Birmingham man dares speak obvious truths to dawa doing muslims

The mistake this fine man made was to answer any of his questions. He was not selling or peddling his beliefs so it is not incumbent on him to answer the muslim’s questions.

The muslim however, had a table and signs and likely was (illegally) pushing his ideology on strangers in public. It is required of him to answer other peoples questions.

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10 Replies to “Birmingham man dares speak obvious truths to dawa doing muslims”

  1. He said the Birmingham Council allowed them to set up shop on the street. I wonder if he has a permit. Or maybe no permit is required.

  2. “What’s your name, where d’you work, show me your ID”
    (Kufar deploy a Hate Crime whenever dhimmis offend me).
    “If we ride to your workplace you will lose your job
    Submit right now, inshallah, or be imprisoned by the mob.”

  3. It’s as if God is giving us all some kind of horrible test to see if we’ve got the guts to survive or not. That Muslim was just screaming, “For God’s sake, hit me, you gutless coward!”, but the Brit does nothing because he knows the British police will always side with the enemy.

    What needs to happen is for British people to kick down that guy’s table, kick his Qurans down the sidewalk and bully the shit out of him until he learns some bloody manners. That’s what needs to happen. For Christ’s sake! How can it be possible that an English guy has to take that kind of shit from a Maltese Muslim on the streets of his own country? Imagine if you set up a table like that in Saudi or in Turkey and stood there insulting the people as they walked by. They’d beat you so bad you’d be peeing blood for a week…

  4. Nice to hear other ordinary Brits arguing using good background knowledge of Islam.
    We all need to be Tommy now!
    Well done Luke.

  5. The videographer gets full props for challenging these dawists but scores an “F” for allowing them dawists to put him on the defensive.

    The Mohammedan has the sand to allege that the videographer was lying and taking advantage of government support. Is it not possible that the Mohammedan in fact was in that position? Just maybe?

    And did we ever find out where that Mohammedan came from, whether he was in the country legally or not?

    Nice try, Videographer, and good for you for giving it a go. But you’ve got to up your game. And you’ve got to try again. Indeed, we all have to give it a go and to continue confronting these creatures daring to show themselves on the streets.

  6. Watching so many of these videos, I’m beginning to recognize clans. Look at the dentition, the whorls of hair on the arms. They’re quite distinctive.

    They all prattle dawa and vote sharia, but peaceful coexistence is even less likely here than on the Indian subcontinent. Black Africans will rediscover oppression and slavery.

    Tribes and gangs, corruption and barbarism. Life is cheap, they kill each other as naturally as they reproduce.

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