A funny thing was written at the Washington Post: Links 1, June 23, 2018

There is a pile of important news today and some of it bears scrutiny.

The Wikileaks story has something desperately wrong about it. For one thing, Wikileaks famously does not use hacked info. Only leaks. Secondly, Jullian Assange has in fact warned the US when other people were about to do some kind of toxic DOXXING as its against their policy, and if Wikileaks feels that they have a story that is damaging they typically warn in advance of what is coming to the admin. They are a responsible agency that way.

So this story about DOXXING ICE agents, well it smacks of something very very bad. For another thing, Assange is cut off from the internet inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He has been for some time. In fact I warrant he doesn’t even KNOW about this event.

It smacks of Soros or one of his orgs actually.

Also the information was almost certainly from a hack of a US  government data base where all these names were pulled and by an agency of a foreign government. Once again, Wikileaks does not use that kind of information.

1. Notice how the anti BREXIT guy hides his SOROS links till he is pressed by someone who knows how he is funded. This shows you the integrity of the left side of pretty much everything today.

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina:  in Maljevac at the border crossing Velika Kladusa (18-06-2018). Migrants want to storm the border, scream Allahu Akbar. Boarder Police use tear gas and the exaggerated drama plays out:

(Interesting moment where a muslim male tries to heal a woman’s eye by blowing cigarette smoke into it.)


Mexican presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) called for mass immigration to the United States during a speech Tuesday declaring it a “human right” for all North Americans.


“And soon, very soon — after the victory of our movement — we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world,” Obrador said, adding that immigrants “must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.”


He then declared it as “a human right we will defend,” eluniversal.com reports.

While the election is not until July 1, Obrador is by far the frontrunner.

4. An update on the new European attempt to crush the internet on behalf of legacy media models

(Send this video to anyone wondering why the UK should vote BREXIT should it happen again.)

5. The Southern Poverty Law Center has lost all credibility

(This is from The Washington Post!)

After years of smearing good people with false charges of bigotry, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has finally been held to account. A former Islamic radical named Maajid Nawaz sued the center for including him in its bogus “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists,” and this week the SPLC agreed to pay him a $3.375 million settlement and issued a public apology.

The SPLC is a once-storied organization that did important work filing civil rights lawsuits against the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s. But it has become a caricature of itself, labeling virtually anyone who does not fall in line with its left-wing ideology an “extremist” or “hate group.”

Nawaz is a case in point. Since abandoning Islamic radicalism, he has advised three British prime ministers and created the Quilliam Foundation, to fight extremism. He is not anti-Muslim. He is a Muslim and has argued that “Islam is a religion of peace.”

So how did he end up in the SPLC’s pseudo-guide to anti-Muslim bigots? His crime, apparently, is that he has become a leading critic of the radical Islamist ideology he once embraced. Thanks to his courage, the SPLC has been forced to pay a multimillion-dollar penalty and acknowledge in a statement that it was “wrong” and that Nawaz has “made valuable and important contributions to public discourse, including by promoting pluralism and condemning both anti-Muslim bigotry and Islamist extremism.”

Thank you MissPiggy, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Xanthippa and MANY many more who have sent in a cornucopia of horror and news exposing major events today in the West.

Please keep it coming. There is a turn around despite the elites and the world media against us. But we are the people, (Wir sind das vollk) and we have the truth, and we know only we will protect our interests, as government, and many industries.and public education have flipped entirely

And don’t forget that Monday is Santiago Matamoros day. Make a traditional cake celebrating the Reconquista if you can, and tell your friends and family about its meaning and history. Like Marzipan and the Croissant, there is a lot of European baked goods that was invented to celebrate the defeat of invading muslims.


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    • The left that hears about the remark will freak, the Propaganda Media aren’t reporting on it so the leftist activists are still supporting the open borders idea.

    • It begs the question, how much MORE can they freak out – to the point of mass suicide/hunger strikes and the like?

      • You’re right.
        They’d need Pallywood tutors to raise the expression of freaking:
        – -“Martyrs” throw themselves in front of bulldozers or oncoming trains.
        – -Kids prance in front of cameras wearing explosive vests.
        – -Doped up crazy sets himself on fire in front of crowd fanning the flames.

  1. #3: reciprocal treatment wanted, at the least
    http://rosaritoinfo.com/property.htm Foreign Ownership of Real Estate in Mexico The property referred to as the “Prohibited Zone” runs along Mexico’s coasts and borders is a restricted area, which was established under the Mexican Constitution and extends 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) deep along the coasts.

  2. A few comments.

    When did the SPLC have credibity? Its always been a communist front.

    The Doxing story reveals how evil the Left is. They will destroy anyone they do not approve of. Remember they dictate the rules of the game. They may not like what they get in return.

    Mexico has always been a one party state-it is not a democracy and never has been. We are seeing the initial stages of Mexico becoming Venezuela.

    We do not need a wall-we need minefields, moats and electrified fences. Its time we understood Mexico is our enemy and always has been.

    Finally, Europe has been the source of all evil since the mid 19th Century-giving the world socialism, fascism, communism, and nazism. They will never learn.

      • Thank you Obama’s boyfriend. Regarding #3 the unspoken fact is that the flooding of the southern border necessitates its erasure. This is Globalist speak. It is not conspiracy theory when the UN puts it in writing. Agenda 21/30 supports the elimination of private property ownership and national borders. South and central America are to the United States what Africa and the Middle East are to Europe. The beleaguered “migrant” is a globalist weapon exploited to establish neomarxism. Ultimately governments will realize that the only deterrent is to shoot them on sight. This way they will realize that they must stay home to fix their own countries. Sinking the life boat makes no sense.


        • Yeah, well…
          PTrump cherishes private property and national borders. Invert that sentiment, and you get what he thinks about the UN and its ~Agendas~. UNExit !!

          Cucarachas on our border imitating Hamas in Gaza? Like that’s such a success?
          It’s so pathetic it will appeal only to fans of bullfighting and bearbaiting.

    • Europe: a deal with devils.

      “Once leader, Mussolini had to decide on whether to take on the power of the Roman Catholic Church in Italy or to work with it. He chose the latter. In this way, Italians did not have to have divided loyalties. Therefore, Mussolini worked to get the Roman Catholic Church to accept a Fascist state while he planned to offer the Roman Catholic Church what it wanted.

      To gain credibility with the Roman Catholic Church, Mussolini had his children baptised in 1923. In 1926, he had a religious marriage ceremony to his wife Rachele. Their first marriage in 1915 had been a civil ceremony. Mussolini closed down many wine shops and night clubs. He also made swearing in public a crime.

      One of the reasons why Mussolini pushed the idea that women should stay at home and look after the family while their husbands worked, was because this was an idea pushed by the Roman Catholic Church. Mussolini voiced his disapproval at the use of contraception – an identical stance to the Roman Catholic Church. Like the Roman Catholic Church, Mussolini also wanted divorce banned in Italy. By doing all of this, Mussolini was trying to bring the Roman Catholic Church onto his side to get its support and give added credibility to his government. However, the relationship was not always harmonious.

      In particular, Mussolini and the Roman Catholic Church clashed over who should control education. To ensure that children grew up as good Fascists, Mussolini wanted the state to control this – as it did. However, the Roman Catholic Church felt that it should have this power. Both sides worked for a compromise. The attempt to settle this dispute started in 1926 and it took until 1929 for agreements to be signed. These were the Lateran Treaties. They covered areas other than education.

      The Papal States (the name given to land previously owned by the Roman Catholic Church in Italy) had lost all its land in the 1870 unification of Italy. The Roman Catholic Church received £30 million in compensation in 1929 and the Church was given 109 acres in Rome to create a new papal state – the Vatican. The pope was allowed a small army, police force, post office and rail station. The pope was also given a country retreat called Castel Gandolfo.

      Another part of the treaty was called the Concordat. This made the Roman Catholic faith the state religion – this was a fait accompli anyway. The pope appointed his bishops, though they had to receive the government’s blessing. Religion had to be taught in both primary and secondary schools. The Roman Catholic Church was given full control of marriage.

      When these agreements were signed in 1929, Mussolini’s popularity was at its highest. He had got what he wanted – the support from the members of the public who may not have supported the Fascists but who saw the Roman Catholic Church working with the Fascist government, and that by itself created a tacit acceptance of Mussolini’s government.

      Though Mussolini and the Roman Catholic Church were to quarrel in the 1930’s, these were invariably minor squabbles and were quickly patched up. The one major one occurred in July 1938, when Mussolini introduced the Charter of Race which took away the Italian Jews right of Italian nationality. Italian Jews were not allowed to teach, they were not allowed to have state jobs, they were not allowed to be in the Fascist Party (though a number had since 1922!) and no Jew could work for a bank or insurance company. Jews were forbidden from marrying non-Jewish Italians and they were not allowed to join the army. These laws were so unpopular that the pope sent a letter of protest to Mussolini.”

      Give me a Palace, and the rest is European History.

      America: a deal with angels

      Freedom of Conscience: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, …”

      Freedom of self-defense: “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

      Freedom of shelter: “No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner…”

      Freedom of privacy: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,…”

      Freedom of being judged by peers, and not by your accusers for their Hate Crimes and seeking retrials (See Brexit): “No person shall be held to answer… unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, … nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy”

      Freedom of Liberty (See Tommy Robinson): “Excessive bail shall not be required… nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

      Freedom of Expression: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

      Freedom of Association: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

  3. 1.”Notice how the anti BREXIT guy hides his SOROS links till he is pressed by someone who knows how he is funded. This shows you the integrity of the left side of pretty much everything today.”

    He said he squats in the same offices as Marx.

  4. 5. “After years of smearing good people with false charges of bigotry, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has finally been held to account.”

    Lawfare. The Left eating themselves. Soft Jihad entering the kaaba until only one stone remains.

  5. Top story: Wiki Leaks

    “The database contains LinkedIn profiles, photos, educational backgrounds, agency personnel, and the employees’ base of operations, among other information – an unusual move for a group that has gained notoriety for publishing classified material.

    WikiLeaks said it obtained the database from Sam Lavigne, a New York City-based artist and computer programmer, who also claimed to be an adjunct professor at New York University.”

    Not a whistleblower of conscience to prevent harm, but a political activist to create harm.

    Those who weedle their way into noble organizations and destroy them. Leaving one fake idol behind, claiming it supports them.

    • The New Yorker just can’t stoop low enough when it comes to PTrump and his family. It keeps digging this way, it might just reach China.
      Or hell.

  6. Notice the printed signs and t-shirts, “peoples-vote.uk”

    Although they pitch themselves as “grassroots” that claim is contradicted by their list of affiliated groups https://www.peoples-vote.uk/about

    Due space constraints lets look at only a few.

    Our Future Our Choice https://www.ofoc.co.uk/about is led by Felix Marquardt, founder of Marquardt & Marquardt “a high-end consultancy specialized in international influence and communications.” The board is a very interesting cast of characters including a former CEO of the Davos World Economic Forum, a former CIA director of operations, and a former World Bank vice president, to name a few. http://www.themarquardt.com./advisory

    Britain for Europe is partners with European Movement UK which is a member of the European Movement International – https://www.britainforeurope.org/partner_internationalhttps://europeanmovement.eu/who-we-are/emi-structure

    Sixteen Millon Rising which is associated with Sir Tony Robinson of the Labour Party

    Another group is Open Britain which appears to be a main organizer of the march. They have “close parliamentary links” and are tied to Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party. https://www.open-britain.co.uk/tell-the-labour-party-what-you-think-on-brexit

    Eight of these “grassroots” organizations share office space in this luxury office building along with Soro’s Open Society Foundation, which has provided more that £500,000 in funding to these organizations.

    It’s an astroturf operation, there’s nothing grassroots about this march.

  7. Unfortunately the border crossing video doesn’t allow comments. Check the monologue at 0:37: “A problem muslim? A problem islam? A problem muslim Syria? Problem muslim? Why? Kufar! Kaffir!”.
    Well.. thare’s yer problem!

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