

    “Although incidents with tourists like these happen everywhere in the world, we will not stand by and do nothing. We appreciate the concern by netizens and their alertness on matters like this

    “We can all work together to ensure that visitors to the state enjoy their holiday and at the same time respect our culture, beliefs and our people,” Assafal said.

    He said the ministry would continue to have regular engagements with tour operators and tourism stakeholders including owners of tourist attractions in Sabah, particularly in sensitive areas like religious buildings and sacred sites.

    “We also plan to introduce a carrying capacity on tourism attractions, including at places of worship, to better manage and allow a smooth flow between worshippers and visitors going to the area,” he said.

    Meanwhile, the city mosque’s management (MBR) has imposed a temporary ban, with immediate effect, on tourists visiting the iconic landmark in the state capital.

    City mosque chairman Jamal Sakaran said this was in response to the viral video which showed the indecent behaviour of the tourists.

    “We regret the actions of some of the tourists (in this group) although they have received briefings on the allowed behaviour in the mosque compound,” he said.

    He noted that between 500 and 1,000 foreign tourists visit the city mosque daily, adding that the management would also ban express buses, Grab cars and taxis (except those registered with MBR) from ferrying passengers into the mosque compound and its immediate surroundings.

    “The MBR has implemented various efforts to spread the message on the beauty of Islam and the mosque to visitors but despite this, there are still tourists who act unexpectedly,” he said.

    Jamal said among others, the MBR had briefed tourist guides, and provided proper Islamic robes, head scarfs, kopiah and a tourist centre.

    He said the mosque would also place extra Rela personnel outside the mosque gates to avoid similar incidents.

    He said the mosque management would also conduct discussions with the relevant tourism agencies to find the best solution in order to safeguard the image and sanctity of Islam. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “All ideas, suggestions and views are needed from time to time,” he said, thanking the public for their concern.


    Action to be taken against 2 female tourists who behaved disrespectfully at City Mosque

    KOTA KINABALU: Action will be taken against the tourists who behaved disrespectfully at City Mosque here and their operator once both have been identified, said Sabah Assistant Tourism, Culture and Environment minister Assafal Alian.

    He was responding to a 10-second video of two foreign tourists, both women, inappropriately dressed and showcasing some sexy K-pop dance moves on the wall of the mosque.

    In a statement, Assafal said the action of the foreign tourists in the vicinity of a religious structure showed lack of respect to the Muslim worshippers as well as the hospitality extended to them.

    “Although incidents with tourists like these happens everywhere in the world we will not stand by and do nothing. We appreciate the concern by netizens and their alertness on matters like this.

    “We can all work together to ensure that our visitors to the state enjoy their holiday and at the same time respect our culture, beliefs and our people.”

    In the wake of the incident, the Council of the City Mosque has put up a temporary ban on foreign visitors.

    About a thousand foreign tourists visit the City Mosque every day which is one of the must-visit places in Kota Kinabalu.

    The council has also prepared Muslim garb for those who wish to go inside the building.

    “The Ministry will continue to have regular engagements with tour operators and tourism stakeholders including owners of tourist attractions in Sabah, particularly sensitive areas like religious buildings and sacred venues,” Assafal said.

    He added that there was also a plan to limit the number of tourists at a time at places of worship to better manage the crowd and ensure a smooth flow of worshippers and visitors going to the area.


    Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) – The Minnesota Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is asking local, state and federal authorities to investigate an incident involving a mosque in downtown Rochester.

    Officials with the Abubakar Islamic Center discovered bacon had been left at the front door and in the parking lot of the mosque Saturday morning. A statement from CAIR says the incident was reported to the Rochester Police Department and the group wants it investigated as a possible hate crime.

    “As with a number of similar attempted acts of religious desecration nationwide, the use of pork products to target an Islamic institution is a clear indicator of a bias motive and should be investigated as a possible hate crime,” said CAIR-MN Executive Director Jaylani Hussein.

    This marks the second time this month the CAIR group has issued statements concerning incidents in Rochester. Earlier this month, the group publicized a complaint against the management of a local restaurant. CAIR demanded an apology from Red Lobster after the family reported being mistreated because of their religious beliefs.

  29. Tunisia Coach Dismisses Criticism for Reading Quran at World Cup Match

    TEHRAN (IQNA) – The head coach of Tunisia’s football team has responded after facing criticism for reading Quranic verses with players before a game at the World Cup in Russia.

    Nabil Maaloul made the strong retort in an interview with Tunisian state-run television.

    “I have one thing to say in regards to the criticism… anyone who has attacked me for reading the Fatiha needs to seek medical treatment for themselves,” Maaloul said, referring to the first Surah (chapter) of Islam’s Holy Book.

    “We have grown up with the Quran and the Fatiha. When we had exams in school our mothers would read the chapter for us. The Fatiha is said in all of our prayers from dawn until dusk,” the coach added.

    A video of Maaloul and his team reading the Fatiha in the changing rooms ahead of their first World Cup game against England gained traction on social media last week.

    Mukhtar al-Halfawi – a local media pundit – lashed out at the team after they lost the match and said their reading the religious verses was an act of “witchcraft and superstition”.


    This is a very interesting article about the NGO’s and their boats in the Med. Turns out the Aquarius, the boat that had to go to Spain because Italy wouldn’t let it land, is flying a false flag of the Netherlands. In other words, pirate ship!
    It is implied that if the ship is not from the Netherlands and, since the NGO is based in Germany then most probably the ship is German. Why wouldn’t they want to fly the German flag? Because Germany would then be immediately responsible for the migrants and not Italy or another southern European country.
    Also in the comments someone left a link to ship tracking in the Med and you can watch the Aquarius coming back to the African coast to pick up another load! So, I guess they are going to keep doing this until the boat is impounded. If Italy is really serious about stopping the human trafficking they would be the most likely country to impound the boat.

    • French politician: Our country is being economically, religiously and politically colonised by migrants

      Imagine Donald Trump in a debate with extreme leftist Bill Maher and his left-leaning guests. What a surreal show that would have been! Something similar recently happened on one of the most watched TV shows in France.

      “France is being colonised by migrants,” said Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, a major French political figure. His comment made headlines just a few hours later after its airing. Immediately, extremist pro-immigration members of the press accused him of racism.

      Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, who would have been Marine le Pen’s Prime minister if she had been elected, expressed a populist view against a panel filled with liberal actors and journalists.

      “I estimate that our country is being economically, religiously and politically colonised by migrants who arrive on our soil” said M. Dupont-Aignan.

      Even though the Quran is clear about its totalitarian goal of world domination and the extermination or enslavement of all who resist Islam, the panel exloded in anger as soon as he made his remarks. But the public cheered.

      Before being told he was “worse than Marine le Pen” and also a fascist, he jokingly proposed to put “migrant camps in the Luxembourg’s garden,” where one of the female journalists on the panel seemingly lived, because of her “refugee welcome” attitude. The people’s sense of humor is, apparently, not shared by the extreme left.

  31. REFUGEES PROTEST ABOUT ACCOMMODATION AMENITIES – Breakfast buffet closes too early!!!

    Osnabruck, Lower Saxony. 50 refugees demonstrated a right to “sleep”, they also demand better legal advice and health care. Their food isn´t not good enough, the cafeteria closes too early (in the AM) and the distance to the city center was too far, which is why the fares for them should be lowered.

  32. 10 far-right extremists planning attacks against Muslims arrested in France

    RT – Arrestation de 10 personnes liées à l’«ultradroite» pour un projet d’attentat contre des musulmans

    Une dizaine d’individus soupçonnés d’avoir planifié des attaques contre des musulmans ont été interpellés dans plusieurs endroits de France. Selon LCI, la cellule souhaitait se venger des attaques islamistes commises en France.

    10 individus «liés à l’ultradroite radicale» ont été arrêtés le soir du 23 juin en France par les services antiterroristes pour un projet d’attaque contre des musulmans, selon des sources judiciaire à l’AFP. Les interpellations ont eu lieu dans plusieurs endroits du territoire national, et notamment en Corse.

    D’après la même source, les suspects projetaient un «passage à l’acte violent aux contours mal définis à ce stade, ciblant des personnes de confession musulmane». Selon une autre source citée par l’agence de presse, la cellule visait «des cibles présumées en lien avec l’islam radical».

    LCI affirme que ces individus étaient regroupés en un groupuscule, baptisé Action des forces opérationnelles ou AFO. Ils auraient souhaité se venger des attentats commis en France, selon la chaîne de télévision. Toujours selon LCI, ces individus auraient voulu prendre pour cibles des imams radicaux, des détenus islamistes après leur sortie de prison ou des femmes voilées, «choisies au hasard dans la rue».

    Des armes ont été saisies
    L’enquête devra déterminer le degré d’avancement et de maturité du projet. Les échanges interceptés par la Direction générale de la sécurité intérieure (DGSI) montrent qu’ils voulaient se procurer des armes. Et au cours de différentes perquisitions, des armes ont été saisies, selon une source proche de l’enquête.

    Ils étaient également aguerris à l’utilisation des armes puisqu’ils s’entraînaient dans des clubs de tir. En outre, ils avaient préparé des caches d’armes et des réserves de nourriture pour leurs familles «en cas de crise majeure», d’après LCI.


    Dix personnes liées à l’ultradroite soupçonnées de vouloir attaquer des musulmans

    Dix personnes liées à l’ultradroite radicale ont été interpellées samedi 23 juin dans toute la France par les services antiterroristes. Elles sont soupçonnées d’un projet d’attaque ciblant des musulmans.

    […]Parmi les 10 arrestations, deux se sont déroulées en Corse, notamment à Ajaccio, a précisé une source proche de l’enquête. Selon les informations de LCI, d’autres ont eu lieu en Gironde, en Charente ou dans la Vienne.

    • 10 personnes soupçonnées de préparer des attentats contre des musulmans arrêtées en France

      […]L’opération antiterroriste s’est déroulée en région parisienne, en Corse-du-Sud, dans le Cher, en Haute-Vienne et en Charente-Maritime.

      Les suspects, âgés de 32 ans à 69 ans, avaient « un projet de passage à l’acte violent aux contours mal définis à ce stade, ciblant des personnes de confession musulmane », a précisé une source proche de l’enquête. Une autre source a indiqué que ce groupe visait « des cibles présumées en lien avec l’islam radical ».


    • France arrests 10 ultra-right suspects over plot to attack Muslims

      – France is home to an estimated 5.7 million Muslims or almost nine percent of the population
      – Sources said the gang was looking to hit “targets linked to terrorists

      PARIS: Ten people with links to the radical far-right have been arrested by anti-terrorist police in France over an alleged plot to attack Muslims, judicial sources said Sunday.

      The arrests were made late Saturday in operations across France, including the Mediterranean island of Corsica, the sources told AFP.

      The suspects had an “ill-defined plan to commit a violent act targeting people of the Muslim faith,” one source close to the probe said.

      Another source said the gang was looking to hit “targets linked to terrorists.”

      France has been hit by a string of militants attacks since early 2015, often by people who have become radicalized or claim to have acted in the name of the Daesh group.

      More than 240 people have been killed in the attacks, including 130 who lost their lives in a wave of bombings and shootings mainly in Paris nightspots in November 2015.

      The suspects were being monitored by France’s DGSI intelligence agency, intercepted messages showing they were seeking to buy arms, and searches turned up some weapons, the sources said.

      France is home to an estimated 5.7 million Muslims or almost nine percent of the population, according to a report by US-based think-tank the Pew Research Center at the end of last year.

  33. zero hedge – In Surprising Turn, US Sends “Farewell Message” To Proxies In Syria’s South

    […]On Saturday a Middle East analyst named Sam Heller broke the news that Washington has told rebel groups in southern Syria the US has spent years backing that they should not expect American military intervention on their behalf.

    The message was reportedly sent from the US Embassy in Amman to anti-Assad commanders currently under attack from Syrian government air and ground forces:

    New message from U.S. Embassy Amman to southern rebels: Make your own decision, but “you should not base your decision on the assumption or expectation of military intervention by us.”


    But this latest message to anti-Assad militants could signal the beginning of the end amidst new reports of rebel collapse in the northwest parts of Daraa province.

    The other possibility and great unknown when it comes to the battle for Daraa and Al-Quneitra is that the US could give Israel a green light to launch further attacks on Syria.

    […]over the weekend it became public knowledge that the Russian Air Force — in contravention of US demands — has taken a lead role in air operations over southwest Syria.
    MoA – Syria – Ready To Start The Daraa Campaign
    MoA – Syria – Damascus And Its Allies Prepare To Remove U.S. Forces From Al-Tanf


  34. French woman is appalled by the large number of Muslims in her Paris neighborhood

    Paris’s 11th District – “Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud very near to the Rue Saint-Maur, a true catastrophe, chadors eveywhere, over there the most radicalized mosque ( the Omar Mosque) in France. What a horror show! Try and spot a French person anywhere, there aren’t any.”

  35. Tunisian Clerics Urge Boycott of Hajj Pilgrimage (tasnimnews, Jun 24, 2018)

    “TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Union of Tunisian Imams called on the Grand Mufti of the North African country to issue a fatwa (religious order) preventing Tunisians from going on Hajj pilgrimage later this year, saying the Saudi regime is using the Hajj revenues to pay for its wars on other Muslim nations…”

    • … the Saudi regime is using the Hajj revenues to pay for its wars on other Muslim nations…

      Which is such a big no-no as opposed, oh … let’s just say, sponsoring the 9-11 Atrocity which is just hunky dory because it killed thousands of Infidels (and some Muslims, too!).

  36. Sharif family owns many prime properties besides Avenfield apartments: British daily (tribune, Jun 24, 2018)

    “Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his family have amassed a vast property empire by cultivating millions into ‘London’s swankiest addresses’, a British newspaper claimed on Sunday.

    The family owns many prime properties in the United Kingdom besides London’s Avenfield apartments, on which one of the references filed by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is based, The Daily Mail reported.

    “The family has made huge profits from other sites which have not figured in court – such as the swankiest address of all, at One Hyde Park Place, which Nawaz Sharif’s son Hassan sold for £43 million,” claimed the British daily.

    “Untangling the web of the Sharifs’ British real estate portfolio is not easy. The properties are registered via a bewildering network of companies, trusts and bank accounts,” it added.

    The report said that the deposed prime minister had “knocked four luxury flats together to make single mansion, now worth at least £7 million.” He has lived in the ‘Avenfield House’ when in London since 1993 and shares it with his two sons, Hassan and Hussain Nawaz, and daughter Maryam and her husband Captain (retd) Safdar.

    “The Avenfield flats, the prosecutors say, were bought with dirty money. They form just a fraction of a London property empire owned by Sharif’s family. And prosecutors believe the money used to bankroll it was dishonestly acquired by Nawaz Sharif during his three terms as prime minister,” the report added.

    It said the family is also accused of using ‘dirty money’ to buy at least 21 properties besides the Avenfield flats in the United Kingdom, “most at equally grand Central London locations, in Mayfair, Chelsea and Belgravia.

    “The total value of the properties is estimated at at least £32 million.”

    Accused of money-laundering, the family is facing several corruption references filed by the NAB for the past several months…”

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